Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What do you get when you cross socialist liberals and Phony Soldiers?

I hesitate to use curse words in my posts, because it’s not that professional. I obviously don’t care if I used one and it offended someone, but in general, I choose to use other words. I am having a problem, however; I can’t seem to find an alternative word to describe the political correctness that is occurring as of late: bullshit. Complete and total bullshit.

Let us start at the top, shall we?

First, what is the deal with the democratic senators wasting time and taxpayer dollars lambasting Limbaugh for saying “Phony Soldiers”? You MUST be joking, right? Of all the hypocritical things…coming from Scarry Reid, especially, the same man who continually says we lost the war (although we haven’t, and are still in it, while he’s busy using past tense verbs). How about the other democratic senators that signed a letter to Clear Channel asking for some sort of punishment for Rush, these same democratic senators who talk about air raiding villages, murdering innocent Iraqi’s in cold blood, etc.? And how about Mr. Harkin, another of the loudest voices heard requesting a censure of Limbaugh?

Rush was talking about Jesse Macbeth, who IS a phony soldier. Harkin would know all about lying about one’s service. Rush was also referring to the ABC story that was released a couple days before he started talking about it. I won’t go there about the Baghdad Diarist, another phony soldier. But hey, wait a minute…it seems there are phony soldiers all over the place- and even if they may have served, they lie about what their service entailed. Case in point, missing mayor of Atlantic City, NJ, Robert Levy. Apparently, people think that if they say they were in the service and did all these GI Joe things, no one will question it, but instead trump them up on shoulders like the winning of a Super Bowl Sunday game. Well, that’s what they get for thinking.

Meanwhile, my tax dollars and your tax dollars are hard at work in a federal investigation on Rush, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and others, to make sure there are no irregularities in their reports. You MUST be kidding me, you say…I wish I were.

Nevermind that the newly elected do nothing congress…does nothing. (Thought they were gonna end the war, but Nancy Pelosi is changing her mind.) I find it absolutely HILLARIOUS that Nanny Pelosi has these “peace” activists at her doorstep. I’m sure she didn’t have a problem with it when these Cindy Sheehan wannabes were hounding out in Crawford, TX at Bush's ranch. Now they have Lazy-Boys parked among her roses. Well, Madame Speaker- that’s what you get. You and your lot were so busy trying to get elected on the premise of your ending the war, and since you’re not-AND are not going to continue to try- well, what did you expect your constituents you lied to were going to do?

What is with our politicians, anymore? When they’re not trying to give amnesty away, they’re talking about censuring Limbaugh. When they’re not doing that, they’re bickering over whose pet project needs federal funding. When they’re not doing that, they’re either voting themselves pay raises and taking (more) recesses.

Then we jump on the campaign trail. The Hillarcrat wanted to give a $5,000 baby bond to every baby born in America, so she told the Congressional Black Caucus, precisely who she should have pandered to when talking about giving away “free” money to people. I LOVE the quote in the story by Stephanie Tubbs Jones, a mindless twit, “I think it’s a wonderful idea… Every child born in the United States today owes $27,000 on the national debt, why not let them come get $5,000 to grow until their 18?" Right! So that every baby born would then owe $32,000! Smashing thinking! What a moron.

What Hillary didn’t mention while there is that, that was just an idea, not policy proposal. Of course she didn’t tell this to all the black people under the impression they can have babies for a living. Instead (an even grander idea), she’s proposing for some sort of government 401(k) for every American. Great! And instead of just taxing the ever living crap out of everyone, they’ll just do it to the dead people, so that the living relatives can sell the farm equipment to pay for retirement accounts that no one is going to save for retirement.

I LOVE the way they use the term “refundable tax credit”. Do you know what a refundable tax credit is? It’s a transfer payment. They want to take money out of my pocket and put it into yours, or in another scenario, if I have $5 bucks and you have none, they want to give you $2.50 of my money, to make it “fair”. For those that think Hillary isn’t a socialist, then you need to look up the definition. So instead of poor girls squirting out babies at five grand apiece (and they won’t even know that Hillary has changed her mind, because they don’t read the news on the internet), we’re going to give every American a retirement plan.

WHAT ABOUT SOCIAL SECURITY?? Hello??? These people mean to tell me that Social security isn’t going to be there when I’m ready for it- although I should keep paying into it, and instead they’re going to come up with ANOTHER social program (instead of fixing one of the ones we have) that will be broken by the time I’m ready to use it. She is advocating that people who don’t even work can participate (great, more welfare) and a person can “borrow against” their funds. Right. As if THAT’S going to happen. We already know what it’s like giving people “free” money from the government (AKA the taxpayers), just look at what happened after Katrina with the $2,000 debit cards.

At the end of the day, these people getting “free” retirement accounts that they can borrow against (when they’re not working to be able to contribute) are going to take that money and buy a new car, or plasma TV, perhaps get massages, tattoos, buy drugs, etc. just like when they did the same thing after Katrina.

But they mean for you and me to pay for this crap, and if not us, they’ll expect the families of dead people to pay for it.

Then there’s the SCHIP, which they should remove the C and change the P to T. Bush was right to veto this. It has nothing to do with poor kids needing to see the doctor, it’s about smokers footing the bill for socialized medicine. The democrat’s message is always to tax the smokers. Like John McCain said in the debates last night, they want our kids to have free healthcare, so we need to smoke. Perfect sense. Is RJ Reynolds being sued again, this week?

I for one do NOT want the government handling either my retirement account, or my medical business. After all, we all know how well they handle everything else. (Been to the DMV lately?) I don’t make much money, and considering I live in NY, my net income is a lot less considering all the tax happy democrats around here. And I don’t want anyone paying for me to live to be an old lady. My employer provides me with a 401(k) and a pension. It’s regulated privately- which is better because there’s a stream of liberal trial lawyers ready to sue them if they sneeze wrong, rather than the get-away-with-anything government. I don’t want them telling me when to see the doctor and what for. Before you know it, they’ll be forcing me to get vaccines I don’t want or need, forcing me to take birth control pills (and have three periods a year, complete with heart stopping blood clots), or other meds approved by the FDA, but recalled six months later. We need socialized medicine like we need cancer or a hole in the head. Unfortunately, too many people are concerned with getting their free check every month to realize what it’s doing to the country. They’ll vote for Hillary because she said she’s gonna give them more money, Nevermind where she gets it.

And I don’t want to pay for anyone else. I already pay for enough drug dealers on welfare, and illegal aliens to have anchor babies. Why should I? Aren’t we taxed enough? I pay taxes when I earn my money, I pay taxes to save my money, I pay taxes to spend my money, I pay taxes when I die. Every single thing in my house that I own, the government has made money off of in one form or another. They’re scrambling around trying to figure out how to tax the internet. I bet they lose sleep at night trying to figure out how to tax Yahoo Email.

Why isn’t anyone talking about the leaked tape? Only the Washington Compost? That’s right, another leaked tape of Osama bin Laden, that was recorded by a private intelligence firm…you read the story; leaked by no one knows.

First- whoever leaked this should be tried for treason. But then again, the NY Times wasn’t- but they’re also liberal.

Second, excuse me, but don’t we have 16 intelligence agencies federally funded by the tax payers? Exactly why can’t they discover this stuff and exactly why are we paying these people to do it. And if we have to pay the private firm, because apparently they can find things (they just can’t keep them a secret), then why are we paying the 16 other agencies?

My head hurts. I feel like I meant to talk about more here today, but perhaps this is enough. This is all too much. Between the Do Nothing congress, Hillarcrat being a socialist, Rush and Hannity sucking up my tax dollars for being investigated (I know it’s not their fault, so no misunderstanding), Pelosi telling people she’s not going to do the job she was elected for, and this HUGE leaked tape that caused al Qaeda to shut down their networks, I feel like I don’t know which way is up.

To top it off, I wasn’t even impressed by Fred Thompson in the “debate”. I’m ready to move to Fallopia.