Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day, 2007

I am sort of forgoing my anti-pc rhetoric for this post as I have much to discuss about Memorial Day. Keep in mind, I said sort of.

Mine was an absolute blast, and I hope yours was as well. If it was anything like mine- you did not take John Edward’s suggestion to protest the war on this day. (What the hell is wrong with him? Is everything that political for him? Personally, I’m loving the hole he is digging for himself. He is only showing what a radical he really is. All his beloved democrats [read: moonbats] don’t even get the fact that he can’t possibly relate to them, he is far better than they’ll ever be…save for Barbara Streisand, with more money and better looking friends…he only pretends to care about our troops. Otherwise, he’d have never called for a protest on the day we honor our fallen heroes.)

One more note: How is it that you say in the same breath, “Support the troops, end the war”? You’re only saying that you want the war to end, and that you don’t support the troops fighting the war. Read that again. Why can’t you say, “I support the troops.”? What if someone said to you, “I don’t like your job, the type of lifestyle you’ve chosen to live, I don’t like your friends or your employer, I don’t like where you live or what you’ve chosen to do with the rest of your life…but I support you.” I think I would tell them where to stick their “support”.

Anyway, Memorial Day (for all you moonbats out there) is the day we honor our fallen heroes that have given the ultimate sacrifice: their very lives for the sake of their country and its citizens. There are many other days of the year where we should be out supporting out troops and vets, and kudos to all that did that over the weekend. But this day is special, and I celebrated it in our nation’s Capitol, Washington, D.C.

DC is about 6 hours away from where I live. I drove down last Friday and visited with a group of vets with Rolling Thunder who were just the nicest guys. To sit and be a fly on the wall when they tell their war stories…well, it’s amazing. The emotion that is still so strong with these guys after decades is truly touching. I can’t for the life of me understand why they were treated so badly when they came home from Vietnam; especially the drafted. I heard countless stories from these men who got off the plane and went into the bathroom and changed into their civilian clothes. I heard the same countless stories of those that took twenty years to “come out of the closet”, and admit to being a veteran. Tears still come to their eyes when they lay their hands on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

Shame, shame, shame on America for allowing that to happen. Those guys will always get my utmost respect.

Saturday was wonderful. I met up with the Gathering of Eagles and we rallied on Saturday, passing out flyers, flags, buttons, CDs, etc. I met so many that I had been emailing with for months with different coordinating I’ve been busy with and what fun that was! What a patriotic group of people. I walked around the Mall with members of Rolling Thunder that stayed in my hotel, met other people I have met in previous rallies and partied later with Rolling Thunders and Eagles. I keep hearing their stories in my mind…napalm, crawling through tunnels, Charlie around…man those guys went though it!

On Sunday was the great Rolling Thunder Parade, where the bikers park at the Pentagon and cruise up through DC’s Mall area, with American Flags, POW-MIA Flags and other flags for whatever their particular cause is. It was certainly something to see all these guys, and they call themselves Rolling Thunder for a reason! I could close my eyes and feel them each go by. I heard from a few sources that there were an estimated 750,000 motorcycles that left the Pentagon and that’s not including the thousands that were along the sidelines as the parade went by. I was around hundreds of thousands (if not, maybe a million…) people who all had the same thought, “God Bless America”. How friggin cool.

Others in our country however, did not share that sentiment. No, not John Edwards, we all know how false he is.

In Washington State, some wonderful person decided to take memorial flags, burn them and replace them with hand drawn swastikas. When the guards took down the vandalism, the asshole(s) waited until no one was around and did it again. Not quite sure what statement he was trying to make- maybe that our fallen heroes were Nazis…? I wonder how many of them were WWII vets, who fought against the Nazis…. That guy couldn’t even make a good point. I’m sure some sea urchins have higher IQs.

Another patriotic individual decided to graffiti a swastika on the American Legion building around Philadelphia. I’m sure those guys really appreciated cleaning that one up. What do these moonbats hope to accomplish by this? They’re NOT gaining support from their like-minded “friends”, people are disgusted by this. Cindy Commie Sheehan wouldn’t even do something like that- which is saying a lot.

Two teens threw colored eggs at the Marine Color Guard just before their 21 gun salute. How appropriate. Maybe they were red and blue eggs, and these kids have some mental deficiency and they were only trying to be patriotic. Not. Now that we can’t spank our kids anymore, these kids will probably lose Nintendo privileges for a week. Had I done something like that, I wouldn’t be sitting for a week. I sure hope their parents don’t have the “my-darling-angel-could-never-do-wrong” syndrome.

More on these patriotic people, here. I’m sure the vets, families of vets, and active duty troops really appreciate these kinds of activities. Kinda makes one consider cremation…the ones that didn’t are rolling over in their graves at this point.

But screw the moonbats. I hope they continue in this behavior because all it does is turn people off. They make themselves out to be radicals, no one thinks anything that comes out of their mouths has any substance- they are all looked at as conspiracy freaks… which is what they are anyway. All those people are accomplishing is giving people like John Edwards a good name (however, he will destroy it on his own accord).

While the moonbats were out protesting and these wonderful individuals were out vandalizing memorials, I hope they all kept in mind the fact that they were able to do so without fear of some person more radical than themselves coming and suicidally blowing up the area. I hope they kept in mind that they could drive for hours to their various locations to do these horrible acts, and have no fear of IEDs along our streets.

And while they were all out showing their true colors, it is very apparent those colors were not red, white or blue.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Make Yourself at Home

Although I could be wrong, I think we’re giving our country away. I’m shocked that the president would allow such a thing to happen, but he’s actually listening to Teddy Kennedy’s immigration ideas…could they be poisoning him? Could he be under some hypnotic trance? Why on earth would the President praise “bipartisan” efforts on this particular immigration bill?

This is an attack on the American Public. This is also an attack on other immigrants who want to come and be here legally, those that pledge their allegiance to this country.

Let’s examine this bill. We’re going to let all the illegal aliens in this country stay here. We’re going to allow them to “come forward” and get some “temporary” something saying they’re here, then wait a bunch of time before they’re given a permanent pass to be here. Now if that’s not enough, we’re also going to encourage them to help the rest of their families come here as well, to be with them.


Forget a minute about the possibility of importing criminals. Let’s talk about the working class. These people you see pushing babies in used strollers down the sidewalk and three other kids in tow. The ones you see mowing yards and pouring concrete on roads; working in factories. These are the hard working honest ones, the ones that just want to feed their families, give a good education to their kids. And I’m all for that. But their American Dream is put at risk by this bill. How can our country possibly afford to import millions of people when it can’t take care of its elderly, its homeless? The illegals come and drain the resources of the rest of the American Public, where a person could work at a factory for $20 an hour, but the illegal, very desperate to survive will work for $8, and it’s a lot of money to him.

How unfair is that to both the alien and the American? Meanwhile, you hear amnesty supporters ranting about the conditions in Mexico, and they think nothing of 15 illegals living in a three bedroom house. Some go as far to say that it’s better than where they came from, but folks, I don’t know about you, I don’t see it as some dream come true to have to share my house with that many people. I would like to see these immigrants one family to a house, with nice yards and good paying jobs- paying jobs that paid as much when the American worked there, with benefits. But as long as these illegals are being exploited for their very desperation, it won’t happen. I once heard, “We still have slaves, we just don’t call them that anymore.”

Regarding them doing the jobs that Americans won’t do, how can you expect a middle class family of four living on $40k a year to suddenly compete with someone who will work for half of that? And the family of four is still paying taxes on that, plus any other deductions for health insurance, retirement, etc. while the alien is not. I have heard of illegals claiming to pay taxes, and if that is so, as I’ve said before, where did they get the necessary paperwork to work “over the table”?

We cannot afford this import. This is like having too many children or pets. It’s not about being anti immigration, and it doesn’t make anyone a racist. How can we take care of someone else when we can't take care of ourselves? How many times do you see people shake their heads over Medicare, social security, or general health care? Speaking of healthcare, while Hillary is off being a socialist wanting to insure everyone in American for “free” (paid for with taxes, of course), those taxes would be even higher than anticipated, because now we’re dealing with another estimated 12-20 illegal aliens that we’re just giving our country to.

Legal Immigrants, new and native citizens are being denied their American dream at the chance for votes, and it’s all politics. It would not be politically correct to enforce this law, because it’s not nice. Speaking of votes, they’re giving illegals the chance to vote in Texas, just one more way they’re robbing us all of our American Dream. They’re canceling out the vote of people legally entitled to the vote. People that aren’t even supposed to be here are making political decisions where our country is concerned. Great.

I don’t even want to get into the fact that they even can sneak in to begin with because not only are our borders more porous than a sieve and the federal government does nothing about it, but what about all the additional criminals we’re going to deal with? As if we don’t have enough of our own predators, rapists, murderers, drug addicts, gang members; we’re going to allow theirs to come in as well. Of course maybe they’re expected to be honest when “coming forward” and confess any crimes, but I won’t be holding my breath.

If this bill passes, so goes the way of our Dream. We will now have to work harder for our dollar, work for less of those dollars, be taxed more on those dollars and struggle to stay afloat while supporting people who broke the law to get here. The legal immigrants of the future won’t know how good they could have had it, if it weren’t for millions of people coming to steal it from them, all while the government allowed them to do it.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Say It Ain't So

Dammit. Now Opie and Anthony are going to lose their jobs. Now, I won’t be telling them not to say anything, after all, I am waging a war on political correctness, but I’m secretly going, “Guys, why’d you have to go there?” Not because I find it deplorable, but because they can say what they want. Sometimes, when I don’t care about what they’re saying, I turn it off, or change the station. Which is what others should do in the same situation; but after Imus, I’m betting O&A go. I hope not, but I’m betting on certainty.

I’m so over who can say what. Michael Moore can say whatever he wants. No one blinks, he gets awards from his fellow Moonbats. (Michael, every time I see your picture, I think of the really fat guy making love to Spam on a Jerry Springer show. You make me sick, you greasy pig.) But, I can’t tell you how delighted I was to find that he’s possibly in trouble for going to Cuba. That’s what his stupid ass gets, too. Now seriously, it doesn’t take that fat nasty lard with legs to explain to everyone that our healthcare system is totally screwed up. Everyone knows it. Why the HELL did he go to Cuba? Hello??!! Will it be Venezuela next? He could have just gone to Canada and produced the same results. He’s only made himself look like a relative of Hanoi Jane by going to Cuba. Moonbat!

He needs to pay a visit to Jeff Ruby’s restaurant, so we can watch the news about Ruby kicking him out like OJ. That was hysterical. Most of the comments I’ve read about that story have cheered the restaurant owner. Some say it’s against OJ’s rights (Rights to refuse rendering services?) to have been asked to leave, and his lawyer has said that it’s racist. At least his lawyer made a comment as opposed to Michael Moore’s lawyer. Maybe he’s too busy sharing a bucket of Crisco and Hershey’s sauce with Slob Moore; doesn’t want to talk with his mouth full.

Maybe Michael can be the new Mickey Hamas Mouse- he could certainly fill up the suit. I’m sure S’Moore thinks that these guys have every right to be brainwashing their children in the name of free speech. They are, after all a democratic country. (I do find it Ironic that this kids’ show talks so badly about America, and they rip off OUR cartoon character. Nice job, guys. The Mohammed cartoon character not available yet?)

Obama spoke with his mouth full of foot the other day, when speaking about the tornado in Kansas. (Although I feel for them all down there, it IS Tornado Alley, and tornadoes happen a lot.) And it’s not the misspeak that I’m pointing out here, so much as him excusing himself as being tired. He says there will be times when he’s tired, weary and he makes mistakes. Dude- if you’re tired and weary, take a Friggin NAP. Don’t speak publicly. But tired, weary and prone to mistakes….Sorry but that just doesn’t spell PRESIDENT to me. In fact, isn’t our current president being accused of those very same things? But Obama is a psychic and a poet.

I’m very curious to see what anyone says about Denver being the new Sanctuary City. I HATE that people here in New York are doing it. It is totally illegal, after all. But it’s happy and shiny to break that law. After all, no human is illegal, and we’re a nation of immigrants, right? (Um…I was born in America, so I’m NOT an immigrant, nor are my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, or their parents, but what the hell….) And actually, we have prisons around our country FULL of illegal people. But if you merely break the immigrations laws in this country, it’s cool. We’ll even subsidize you because maybe the mayor thinks we should. It’s only costing taxpayers just $1 million to support the illegals in Denver. If every city could afford a million a year to support them, then we don’t have an immigration problem at all!

I find it humorous (and slightly sick) that churches are aiding and abetting them. God loves everyone, right? And In the bible it says it’s wrong to turn people away from your house in time of need, right? Well, what about stealing? Which is essentially what the illegals here are doing- especially the ones that claim to pay income taxes (Where’d they get a SSN to be able to file taxes?). Wonder what they think of this? You going to turn your house over to a thief, if the thief is in need?

I thought our new democratic take over was going to change the direction in this country. Didn’t people “vote for a change”? What’s up with all this crap with the immigration problem? How about gas prices? This poor guy is going out of business. And while it’s politically correct to ignore all this, it is also politically correct to vandalize billboards, as long as they belong to Rush Limbaugh. (It is against the law…but so is sneaking across the border and going to Cuba without permission.) What about getting money to the troops?

Nothing changes. It’s all talk. We should have elected Ross Perot. Was it me, or did you just hear that Giant Sucking Sound?

Friday, May 4, 2007

GOP "Debates"

I don’t have a whole lot to say about the Democrat “debates”, I have only seen a few clips; I don’t care about them and I won’t be voting for any of them. I did watch some of it, and it was nothing surprising. A lot of “Bush is bad”, “I’m not like Bush”, and “I don’t like the war and I want to pull out”. When asked questions about specific things, they would talk in circles; a couple times even outright saying, “I think the real question is…” and answer their own question! I mean, you’ve got to be kidding me! And the questions they answered, whether or not they were their own questions, were about “Bush is bad”, “I’m not like Bush,” and “I don’t like the war and want to pull out”. Obama even touted AGAIN that he was against the war from the beginning, because he foresaw what was coming…Mr. Psychic Poet. We could have a Psychic Poet for President. President of the Moonbats, anyway. (I do wonder, though… what are they going to have as a platform when Bush is gone? They all bash him well, what will they say when that talking point is spent?)

Regarding their facts, David Shuster did some checking. I’m not going to waste the space with any more opinion on them, because as I said, I won’t be voting for them.

So, for the GOP “debates”…and let me just say that MSNBC is HARDLY unbiased. Between Green Weenie Brian Williams and Stooge Boy Chris Matthews, I mean really. How set up was that? I’m not sure how I feel about the GOP Candidates. But I know what I think:

Brownback: I think you’re a great guy with some good ideas. But I think you’re way too optimistic on our current war situation, maybe na├»ve. (no disrespect) Being from Kansas, (hey neighbor- I’m from Oklahoma) I think you’re too conservative, as well. You’re smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt, and that’s going to hurt you.

Gilmore: I like what you have to say, but I wish you would shorten your answers. Your loquaciousness is amazing. I like that you seem honest, like you have convictions that you stand by when they’re unpopular, but please find an abbreviated way to say what is on your mind. You’re not known well enough to opine like that, you’re going to put people to sleep.

Giuliani: I love you, I really do. But I think you need practice in public debates. I could feel your nerves, I felt like you should have had a drink before getting on stage. I agree with you a lot, but I disagree on some of your issues. Sometimes I’m afraid you’re too liberal for conservatives. We’ll have to see what the people think. (I LOVE that you know the difference between a Sunni and Shia Muslim, right off the top of your head; how important, good job.)

Huckabee: The first thing I thought of when I found out who you were and where you’re from is, “Oh no, not another person from Arkansas in the White House!” Sorry, but it’s honest; no offense. I think that you really liked it when you could stick to your rehearsed talking points, but you should try to get away from sticking to talking points. You don’t want to become redundant.

Hunter: You’re from California and work too closely to all the Moonbats, nut jobs, fruit cakes and wackos for me to ever vote for you. I think that you also seemed slightly evasive on some things and too aggressive on others. I’m afraid you don’t relate to the people- not saying you don’t, just saying that I’m afraid you don’t.

McCain: Look, you’re a great guy. Honest, respectable, nice. But you are too for big government for me. I think you’re mad at something. You stood there the whole time, hardly looking at anyone, but looking forward, smiling like a boob for the TV camera that wasn’t pointed at you. You say the same things over and over. I like that you aren’t big on pork barrel spending, but I still think it’s not enough. You seem to only care about war. It’s nothing new this time around, you just have the energy to do it. It’s not going to happen for you.

Dr. Paul: I think you’re great. You’re honest as well and I like that you’re small government. I like your ideas about what the government’s role in society ought to be, I think you have some very well thought out plans. I’m not sure how I feel about you being from Texas, but it doesn’t bother me too bad. I thought you debated great, I think you should practice some more to calm the nerves a little, but I felt like you did very well. If I had to vote now, I would pick you.

Romney: You are like a smooth, well polished, very excellent and high producing car salesman. You are too smooth and too “perfect”. I felt like I was watching an act. It wasn’t that I disagreed with most of what you said, hardly the case. But it seemed as if I was watching a robot. (Stepford Husband, even.) You’re from Taxachusetts. You’re WAY too close to Kerry and Kennedy. I don’t believe you’re really a conservative.

Tancredo: You have one issue and that’s immigration. I am all behind you on that, and I don’t think you should run for president, I think you should head ICE and oversea all border security, policies and procedures. I think you crashed in this debate. You were not ready, you were nervous, and stumbled. No big deal- do better next time, but look into ICE for a backup plan.

Thompson: I do not think you know enough about the situation in the Middle East. I know it all makes sense to you, but it doesn’t to them. You seem like a nice guy, but I totally disagree with you on that issue. I do think you’re a good conservative, but you’re not really rocking my world. But I wish you luck, I thought you debated well.

Moderator: You suck. I really mean it, why on earth did you ask some of the questions you did? What the hell is, “Do you think it would be good to have Bill Clinton in the White House again?” I mean, what the hell did you think they were going to say? They’re REPUBLICANS! Asking what they don’t like about America. Do they believe in evolution? (WHAT?) Asking about certain people not taking communion. (HUH?!) Why couldn’t you have asked more about taxes, foreign policy, the deficit, illegal immigration, things that matter? Oh, wait, it’s because you’re defective. Sorry, I forgot for a minute.