Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Told You So...

Yep. You read that right; I told you so.

I was called, among other things and the least insulting, a conspiracy theorist for thinking that CNN planted questioners at the democratic debates a couple weeks ago. To reiterate, the issue wasn’t that there were democrats attending a democratic debate. The issue was that the people asking the questions were portrayed to be regular every day folks- just like you or me, and they were anything but that. In fact, they were heavily involved in democratic politics with well documented associates of the democratic party. You can read my last post, I won’t insult you by going over it again.

However, our “most trusted name in news” source CNN decided that in addition to having democratic operatives a the democratic debates- in order to be fair- they’d have democratic operatives in the republican debate as well!

I watched that debate. After the exhausting research I did for the first one, and the fact that it only lit up on the internet (but I’m glad for it)- that the MSM refused to report it, I decided I was not going to give myself a bigger headache by spinning my wheels too much with this one. As it turns out, not a whole lot of digging was required, if one uses Google.

Let me first say this: That the MSM refused to report about the fact that CNN duped us all with the democratic debate, can only prove that they are just fine with the public being lied to. While one cannot implicate Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc. for doing the dirty deed that CNN owns, they did not inform the public what happened, thus condoning the behavior of the executives of CNN.

I would also like to take the time to thank those that linked to my blog, Andrea Shea King for talking about me on her radio program (I was stunned!), Hot Air, News Busters, Dan Riehl, and other individuals out there who worked so hard to get the word out to Americans. While I cannot speak for everyone, I can say that I tried hard not to be partisan and to just state what I found out. As one American to another, I don’t want you to be lied to, and I would hope that you would tell me the truth, if you knew it.

I would also like to thank the ones who worked so hard to bust this latest set up. You did a marvelous job!! And finally, with the MSM backed fully into a corner, they have to talk. Almost a week later, there are still articles on the Drudge report about the corruption, manipulation and outright lies that has come from CNN, broadcasting (in High Def) right to your living room. Take the time to thank your fellow American who stayed up into long hours of the night working to bring you the truth.

Getting back to the subject, when I tuned into that debate, I was waiting for the information to come out about these folks that they were republican operatives. That they worked for someone’s campaign, they made major donations, they were big activists, something that would make then not average, every day republicans. After the last debacle and that CNN basically got away with it, scot free, I just knew that they would have some big ticket republican up there to sway the debate. The only one they had, they disclosed who he was. I wasn’t too happy about the fact that; they could have asked someone NOT affiliated with any particular political group, but at least they said who he was. Like many of you I’m sure, I rolled my eyes at the soldier asking about gays in the military. My first thought it that he should have been at the democratic dupe-bate to ask Her Thighness that question- since after all it is Bill Clinton’s policy. But then that wouldn’t be fair- all her experience is chocked up to her husband, but she doesn’t have to answer for any of it…

My eyes rolled at the guy asking if the candidates believed EVERY WORD of the bible. (Um…does anyone? Really…raise your hand if you think that Jesus is really a lamb-literally-with wool and little hooves-Mary had a little Lamb, but if it’s fleece were as white as snow, then it wasn’t Jesus…get the difference?) That was a question that was a waste of time. Why couldn’t they ask something along the lines of, “Do you believe this book? How much do you believe it? How does this book affect you?” anything like that- but to ask if one believes EVERY WORD? Who the hell picked these questions?

Then there’s the cute (not really) girl asking about the punishment of women for getting abortions, when Roe v. Wade is overturned. She is assuming it would be. Why couldn’t she ask that question- Do you think Roe v. Wade should be overturned? To ask about punishment of women for getting them is what Hillarcrat refers to as a “Gotcha” question. I mean, unless she changed her definition-audience depending, of course.

I went to bed feeling extremely underwhelmed. Waste of my time- wanted my two hours of life back. The only shining moment was when Huckabee put these sneaky Christian bashers in their place by saying Jesus was too smart to get into politics. Which is true, and you would know if you read the gospels when Jesus has the opportunity to save himself from crucifixion, because of politics, but instead chooses truth, and the criminal gets set free and Jesus to death. Which oughtta tell you something about politics. Politics and honesty/truth just do not go hand in hand. Forward, when you hear of an honest or truthful politician, you have to wonder: to whose truth is he catering?

Will CNN be allowed to “moderate” (also known as fix, where CNN is concerned) future debates? Really, it speaks volumes that they fixed the first debate with democrats and fixed the second debate with democrats, too. It should show you where their alliances are. If you are a democrat, you should think about how trustworthy your news is, or how washed it’s been because of the politics involved. Just because you may agree, doesn’t mean it’s accurate.

And why is Andy Cooper off the hook? It’s his show-is he completely clueless about what’s going to happen on his show, before it happens??? Furthermore- why can’t they just tell the people what they’re doing? If they said, for example with the gay soldier, that he works for Hillary’s campaign (postpone the notion for a moment that it would be completely and totally inappropriate for him to even be there), then that would have been honest. If they disclosed that the abortion girl (wonder how many she’s had to have such energy on what the punishment would be for women) was a huge John Edwards fan, that would have been honest.

These are the same arguments I made for the last dupe-bate. If only they would have disclosed…but they didn’t. But, my fellow Americans, at least this time you know you were lied to. And in the news articles online where there is an allowance for comments, you always see a few peppered in there about the democratic debates. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside, you know. I encourage at any cost, the spread of truth from Americans to Americans.

One truth here that cannot be refuted is that CNN is far from manipulative. They are so biased toward the democratic party, as evidenced in the past two debates. I was totally expecting to find that they planted republicans at this last debate- which would just go to show that while they are not honest, they are at least fair about being dishonest. But we can’t say that anymore. CNN is the Corrupt News Network. They shouldn’t even be allowed to call themselves news.

And to think that the democrats squawked about Fox News potentially moderating the debates and how unfair and biased they’d have been.

Did it ever occur to anyone that our freedom of the press, which is for the People, not the politicians, is working against the public? With their absurd falsehoods about the way America feels about immigration, how the war is going, who’s on top- politically speaking, how is it that so many people pay attention to the MSM? How is it that their ratings are so high? Or, perhaps, they have plants as well to make it look as if they’re loved. So sad. Thank God for the internet.

I would lastly like to make a comment that is completely off my subject that concerns Gillian Gibbons, the British teacher who was jailed in Sudan for having her class name a teddy bear Mohammed, after the name of one of the students. While the radicals of Sudan are protesting in the streets about the execution of Gibbons, she was set free and sent home. Thank God for that, and my prayers are going out to her and her family. I pray that she heals quickly, overcomes the emotional damage caused by the severe radicals there and moves on with her life with no desire to ever return to a place that wants to live as if it’s the seventh century.

If diversity is our strength, try to sympathize with those radical Muslims. Unity is our strength and those types will never unite with infidels. I, however, am proud to be an infidel and I will never submit. God Bless you Gibbons.