Saturday, August 30, 2008

Obama's Experience

As I’ve already stated, one can go and look up all they want to know about Sarah Palin, and I encourage that, as well as the other players in this race for the White House. That said, I would like to take the opportunity to point out some things that are going to work against the Obama ticket this election, the real Obama. People are so infatuated with this dream that he has perpetuated among those that for some reason refuse to hold this man accountable for anything. As someone who doesn’t exactly like McCain a whole lot, I can tell you many things that I could pick on him for, and not even consider it any kind of bias. I feel that he’s one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress. However, Obama is the most liberal anyone in Congress. And I don’t want to see a radical right or left wing assume that job. It’s not what the country needs.

Let’s examine.

There is a lot of speculation over his ties to Bill Ayers, the founder of Weather Underground, and also the issue of people within his campaign trying to force groups who would speak about it to be silent, with threats of investigation from the Justice Department. (Bear in mind there is speculation of Sarah Palin who may or may not have fired a person within her cabinet with just cause, who invites and investigation and to talk about it, stating she has nothing to hide.) And what will become of the information about Obama serving on the Board of Directors with this guy for a number of years? This guy is a terrorist, in fact a proud one, and Obama downplays the issue and tries to silence people from talking about it. This is change you better believe in.

Obama voted three times against a bill that would protect babies who survived their late term abortions. Three times. (One…two…three…) Now if you do a search, Obama has given some different reasons. But let’s be clear about what we’re talking about. We’re not talking about the woman who finds out she’s pregnant and goes to have an abortion, we’re talking later term (viewer warning), here. It’s developed, it has fingernails. The liberals call it not a baby, but a fetus. A fetus, to be sure is simply a baby in utero. Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines it as a developing human. Now in a later term abortion, if the doc screws it up and the baby survives, it is still considered as good as gone, and Obama voted against a bill that would basically have the doctors try to help it or die out of pain. Whatever you think, he voted against it three times, and I have a problem with that.

Obama’s school records, thesis or anything else is sealed. As is his original birth certificate. However, Michelle’s thesis isn’t sealed and I have read the PDFs that are available on many websites. What I got from what she wrote is her separatist views on blacks and whites, how college catered to white interests (it didn’t really go into many specifics- I kind of got the impression she might have meant the debate club), that in her views, blacks were disadvantaged for no other reason than their skin color and they should feel obligated to help each other, however, after attending white schools such as Princeton (on affirmative action because she wasn’t smart enough to test in…) they were more inclined to help themselves and not “benefit the black community”. She performed different experiments to test whites and blacks desire and willingness to voluntarily “benefit the black community”, both pressured and not. Whatever, the lady feels like a totally separate person. But her focus on race and racial matters is disturbing, because most people don’t think that way. Most people don’t maintain this attitude of self segregation. People have to work together, we all have neighbors, we have our friends and our friends have other friends…it’s not about whites that stick together versus blacks… but maybe it is for some people, and after reading what she wrote, she was one of these folks. Not a problem- she is allowed to be that way. But not if she wants to represent a country that is much more than black and white.

Furthermore, in their joint effort to show their desire to help the downtrodden and lift up those disadvantaged and give power back to these people…what about Obama’s brother? I have a problem with this! Especially when you consider the man lives on less than a dollar a month, he lives in a hut the size of my cubicle at work, he can’t afford to eat food he grows, he has to fight a lot to defend himself, is a recluse and embarrassed to be known as Obama’s brother. Obama lives in a huge mansion (… drama pending) after both he and his wife attended extremely prestigious colleges, she still rakes in more than $300 grand a year…while they’re so busy talking about taking money from rich people because it’s fair, can’t they send that brother of his $100 a month? For crying out loud, let the girls skip a ballet lesson. Feed your family, before telling everyone else they need to take care of other complete strangers! I mean, it’s sad.

And let’s look at this whole tax the rich idea. Also known as income redistribution, shared prosperity, refundable tax credits, tax cut rollbacks and other such funny language. Whenever you hear anything like that, stop and think about what it means and how it impacts you. Most of the time, it’s bad. It means a tax hike on someone to put money in someone else’s pocket. It’s socialism; especially when you take a look at who he wants to take it from and then give back to. As an alibi, they like to say things like they’re rolling back tax cuts on Some Big Business (because it’s Bush’s fault they got it) and they’re going to give it to Some Poor Circumstance. Well, Some Big Business got their taxes lowered, and to roll it back means to raise it, right? What these liberals want to make you think is that not only is that not happening, but they make so much money to begin with- why do they have low taxes? They refuse to see- if the rich have to pay all this money in taxes, they’re going to do one or more of the following things: start evading taxes, invest overseas, stop consuming (imagine how much tax is collected buying a jet…I doubt Al Gore paid taxes on his, though.), stop investing, slow their business trading and all sorts of other things that slow down the economy. Well, but Obama wants to make sure every kid goes to school before kindergarten. So it’s okay!

The hand outs that the guy wants to give are outrageous. Housing, medical, school, college, food, etc. I mean, what is this? He voted to raise tax people that make more than $42,000 a year…that is NOT a lot of money- especially where I live. Considering in Manhattan, the average one bedroom dump will cost you between $1,200-$1,800 a month- before you even eat or turn on you’re A/C, that’s not a lot. We’re not talking old people- but simply poor people. Why is this my problem? I struggle to get by myself- why am I now responsible for people who I don’t even know? How many people am I already paying for (not including illegal aliens) through taxes, that I don’t know? Well, this is what I get to Hope for, right?

What change is Obama going to bring? That’s an issue that bothers me is he has all these wonderful ideas, but he won’t talk specifics about what he is going to do. He says he has a plan- what is it? He’s going to bring change…to what? I mean, the economy grew 3.3% last quarter. Home sales actually went up slightly. Unemployment is down, oil dropped dramatically in a few short weeks, the war that he so desperately opposes and refuses to acknowledge anything good with it is going much better. McCain gets to be right- again- about the surge, Anbar Province is being turned over to the Iraqi’s. Meaning we aren’t running the show there anymore. And Obama said this would never happen. (So did Joe Biden).

Speaking of Joe, just gotta point out the latest stupid thing that flew out of his mouth… Dumb. And they want to talk trash about Sarah would be as VP.

There are simply so many things to go on about Obama. And his wife. And his associates. At least his racist nut job pastor isn’t on my TV anymore- which I don’t think people are going to necessarily forget about, just because Obama says it’s not a big deal, or that wasn’t the pastor he knew. I mean, that man is probably certifiable, and if he isn’t that Pfleger guy sure is. But Good Ol’ Reverend baptized Obama’s two girls, married he and Michelle, and in 20 years of regular attendance, because Obama is a good Christian, Obama never once heard any crazy thing come out of that man’s mouth. Right.

There’s the issue of the fact that Obama served 145 days in the senate, despite his term length. They make it out as if he’s been serving for so much time, but he actually showed up for work 145 days. What they meant to tell you was that’s how long he’s been collecting a paycheck. 145 days is almost 6 months. And when you examine his voting record, he voted present more times than gave an up or down vote, he voted along party lines 100% of the time when he did vote, and is known as the most liberal person in the senate. Go look at what he voted for and against. This man wants to be president, but doesn’t want to be held accountable to the direction he has tried to steer the country through the influence he has now.

Look- say what you want about McCain. Call him old, call him whatever, call him McSame, call him Bush 2. Whatever. That’s all you can really say about the guy- McCain’s pretty clean as far as his scandals go. I don’t like his views on everything, but he definitely isn’t a socialist or an idealistic Marxist, such as Obama. The experience argument isn’t lost on Obama simply because of Palin, because compare the records. That lady worked, she’s smart and down to earth. She proved she is willing to get in and get things done, because she’s done it. And when you compare the length of time, She’s been in the political game longer than him, as far as actual time working, she’s worked longer than him, she also has executive experience to his none- neither does Biden, for that matter, she even has a better handle on our energy policy than Obama. He is simply a disaster waiting to happen on a whole host of issues. Maybe this will even be a segmented piece on Why Obama is Wrong. :-).

At the end of the day though, one can say what they want about her. She’s only the number two. But he wants to be The One.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin 2008!

With the wonderful news today, I am beyond expression at how excited I am, finally, over the 2008 election. Not excited, but willing to support John McCain over Obama for a number of issues, I finally can vote in confidence and excitement for Sarah Palin, also known by her constituents as Saint Sarah, with an approval rating (poll depending) between 65 and 85%.

Saint Sarah, the Average Jane from Alaska knows what it’s like to deal with regular family issues that occur within small town America- something that Obama is more than showing his snobbery by suggesting “small town mayor” isn’t good enough for VP (what’s the population of Delaware?). But we’ll get to that in a minute. Sarah is a down to earth Washington outsider. She truly is change from the establishment, unlike her opponent for VP, Joe Biden. Joe is bought. Sarah threw out special interest. She also threw out crony Republicans up there, beating the pants out of the Democrat candidate, yet open enough and non-partisan enough to work with anyone honest enough, from any political party. She has shown this, this isn’t something she’s merely promising. With her approval rating sky high (unlike the Democratic congress), she doesn’t have to talk too much to convince America she means what she says and says what she means. This is change a person could believe in. Compare her record to Obama’s in Chicago. Crime is up, drugs and sex among teens remain too high, teen pregnancy is a rampant problem, organized crime flourishes, and some of the elected officials there get good deals on houses by convicted felons.

A person can research Sarah simply by typing her name into a search engine. Therefore, I won’t totally go on about her, people should do their own research to make up their minds about what they read. Having said that and this being my opinion that you’re reading, I want to compare this ticket to the liberal ticket with the issues that are important to me, and demonstrate why the liberals simply haven’t got a chance…

Economy: Joe the Liberal and Obama the Great have no plan but to raise taxes on the rich (because they owe their fair share, even though the wealthy already pay the most taxes), to give handouts to the poor and unwilling so they don’t have to work to better themselves. Sarah turned down the bridge to nowhere, knows better than most about what energy exploration would do for our economy- what it’s done for Alaska’s. John is notorious for busting the balls of politicians who earmark bills in the senate and has never taken one of his own. Ever.

Foreign Policy: On almost everything, Joe Biden has been wrong. He has spent more time than Obama- by far- but he hasn’t been right more than he hasn’t been wrong…a lot more. However the presidential candidate has no foreign policy experience. On the other hand the vice presidential candidate has none, however being a conservative, and a son being deployed to Iraq, I’d say she has more invested than Obama. So two Presidential candidates, one with a lot and one with no experience, and to VP’s, one with none and one who’s almost always been wrong. Hard pick, guys.

Family Values: The McCain family is well known for their kids, their adopted kids, John’s sons in the military, Cindy’s charities for children and all the hard volunteer work she does for children in third world countries. Sarah, the hockey mom of five, one with Down syndrome grew up in small town America with parents working in an elementary school, learning to hunt with her dad. Joe Biden, to his credit has a child in the military, but votes for abortion every chance he can, and Obama voted three times against bills to protect late term aborted babies that survived from being left to die. That is fact- look it up.

The War: This is a no brainer. Obama was against it before he could vote, but Joe was against and voted against the surge that worked (again, wrong on foreign policy). Obama lied in his “I Am A Dream” speech about McCain being lackadaisical regarding more troops- Obama was against more troops and if it wouldn’t have been for McCain pushing the Administration for more troops- well documented in various CSPAN clips- it might not have happened. Sarah, with her son getting ready for deployment is for a victorious situation, not bowing to terrorists who want to kill Americans.

Domestic Issues: Obama and Biden promise to make college affordable, omitting the fact that liberals run these collages and is the reason they are so expensive (Speaking of which…most Democrats are lawyers, litigators who get nothing accomplished), but think they’ll tax the rich and give credit to poor people to go. Obama wants bigger government and more oversight in new programs to aid socialism. Sarah and John…well, that’s easy. They’re the conservative ticket- they don’t want big government. They enable people to live their own lives and make better lives for themselves. If Charlie Rengal didn’t earmark $2 Million for a statue of himself, how many kids could have gone to college for free? McCain never asked for one (and neither did Sarah.)

Oh, and Sarah really is an environmentalist. She doesn’t have millions invested in Big Wind while blasting Big Oil (Nancy Pelosi!). She isn’t for making money off global warming, while really recognizing ways people can be good stewards of their environment. She doesn’t charter private jets everywhere.

McCain and Biden’s records are well established, McCain being known as a “maverick” and Biden being known as a well oiled insider, having been in the senate a little longer than McCain. The unknowns are Obama for president and Sarah as VP. The liberal blogs like to question her experience, as if Obama has some. Obama has served 145 days in the senate (about six months) and is known as the most liberal senator. But Sarah started her public service and prepping her resume for executive experience long before Obama was known. And what of Chicago? What is so safe and great that he accomplished? New York City is safer than Chicago!

Obama talks. Sarah has done. He wants to be president, though. Liberals say this is awful as she’s a heartbeat away from the oval office, yet they want to put this person who we know very little about- what we do know isn’t good- and has virtually no experience in that office. What sense does that make?

Furthermore, these people elected Hillary to the senate with zero experience- being someone’s wife doesn’t count (and Sarah put herself there with no connections to any politicians), and she served a handful of years- very little relative experience, but they thought she had enough to be president. But Sarah with executive experience isn’t qualified to be vice?

Lastly, lets talk about the importance of her being a woman. Being one myself it could be assumed I would be for this, but I am no feminist. I couldn’t believe Bush nominated Harriet Myers, but I love Condi. So, really, it’s all about the woman. It depends on who she is. There are good ones and bad ones, and certainly this is historic. However, when Geraldine Ferraro was the Dem. VP candidate, women around the country voted for what they thought was best…not necessarily the woman. So this isn’t a given among women. However, look at this woman. She is down to earth, a real person who hunts, fishes, is business oriented, a member of the union, she has children with sports schedules and school projects, she has a special needs child. She is real. She’s not spent her life in politics, and has proven that she can bring change and reform to her people. She is grounded. Although her political record is small, it is clear and easy to judge.

In contrast, Obama’s is sketchy at best- when he does vote, and Joe’s is so long, but suffice it to say extremely liberal and neither are known to be bipartisan (quite in fact the opposite), but with John and Sarah, both are well known for working for the solution and not the party politics.

However, the pros outweigh the cons. Imagine had John chosen Romney, who I thought he would pick. That man has baggage. We would have lost. Same with Pawlenty- who I like- comes with baggage as well, and some of these aren’t good. Lieberman would have been awful not only with his very liberal record, but with his dis to the Democratic Party, they would have a field day picking apart the ticket.

The bottom line is Sarah has proven that she is a real person who will get the job done. She has been vetted. She has made real decisions that affect people’s daily lives, not bowing to anyone’s special interest but that of her people. She is a servant. She isn’t better than us- angels will not descend from heaven singing praises for an anointed one. Obama has proven that he will say whatever it takes to get people to hope for an idea. She has concrete examples of doing things and demonstrating what she will accomplish. Obama talks a lot and has a record of voting “present” in the senate, rather than simply being held accountable for a yes or no vote.

Sarah’s the right pick for conservatives, for women, for minorities, for the middle class, for the lower and upper class, for families, for the economy, for taxes, for government reform. The Obama-Biden ticket simply does not possess any record for being good in any of these important issues. The Obama Biden ticket contains a lot of hope for ideas of “change”. But Sarah already made changes. Big changes.

I can’t wait to get my bumper sticker!