Tuesday, July 24, 2007

CNN/Youtube Debacle

The CNN/Youtube debates were almost comical and nothing close to serious, I thought. My first thought is, “when are these people going to answer the question?” John Edwards is clamoring around claiming that “the real question is…” Earth to John- The real question was the one asked by the person in the video, not the one you made up in your head. And seriously, Obama didn’t do so hot, either. That man opens his mouth and has a pleasant tone of voice. He’s not bad looking either. Because he uses the word “is” properly (as opposed to the Ebonics way of using the word “is”), people think he’s such a charismatic intellectual. But listen to the guy. He doesn’t say anything; he rambles on his talking points and contrasts himself from the current administration. Case in point: When the question by a Youtuber was asked about how to pull out of the war in Iraq NOW (because all the democrats say we should leave now), how do we do that, right now? How does it get done? A very legitimate question, in my opinion. Obama answered, “Well, let me start by saying I opposed this war from the start. The Bush administration…” And he NEVER answered the question. Not once. I was surprised that Hillary was able to give a couple definite answers. She got lucky and was able to answer based on her scripted responses.

The questions were chosen by CNN, I’ve heard that they were based on the diversity of the questions and creativity of people participating (you know, as if we were in first grade- our reward for being creative), rather than the most viewed on Youtube. Whatever- it’s their show, and I honestly thought they did a half way decent job. However, there were completely ridiculous and time wasting questions, such as, “Who was your favorite teacher and why?” WTF? Who the hell cares? (Oh, you and the CNN rep that chose your video. But that’s about it.) In case no one noticed, we’re in a war, our borders have yet to be secured, welfare is broken as is Social Security and Medicare, wages are too low, prices are too high, gas is soaring and our politicians earmark so many bills, they look like spoiled teenagers with access to their parents’ credit cards. Hello? Is there anybody out there? Favorite teacher? What?

The next dumbest feel-good and politically correct thing was to have these politicians “turn to your left and say something good about the person next to you.” What is this, second grade when we learn about paying compliments? Puh-Lease! As I stated above, border, war, healthcare, budget…Maybe these things truly aren’t that important to democrats as they say they are. I mean, I hate to generalize, but if you watched the body language of these candidates relax when such questions were asked, you’d think the same thing.

I do think the democrats were brave by attempting to face their constituents (although, not really, because CNN still chose the questions), because that is certainly more dangerous than FOX news. FOX after all will pull no punches but neither will the constituents. I can picture half these people puking in the toilet right before going on stage, praying someone else would get the tough questions. But it was edited so terribly, and I wouldn’t have considered it some free-style debate as what they posed it to be. I mean, how many questions could have been asked in place of “Who’s your favorite teacher?” I can think of a zillion. I can only imagine how many people are pissed that they were snubbed in favor of this politically correct question. How many do you think Hillary would have been asked about keeping her husband at bay while she’s in office? Which are legitimate questions as well.

I would have LOVED to see the real questions that are on people’s minds. I have compiled a list of questions that are on everyone’s minds these days- which I have yet to hear any one of them answer:

1.Nevermind the Bush administration, what is your real plan for Iraq? (no talking points. We want to hear an actual plan of action.)

2. What are you going to do to fix our border?

3. What are you going to do to fix immigration without attempting to pass legislation that you know the people won’t go for, such as the Amnesty Bill?

4. Are you going to work on Social Security? (because everyone my age knows it won’t be there for us when we’re ready for it)

5. What’s the plan for energy independence? (again, forget what the Bush administration is/has done. He’s out in a year and a half, I want to know what YOU are going to do.)

6. Why are earmarks necessary? Will you practice earmarking bills? What bills have you previously earmarked? Do you think that sponsors of earmarked bills should be made public and give explanation for these earmarks? Are you opposed to line item veto, if so, why?

7. What will you do to curb spending and increase fiscal responsibility? Will you adhere to a tax-and-spend policy? Why is it necessary to have millions of pet programs that get federal funding when most people who pay for them never see the benefits?

8. What will you do to keep us safe? What is your plan to see that Americans don’t have to worry about terrorism in the United States again?

9. What will you do to keep real education such as math, science and reading in the classrooms and political propaganda such as biased holiday parties, sexual agenda, etc. out? Do you feel a need to keep political propaganda out of the classrooms?

10. What is the difference between you and your opponent and why are you better qualified? (This IS a debate, after all. Not a simple discussion.)

I bet you we never hear them answer these. I’ll be submitting questions for the Republican debate, regarding border security and legal immigrants. Maybe I’ll be chosen! But if I don’t get picked because they want to have a video asking candidates’ favorite color, I’ll swear off CNN forever.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Terrorists and Toy Guns

I can’t figure out whether Michael Chertoff has a gut feeling about terrorism in the US or not. First, he says he does. Then I read today that he says he doesn’t- or at least doesn’t think we’re going to get any threats this summer. Some reports say that Al Qaeda is stronger now than their pre 9/11 status (Thanks Homeland Security! Thanks Mr. President! Thanks CIA!), but I think Chertoff is still out on that report. Are they a threat or not? I’m not going by his gut feeling- me thinks his gut feeling is due to too much Muslim Food and nothing to do with terrorism. Especially when he comes to tell us that we have no higher level of threat intelligence for this summer.

Where the hell is he getting his information from? And are we going to go based on those intelligence reports or are we going to go on his gut feeling? A man being interviewed last night on the O’Reilly Factor suggested we code his gut feelings similar to color coding the threat levels. I think that’s a fine idea. We could go for “Fine”, “Bubbly”, “Acid Reflux”, “Burning and Churning” and “Vomit” levels. Chertoff reminds me of heroin addicts when I see him. Got that skin-wrapped-around-his-skull look. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, pop into a 12 step meeting sometime.)

Without going too much into it, I do not like Chertoff. The director of DHS was telling America last week that we screwed up in not passing the Amnesty bill, because those laws can’t be enforced. It’s going to be harder now to crack down on terrorists who want to come into the country because we didn’t elect to just give them our country- via the southern border. Instead, the People decided we were NOT going to give our country away and that we want to secure the borders. That’s going to make things soft on the terrorists, according to him. HUH!!???

By the way- why the hell isn’t he doing something about the border? As the DHS director- the head honcho- the Top Dog In Charge- he has done nothing in the way of securing that part of America. Instead of impeaching the president- shouldn’t we be focusing on starting at the bottom and working our way up? Like toothpaste. I’d sure like to see him out of that position- I’m more scared after 9/11 with him IN office than not. Hell, I’d almost rather “Brownie” do the job.

Meanwhile, some states are getting serious about safety and cracking down on violent people. Why New Jersey wants to ban toy guns for kids. Kids with toy guns just scare the ever-living crap out of me. I mean they might think the gun is real and pretend to shoot their friends! What if that toy gun misfired? I’m sure glad New Jersey thought of that, we’ll all be safer. I was just wondering though…what about the shoot-em-up video games that these kids play? What about the rap songs that talk about “busting caps in yo’ ass”? Will they ban those, too? Because on a serious note, personally, I would rather my children play with a cap gun than play a video game with detailed graphics of brains being splattered from a bullet. You know, we hear so often of children dying from being shot with toys. And you know, we hear all the time of children who had toy guns growing up to be murderous felons….

Instead of pretending that guns don’t exist, or pretending that if you ignore a problem it will go away, or pretending that if you don’t tell kids about guns, they’ll never want to know (like sex, right? Yea, right.), how about education? Because making a law against something doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. Making murder, rape, assault, etc. illegal certainly didn’t stop people from doing it. Can you imagine if the laws were strictly obeyed by everyone? No prisons, no police, almost no courts. (No Singing!! I’m not invoking John Lennon here!)

When we were growing up, my grandfather and father had guns. We got Red Rider BB rifles for Christmas one year, I was 10. Just like A Christmas Story. My father sat down with my brother, step brother and myself before ever giving us the guns. He explained that these aren’t toys, although they can be fun. We must be responsible. We cannot shoot each other- as much as we’d like to at times. He taught us the proper way to carry a gun (down, like scissors), taught us about the safety lock. Showed us how to hold the gun and aim. Taught us proper storage, cleaning, loading techniques. He told us we can’t go shooting birds or anything like that, that these guns would more hurt some animal rather than kill it- and it’s not humane. He taught us how to set up targets in a safe way, making sure that whatever was BEHIND the target was safe to shoot at.

Our father never told us what would happen if we got caught abusing our gun privileges. He never mentioned what would happen if he found out we operated the guns in an unsafe way. The reason why he never offered any threats of beatings (and we surely would have been beat) or groundings or anything is he knew we took our responsibilities seriously. And we did. Not once in my whole childhood was there ever an unpleasant incident. No accidents, injuries, nothing. The neighbors all knew we had guns and were glad they were told, and would sometimes come over and offer advice on aiming, or just to see what we were up to. The most unpleasant experience using our Red Rider BB rifles was not having a partner to shoot with! That was boring- no competition!

Here’s a GREAT reason why guns are good. I would have done the exact same thing. The thing about firearms is people understand they are dangerous. Just like cars. So people take it seriously when owning/operating them. People understand that while safe most of the time, people can get seriously hurt or killed by them. And so there is an amount of respect paid by the owner/operator. Law abiding citizens don’t break the law, and so these gun grabs, like proposed in Illinois (you know, because there’s nothing better to do) are only going to grab the guns of those following the law. What about the ones that don’t?

What if the burglar in the link above had a gun? You know, because he adheres to the law so well regarding burglary.

What does Michael Chertoff’s gut say about toy gun bans, gun grabs and the like? My gut says “Vomit”. With the way he regards our borders, I would say he doesn’t mind these guns, but one never knows. At the risk of being less safe around toys, he could be up to “Burning and Churning” at this point. Unless the country is in a complete Nanny State, he may never be fine. Give these likes of people some time and before you know it, we won’t even have to look both ways before crossing streets, as it would be illegal to drive near pedestrians, JUST IN CASE a car decides to drive on the sidewalk.

Monday, July 2, 2007

The Day America Won, June 28th, 2007

Dear America,

Congratulations in your current victory against Congress for trying to give our country away last week. Kudos to you vigilant patriots who stood up united for the greater good of the country. I have told many people that Americans won’t agree on several issues like gay marriage, abortion, gun control, etc. But try to give away our very homes and lives and you will see a united uprising only rivaled in history books!

I had been listening to CSPAN for weeks, waiting to hear any drop of news on this bill. I hesitated to even write about it for this column because I’ve written about it so much. But this is a huge issue that deals with our very sovereignty as a nation and the leader of the free world. I listened live as the phone lines in the Capitol Building were shut down by Americans calling in to voice opposition to the Amnesty. I listened as the spokesperson told us that the voicemail system was down because of the flood of calls. I laughed out loud.

I watched the emails to senators on Congress.org fill up my screen; emails from people who passionately oppose giving away the country. I did see one or two stragglers, and all they had to say was that people were mean who didn’t want to give away citizenship to lawbreakers. I guess that makes America mean, because from several sources, but mainly the MSM has indicated 75-80% of Americans vigorously opposed that bill.

The President blamed the senators for not working together. He was very disappointed that bill didn’t pass, “it didn’t work”. Our president who bribed us with 4.4 billion dollars, tried to sell us out. Right along with Chappaquiddick Kennedy.

America had another plan in mind, and that was to scream from the rooftops, “NOT TODAY!!!”. This is OUR home, OUR country. We are a country made of laws. We are a country of the People, by the People and for the People. We elect people to hold governing offices so that they may accurately represent their majority constituents. I think, although I could be wrong, these elected officials may have read the wrong job description; they think they’re running our country! They forgot whose paying their salaries. They forgot who their bosses are. They don’t answer to no one, they answer to us.

I listened live as the man said “Motion not agreed to”, as the cloture vote failed and the bill was pulled from the floor. Being at work at the time, I couldn’t scream loudly enough to convey what I was feeling, but did go outside for a smoke and dance a small jig when no one was looking. :-) I got several phone calls and emails almost the minute it happened from folks I know around the country, asking me if I heard. Of course I heard! I celebrated! This came right in time for Independence Day. I truly think that people are ready to claim their independence from this corrupt government.

People are waking up, America. Whichever political party you belong to, we united on June 28th, 2007. Conservatives, liberals and independents; men, women; young and old; black, white and brown; natural born citizens and immigrant citizens, etc. stood up for their homeland. We stood up for our laws, we stood up for our freedom. We stood high on the moral horse and declared that enough was enough.

I have had conversations with people who think that this will blow over and people may forget, but I beg to differ. People will not forget. Dubai almost took over our ports. But they didn’t. Mexico almost had a “Come in for FREE” card given to them. But they didn’t. And as I said, we all may disagree about abortions, but one thing is clear, and I pray any politician that wants to be reelected hears the message: THIS IS OUR COUNTRY. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KEEP IT THAT WAY. WE WANT NO AMNESTY FOR THOSE THAT BREAK THE LAW. WE DO NOT WISH TO SUPPORT AND BLEED DOLLARS FOR THESE PEOPLE.

It just won’t happen.

But please remain vigilant! These Teddy Kennedy wannabes are trying to attach portions of this amnesty bill to other bills, just like they do with earmarks. They will try to pass this bit by bit, with no real bill of its own. They are currently trying to legalize at the least, 1 million illegal aliens to do hard work at low wages. (SLAVERY!!!)

At any rate, I am proud to have been one person among many united Americans of all walks of life to stand up for our homeland. I am proud to be an American and am proud of the citizens in this country for doing the right thing. This is our home, no one will take care of it for us. It becomes more clear everyday that not even our elected officials have any real interest in taking care of it, either. But elections are coming soon and maybe it’s time for America to CLEAN HOUSE.

I want to personally thank all those that made phone calls, sent emails and faxes, wrote letters, etc. to help fight the good fight. Please don’t stop there- there are many ways to keep this going, all at the touch of your fingertips. My next wave of letters have been to the president and several of the amnesty senators asking them for the 4.4 billion promised to fund the fence, I have asked for them to explain why the current laws are un-enforceable. I have also asked them to consider decriminalizing non-violent offenders who are incarcerated, since like illegal aliens, they are only guilty of “paper crimes” (Of course I'm being sarcastic, but it is a great comparison). I will be joining the Send-A-Brick campaign to push for the enforcement of our border. Please write your officials and President HERE. You can also read letters that other patriots have written to them.

Thank you again, America, you’re beautiful! God Bless you all! I’m so proud to be American, and proud to stand with each and every other American where it means keeping my country safe, secure and OURS.

Have a beautiful, safe, happy, and joyous Independence Day! Happy Birthday America!


Jenny Bea