Saturday, May 19, 2007

Make Yourself at Home

Although I could be wrong, I think we’re giving our country away. I’m shocked that the president would allow such a thing to happen, but he’s actually listening to Teddy Kennedy’s immigration ideas…could they be poisoning him? Could he be under some hypnotic trance? Why on earth would the President praise “bipartisan” efforts on this particular immigration bill?

This is an attack on the American Public. This is also an attack on other immigrants who want to come and be here legally, those that pledge their allegiance to this country.

Let’s examine this bill. We’re going to let all the illegal aliens in this country stay here. We’re going to allow them to “come forward” and get some “temporary” something saying they’re here, then wait a bunch of time before they’re given a permanent pass to be here. Now if that’s not enough, we’re also going to encourage them to help the rest of their families come here as well, to be with them.


Forget a minute about the possibility of importing criminals. Let’s talk about the working class. These people you see pushing babies in used strollers down the sidewalk and three other kids in tow. The ones you see mowing yards and pouring concrete on roads; working in factories. These are the hard working honest ones, the ones that just want to feed their families, give a good education to their kids. And I’m all for that. But their American Dream is put at risk by this bill. How can our country possibly afford to import millions of people when it can’t take care of its elderly, its homeless? The illegals come and drain the resources of the rest of the American Public, where a person could work at a factory for $20 an hour, but the illegal, very desperate to survive will work for $8, and it’s a lot of money to him.

How unfair is that to both the alien and the American? Meanwhile, you hear amnesty supporters ranting about the conditions in Mexico, and they think nothing of 15 illegals living in a three bedroom house. Some go as far to say that it’s better than where they came from, but folks, I don’t know about you, I don’t see it as some dream come true to have to share my house with that many people. I would like to see these immigrants one family to a house, with nice yards and good paying jobs- paying jobs that paid as much when the American worked there, with benefits. But as long as these illegals are being exploited for their very desperation, it won’t happen. I once heard, “We still have slaves, we just don’t call them that anymore.”

Regarding them doing the jobs that Americans won’t do, how can you expect a middle class family of four living on $40k a year to suddenly compete with someone who will work for half of that? And the family of four is still paying taxes on that, plus any other deductions for health insurance, retirement, etc. while the alien is not. I have heard of illegals claiming to pay taxes, and if that is so, as I’ve said before, where did they get the necessary paperwork to work “over the table”?

We cannot afford this import. This is like having too many children or pets. It’s not about being anti immigration, and it doesn’t make anyone a racist. How can we take care of someone else when we can't take care of ourselves? How many times do you see people shake their heads over Medicare, social security, or general health care? Speaking of healthcare, while Hillary is off being a socialist wanting to insure everyone in American for “free” (paid for with taxes, of course), those taxes would be even higher than anticipated, because now we’re dealing with another estimated 12-20 illegal aliens that we’re just giving our country to.

Legal Immigrants, new and native citizens are being denied their American dream at the chance for votes, and it’s all politics. It would not be politically correct to enforce this law, because it’s not nice. Speaking of votes, they’re giving illegals the chance to vote in Texas, just one more way they’re robbing us all of our American Dream. They’re canceling out the vote of people legally entitled to the vote. People that aren’t even supposed to be here are making political decisions where our country is concerned. Great.

I don’t even want to get into the fact that they even can sneak in to begin with because not only are our borders more porous than a sieve and the federal government does nothing about it, but what about all the additional criminals we’re going to deal with? As if we don’t have enough of our own predators, rapists, murderers, drug addicts, gang members; we’re going to allow theirs to come in as well. Of course maybe they’re expected to be honest when “coming forward” and confess any crimes, but I won’t be holding my breath.

If this bill passes, so goes the way of our Dream. We will now have to work harder for our dollar, work for less of those dollars, be taxed more on those dollars and struggle to stay afloat while supporting people who broke the law to get here. The legal immigrants of the future won’t know how good they could have had it, if it weren’t for millions of people coming to steal it from them, all while the government allowed them to do it.

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