Thursday, September 27, 2007

Illegal Lawsuits and Other Big Government Crap

Imagine suing your town for enforcing the law…lets say property taxes. Let’s imagine for a moment that you decide one day that there is no point in paying property taxes, and in addition to not paying them, you decide to sue the city and the mayor of the city for trying to collect. Just your luck, there are a handful of law students who will take your case, pro bono. Imagine suing your city for enforcing the speed limit in school zones, or imagine suing your city for enforcing other laws such as burglary, ID theft, etc.

Now imagine your city being sued by people who are in your city illegally; people who have no constitutional rights to anything, because they have not been granted citizenship, but decide to sue the city, with the help of pro bono law students. I can’t make this stuff up.

I emailed the Mayor this morning, and thanked him for his dedication, and told him I wished our own mayor would do something about our town. Every day, weekends included, there are anywhere between 20-50 illegal aliens who stand near the I-95 exit, waiting for work in my town. They used to roam all over the place, and instead of the police department coming and dealing with them, or even giving it to the federal authorities, they erected a sign to inform the illegals to congregate in one area near the exit, rather than all over the general area. While my mayor pledges that ours will not be a sanctuary city, he aids them finding work by designating a spot for them to wait and acquire it. I don’t believe my mayor has my best interests in mind…perhaps he is counting on these illegal votes, once they’re given amnesty.

At least the Mayor of Danbury is standing up for something, although the ACLU may sue him as well. I’ve ranted enough about illegal immigration, you all know where I stand, so I’m changing the subject.

President Ahmawannajihad was in our country this week. He addressed the UN and then went to Columbia….Why is the UN here? Why is it that people cry out that we have too much control at the UN, when we fund more of it than any other country on the planet? And why is it that we can’t ban people from attending, because the UN is in OUR country? Can’t they move it to France? And why did Pres. Bollinger invite Ahmawannajihad to Columbia in the first place, only to turn around and talk a bunch of trash? What did he think Ahmawannajihad would do? Beat him up? That must make Bollinger either a real tough guy or a blooming idiot. I mean, I’m so intimidated by him, he called the Iranian President cruel and petty- to his face no less- after cordially inviting him to speak there. Just so other people could hear him say “Cruel and Petty”.

While I hate to hand it to Ahmawannajihad- he’s right to say that Bollinger is disrespectful. I mean, what kind of bully tactic is that? If Bollinger was so tough, he could have said all those things in private, but saying it in front of his students is like picking a fight in the lunch room at school, knowing the teachers will break it up if blows are thrown, so the bully gets in as much trash talk as possible. Bollinger made a total ass out of himself. He acted like a teenager with a big vocabulary. The RIGHT thing to do would have been to say that he would never have extended an invitation to such a petty and cruel dictator, or something similar. But all this coming from the man whose students ran off the Minute Men and from the man who will not allow military speakers/recruiters, the JROTC or other conservative person have a forum on the stage. Mr. Bollinger's picture is in the dictionary, next to the word "HYPOCRITE".

Meanwhile, our legislators are busy in Washington trying to add as many earmarks and special interest laws to the war funding bill as possible. Currently they are trying to “combat terrorism in our streets” by attaching a hate crimes bill. Bush is threatening a veto, but the Dems think they can sway him because of the importance of the bill in which the hate crimes one is attached. So the president can sign and we get federal hate crimes investigations or not sign and we get no money for the war. I’m not sure what the dems are leading at…why are they playing around? I mean, we all know it’s what they do best.

I do not support hate crimes legislation, and have talked about it with other people at length. I feel that my head is worth the same as some gay guy’s head. If I get beat up and put in the hospital, then the criminal gets punished. If a gay guy gets beat up and in the hospital, the criminal gets in MORE trouble, because the victim was gay. How is it the gay guy is more important than me? Why is he more special? This crime legislation is just SO gay. But if it were passed, I could get in trouble for just saying that statement.

For what it’s worth, I doubt it’ll get passed, it hasn’t made it though yet. However if a democrat gets elected, it just might. We’ll have to see, it’s too soon to tell what is going to happen. While the polls project this and that, I try not to listen to them- they are hardly right. I did see one poll that I found interesting, yet far from surprising and that relates to the level of trust the public has for their federal government. I’m SURE they would feel better if the feds would stay out of our personal lives and stop trying to be our parents and saving us from ourselves.

The Democrats are always going to think they know better than the public, though. They aren’t small government minded people. They want to interfere in your life, play mommy, raise your kids, adjust your low income with that of someone who makes more than you. They want to tax the ever living crap out of you for anything they can think of to either balance their budgets or increase their budgets. They want to raise our taxes to combat global warming (??!!!??!!!?!). As much trash as they’ve talked, they won’t be ending the war if they get elected. Dumb democratic individuals believed them when they voted them in office in the 2006 elections. THAT’S WHAT YOU GET. I wonder if they’ll vote for them again so that the democrat politicians can bring our troops home, and once in office, nothing happens. I’m here to tell you, folks: No matter WHO gets elected, the war will not end “In the first year of my presidency”, quoting MANY democratic candidates.

The Republicans better get it together, though. They’re not doing so hot, I really think they need to get back to their base, rather than spending all this time countering liberal talking points. They waste so much time going back and forth on each issue, and not enough time expressing what good conservatives they really are. And by doing this, they are setting themselves up for humiliation, and are risking not being taken seriously. Romney wants to jump on democrats for wanting to publicly teach our second graders about homosexual relationships, but many people remember when he was soft on the issue in his home state. (for the record, I will be home schooling my children, if I ever have any. Public education is nothing but brainwash, anymore, and I will never have my kid go to be indoctrinated by someone who only wants to teach and mold them into what they see fit- which is taking away the rights of the parent to do their job…furthermore, children-but not that young-should be taught reproduction education, not sex education. Kids that young should be taught how to read and write-but not about sex-what seven year old needs to know about sex???)

Note to Romney-everyone but Moonbats know how immoral the liberals are, especially when the students at Columbia only booed Ahmawannajihad when he mentioned no gays are in Iran. Stick to conservative issues, and showing how conservative you are with regard to small government, fiscal responsibility, border security, and things like that. Don’t sit and debate issue for issue- it only shows us that you’re as petty as them.

In closing, I would like to briefly mention the ad calling Petraeus “Betray Us”. Yea, okay- what the hell ever. Anyone who really feels that way (and aren’t being paid by George Soros) can tell me what your better plan for Iraq is. I’m so sick of these people saying “Bring our guys home” when, A), these men volunteered for this job and B) exactly what happens to Iraq- a state we messed up- when we abandon it? I went to DC on the 15th, to rally against these moonbats and George Soros puppets. I love their yellow signs, just like their yellow bellies. (How do you negotiate peace with someone who wants to kill you because you are an infidel?) MY sign read, “Who would bin Laden vote for?!” Guess how many uneducated moonbats told me he would have voted for Bush! Michelle Malkin liked it though (7th picture down).

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sixth Anniversary

I woke up this morning, glad it wasn’t a bright, sunny, cloudless day. I was glad it was raining and grey. It’s Tuesday, September 11, 2007, and six years ago, it was a bright, sunny, cloudless day. Today isn’t a day people are throwing their cares away for a nice autumn morning, maybe warm for the season. Today people are wary, waiting for something to happen. Today, people are almost daring something to happen.

When I came to work, I brought my American Flag, and mounted it inside my flower pot that is located so anyone walking by can see it. I’ve babied this plant, it’s doing well and I thought it would be a nice place to mount my small flag with a two foot stick/pole. My stars and stripes sit just above the top leaves in my plant that is still growing.

To my pleasant surprise, I’m not the only one here at work who had the idea to quietly display my patriotism. All through my office, other people have brought out their flags, quietly displayed for anyone walking by to take notice. Here in New York, no one has forgotten what this day means. Perhaps if you’re living in L.A., you aren’t thinking about That Day so much. Perhaps you have other things on your plate, today. Other areas of the country, people are tuning into Petraeus’ report, and listening to hopeful presidential candidates. But New Yorkers are just getting by, remembering, but trying not to dwell. We are going through the motions, as we do every year. This is the anniversary of the day someone tried to take down our Lady, our Big Apple. People are still crying.

Water cooler conversations were full of people still shocked. One co-worker stated he couldn’t believe it was 9/11 already. He said that he tries, but he can’t ever forget it. He told me how he was working closer to the City for a different company at the time, and that day they were out on Long Island Sound. On a clear day, such as That Day was, you have a great skyline view. He said that they could see the plumes of smoke coming from the City. It was like nothing he’d ever seen before. “I remember being angry. I wasn’t sad or concerned, really, but I was so damn angry. He did that to ME. As a businessman, he didn’t hit my country, he did it to me. I felt like, ‘If you want to fight, let’s duke it out like men in the street,’ but he sucker punched ME.” That sentiment is shared by so many of us here in the City that never sleeps.

There are so many angry people, and that is healthy, I feel. Especially that a person recognizes their anger and where it comes from. In the days and weeks that followed That Day, people everywhere were stunned with anger. In the grocery stores, people wouldn’t speak to each other, but look at each other- perfect strangers sharing the same sentiment. Anger.

Reading the news the past couple days, I can’t help but get angry when I hear something about bin Laden. My two cents is this- (I only wish I were popular enough for those to hear) Osama bin Laden is a coward and hypocrite. He hasn’t the guts to come out swinging, he stays hidden in his cave-assuming he’s still alive. He makes these videos, calling for more people to be “martyred”. How easy and convenient. If he felt so strongly that Allah wants people to kill themselves for Allah’s sake, then WHY isn’t bin Laden doing the same? It’s very easy to sit and tell people it’s what God wants you to do…but you aren’t required. 9/11, and other violent incidents since have been mere sucker punches. It’s easy to put a bomb in a road and wait for someone to drive over it. It’s easy to hijack a plane full of unsuspecting passengers. Easy to be sneaky. What’s harder is to plan an attack against someone and carry it out with them knowing about it. As Americans, we’re not afraid to come at you head on.

I would love to meet that guy, among loving seeing his head paraded on a pole, down 5th Ave. I would love to meet him and punch him in his face. I know, it’s easy to say that. But I’d love to meet that guy with him knowing how I felt. Being a girl, my pair of gonads are MUCH bigger than his. Were he reading this right now, I’d tell him that I would love nothing more than to beat him and stuff him with pork to ensure his trip to hell. bin Laden can’t get people that have too much intelligence to be able to follow what he says, rather than what he does. What a leader! I bet Allah is proud.

I’ve been listening to Petraeus’ testimony today, and our politicians make me sick. These people who basically told the man he was full of crap and they wouldn’t believe anything he said-before he ever opened his mouth. These same folks have NO CLUE on how to run the show, have no better idea, make no suggestions that are remotely beneficial. Not one of the politicians could do the job that Petraeus has and continues to do. Petraeus comes to tell us that despite what we thought Iraq might look like, thanks to the surge, things are in fact improving. These damn Democrats have the audacity to site the events of six months ago. Six months ago is not today, and if Petraeus is saying things have gotten better, then that means…improvement. *GASP*

Depending on what audience is being addressed, even Hillary Clinton says the surge is working. Joe Biden and Schmuck Schumer are citing the Washington Post and New York Times as their references for stats on the war. The Times, says Schmuck, has “proved(?)” that the Generals’ numbers are off, for example, a person isn’t considered killed if he was shot in the back of the head, vs. the stomach…that’s the Senator’s proof. The Times. The ComPost says that definitions of sectarian violence more or less depend on how Petraeus has decided to define them, to benefit his stats he’s come home to report. And these people are serious! I won’t get started on John Kerry, but bin Laden endorsed him in the 2004 elections… We have a Four Start General, come home to testify under oath to his country on a job that we sent him to do- these people call him a liar-before he even spoke, mind you? At LEAST…at least…they have more guts than bin Laden. That guy would have had to sneak in the back door and have his people put up a video on the internet…at least our democrats- as dumb as they are- have the guts to face this general when blasting him.

For those that don’t realize, for those that want to keep this issue in the political arena, please keep in mind on this day of all days…the people that we are fighting against want to kill us. They would love nothing more than to fly another plane into our buildings. We are lucky we haven’t had suicide bombers in our shopping malls. We are lucky, essentially that bin Laden is a coward and needs to recruit people dumber than he to do his dirty work. For those that have forgotten…for those that feel you can’t invoke 9/11 as a reason you feel the way you do about the current events, just know that they won’t stop. Their God bribes them with virgins to be good…think about it.

On this day of all days, get Angry. Get Mad. Get Pissed. And desire to get Even. This happened to all of us, not just New Yorkers. This happened to Americans, and those that desire to be Americans. And they’ll do it again. Whether or not you have ever been to New York, 9/11 happened to you, too. Your very way of life and thinking were attacked. Every year on this day, people everywhere are flying their flag. Everyone can remember the sense of patriotism that was felt in the days and weeks to follow. Americans should fly their flags more often.

Whatever you think about the war, which ever political party you chose to affiliate with, whether or not you like the president…these people don’t care. They don’t believe in gay or straight marriage. They don’t believe in “Women’s Issues”. They don’t believe in little girls going to school. They don’t care about iPod phones, or the internet. And they don’t care about our big buildings full of people with families to go home to.

I hope the Democrats think about that before they go to sleep tonight. Because these radical Muslims don’t care about them either.