Thursday, May 10, 2007

Say It Ain't So

Dammit. Now Opie and Anthony are going to lose their jobs. Now, I won’t be telling them not to say anything, after all, I am waging a war on political correctness, but I’m secretly going, “Guys, why’d you have to go there?” Not because I find it deplorable, but because they can say what they want. Sometimes, when I don’t care about what they’re saying, I turn it off, or change the station. Which is what others should do in the same situation; but after Imus, I’m betting O&A go. I hope not, but I’m betting on certainty.

I’m so over who can say what. Michael Moore can say whatever he wants. No one blinks, he gets awards from his fellow Moonbats. (Michael, every time I see your picture, I think of the really fat guy making love to Spam on a Jerry Springer show. You make me sick, you greasy pig.) But, I can’t tell you how delighted I was to find that he’s possibly in trouble for going to Cuba. That’s what his stupid ass gets, too. Now seriously, it doesn’t take that fat nasty lard with legs to explain to everyone that our healthcare system is totally screwed up. Everyone knows it. Why the HELL did he go to Cuba? Hello??!! Will it be Venezuela next? He could have just gone to Canada and produced the same results. He’s only made himself look like a relative of Hanoi Jane by going to Cuba. Moonbat!

He needs to pay a visit to Jeff Ruby’s restaurant, so we can watch the news about Ruby kicking him out like OJ. That was hysterical. Most of the comments I’ve read about that story have cheered the restaurant owner. Some say it’s against OJ’s rights (Rights to refuse rendering services?) to have been asked to leave, and his lawyer has said that it’s racist. At least his lawyer made a comment as opposed to Michael Moore’s lawyer. Maybe he’s too busy sharing a bucket of Crisco and Hershey’s sauce with Slob Moore; doesn’t want to talk with his mouth full.

Maybe Michael can be the new Mickey Hamas Mouse- he could certainly fill up the suit. I’m sure S’Moore thinks that these guys have every right to be brainwashing their children in the name of free speech. They are, after all a democratic country. (I do find it Ironic that this kids’ show talks so badly about America, and they rip off OUR cartoon character. Nice job, guys. The Mohammed cartoon character not available yet?)

Obama spoke with his mouth full of foot the other day, when speaking about the tornado in Kansas. (Although I feel for them all down there, it IS Tornado Alley, and tornadoes happen a lot.) And it’s not the misspeak that I’m pointing out here, so much as him excusing himself as being tired. He says there will be times when he’s tired, weary and he makes mistakes. Dude- if you’re tired and weary, take a Friggin NAP. Don’t speak publicly. But tired, weary and prone to mistakes….Sorry but that just doesn’t spell PRESIDENT to me. In fact, isn’t our current president being accused of those very same things? But Obama is a psychic and a poet.

I’m very curious to see what anyone says about Denver being the new Sanctuary City. I HATE that people here in New York are doing it. It is totally illegal, after all. But it’s happy and shiny to break that law. After all, no human is illegal, and we’re a nation of immigrants, right? (Um…I was born in America, so I’m NOT an immigrant, nor are my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, or their parents, but what the hell….) And actually, we have prisons around our country FULL of illegal people. But if you merely break the immigrations laws in this country, it’s cool. We’ll even subsidize you because maybe the mayor thinks we should. It’s only costing taxpayers just $1 million to support the illegals in Denver. If every city could afford a million a year to support them, then we don’t have an immigration problem at all!

I find it humorous (and slightly sick) that churches are aiding and abetting them. God loves everyone, right? And In the bible it says it’s wrong to turn people away from your house in time of need, right? Well, what about stealing? Which is essentially what the illegals here are doing- especially the ones that claim to pay income taxes (Where’d they get a SSN to be able to file taxes?). Wonder what they think of this? You going to turn your house over to a thief, if the thief is in need?

I thought our new democratic take over was going to change the direction in this country. Didn’t people “vote for a change”? What’s up with all this crap with the immigration problem? How about gas prices? This poor guy is going out of business. And while it’s politically correct to ignore all this, it is also politically correct to vandalize billboards, as long as they belong to Rush Limbaugh. (It is against the law…but so is sneaking across the border and going to Cuba without permission.) What about getting money to the troops?

Nothing changes. It’s all talk. We should have elected Ross Perot. Was it me, or did you just hear that Giant Sucking Sound?

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Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, Michael Moore USED to be cool -- he made an excellent movie about my hometown Flint, MI and all the GM shopworkers were grateful. Now he seems more interested in being a D-list celebrity than really fighting for the underdogs like he used to. As for his latest movie about the healthcare crisis, I haven't seen it but if Michael Moore is to be the ambassador of healthcare reform, then we are all doomed. The guy looks like he is going to fall over dead during his next trip to the buffet table.