Sunday, April 19, 2009

Party like it's 1773!

I have been out of my loop for so long. It’s so good to be back in again!

Of all the things to talk about, I must tell you about the Tea Parties I attended. This phenomenon started a few months ago by Rick Santelli, as it is widely known, and a handful of people from different states took the idea and ran with it. Thanks to the World Wide Web -that I’m sure Janet Napolitano is either monitoring or getting ready to (where do I sign up to turn myself in?)- these like-minded people were able to connect and spread the word. Make your voice heard and have a Tea Party.

The radical left cannot figure out how this is possible without the help of a conservative version of George Soros funding the operation, and thus have accused the Tea Partiers of being dupes (or duped) by Fox News, the RNC, and other higher income individuals. Nancy Pelosi stated it wasn’t a true grassroots movement (Because Cindy Sheehan and whoever pays her bills is a grassroots movement, I guess), but rather Astroturf. But no one put the gas in my tank or paid my subway ticket but me. (To be fair, my mom did stimulate my economy a bit and bought me dinner.)

The liberals cannot figure out how conservatives can mobilize, become motivated by each other’s convictions and become active. In March of 2007, Americans from across this country as far away as Hawaii descended upon Washington, DC to guard the memorials and monuments from Code Pink’s vandalism (Funny that DHS doesn’t consider them to be extreme). Code Pink, the notorious group of women and some very feminine men decided to spray paint war memorials, and vandalize the Vietnam Memorial Wall. When it was found out that they were gathering again a couple months later, Americans responded and 30,000 people stood guard of our Mall, simply honoring our Fallen.

The reason why they don’t understand is they lack the individual convictions that conservatives possess. The far left link themselves with popularity, and what they view as provocative, in the name of being open minded. They run on emotions, and that’s why they’re able to guilt people into buying Toyota Priuses, not using plastic bags at the grocery and eating Tofu and Garden Burgers. At least fish did not turn into sea kittens. To them, it is not cool to not only rally for what they believe in, but also rally for what others do. Standing up for others rights is only important among agreeable people, to these liberals who call us Tea Baggers. (I had to look that one up. I won’t even tell you what it is here. If you’re reading this, you have Google).

Therefore, when millions of Americans took it upon themselves to say enough is enough with what the government has been doing, they dismisses it because they don’t understand it. They don’t believe that average Joe the Plumber types can get angry enough to take off work and go yell at their capitals and City Halls, demanding that these politicians listen. And when confronted about this, liberals’ response is along the lines of, “Well, George Bush spent all that money on that illegal war.” Then there are the liberals who use adolescent sex humor (I mean, not even adult sex humor) in their nightly commentary broadcasts. They don’t understand and so they act like the popular kid who just got his ego deflated by the new kid in class. The formerly popular kid resorts to belittling, intimidation, dismissal and all out attacks. I remember this well, back in the eighth grade. Funny how dissent was only patriotic under Bush, and doubly funny is how these liberals claim to be open minded and tolerant of people who have other view points.

I echo many people who attended the tea parties, in that I cannot afford the way Congress is taking my money right from me. I got a whopping $13 dollars in my “stimulus” kick back. The taxes on my cell phone may go up, property taxes may go up. There are higher sales tax, tobacco tax, tolls, parking tickets, speeding tickets, carbon taxes, and all other manner of higher taxes, fees and fines. In different states there are similar instances of other taxes being levied on the American Taxpayer, such as Oregon where they want to raise the tax on beer by 1,900%. Here in New York, Patterson wanted to tax soda since it had sugar in it and heavy people shouldn’t be drinking it. And you just MUST love the notion in some states where they want to tack on an extra tax to citizens’ electric bills for a “streetlight user fee”, or in other states where they want people to pay an extra fee for the police responding to fender benders, to write their reports. (I mean, call me crazy, but shouldn’t those have been in the operating budget already???)

In Chicago Illinois, the parking meter rate went up to $6.25, payable in quarters only for an hour. Who carries that many quarters with them to park? The rate increase sparked such an outrage that people from all over the city virtually destroyed the parking meters by painting the displays black, super gluing the coin slot, running them over, filling them with pennies so as to overfill them and render them inoperable. Why? Because the people paid to build the stupid road, they pay to park (you know, because parking is such a hot commodity that we should repay the city for the use of our road), they pay the person who writes the ticket for parking on the road too long, and the private company who bought the meters from the city decides to hike it up again! How does the city sell what the public owns?

I make far less than $90k, and my income is shrinking. It’s all because of the taxes. The $787 Billion Stimulus was supposed to be allocated to states to shore up themselves so they didn’t have to raise taxes during the recession. What did they do? These politicians- these legislators that vote themselves raises and have health insurances and other benefits for life- go and overspend their budgets, raise taxes and they don’t cut one single solitary program that isn’t working, as promised. Not one program has even been evaluated, because they’re so busy apologizing to France for American arrogance, and printing money faster than I can type this sentence.

I’m not happy with republicans or democrats to be sure. There are a handful of new people on both sides that I will be willing to give a chance to, but the rest of these people have got to go. They were elected to do a job, term after term after term they have failed the American people miserably by squandering our money and catering to their own interests, rather than just simply being the public servants they are. They have utter contempt and disregard for anyone who would question that. They take positions and campaign on promises that garner votes, with either no intention of delivering , or delivering to the detriment of the average American taxpaying citizen; they advocate illegal aliens or convicted felons vote, in hopes of making their tally grow, so as to be elected- not because they care about the alien or felon.

What I find preposterous is the notion that these people are somehow going to help me out of a bad situation by first taxing me and taking my money, and then returning a fraction of it back to me, while trying to convince me they are working for my good! I can guarantee you that unless a person has a financial IQ of a naked mole rat; it would benefit people more to allow the person to manage their own money. In efforts to become mommy and carry people from cradle to grave, these legislators will figure out a way to take money from you to exploit their other causes. Like the mafia, only the mafia was much smarter and organized. For example, these politicians say the tobacco tax was going to pay for health care, but it always goes into the general fund, instead. They said that about this latest increase, too. We need to pay for healthcare. Make the smokers do it! They also want to use the money from carbon cap and trade taxes to pay for healthcare. You know, because it wouldn’t make any sense to have it pay for something environment related. (These people who know nothing, just had Carbon listed by the EPA as harmful to humans- a pollutant that this government agency can now attempt to regulate… everyone must now breathe half as much.)

In short, we the people are sick of this. Give us our money and we’ll figure out what to do with it. Neither government- nor anyone else- is entitled to the fruits of someone’s labor, and they do not have the consent of the governed to do this, and they do not know how to manage the people’s money and lives better than the individuals, themselves. Furthermore, Americans who make wise decisions should not be responsible for those that don't. We are not socialists here. If I make good decisions, it is not right to be punished for those that don't.

People ask what’s next? What do we do now that the party is over? Well, fellow taxpayers- the party has only started. Already people are organizing more parties, and there is one scheduled for July 4th in Washington, DC. Get involved, see how you can help these people, either by attending of getting on an email list and forwarding the emails you receive to other people- whether they agree with you or not. That simply serves to let them know that you are doing this and others are doing this, and maybe they should acknowledge it.

Next call your legislators—(202) 224-3121. All of them. Pick a day, once a week at least, and make calls, send emails and faxes. Find out which issues matter to you- whatever they are- and get involved. Call them to tell them you either appreciate the job they’re doing, or that you plan to vote them out because they’re screwing up! Ask questions and demand answers. They work for you, they take your money and pay themselves what they see fit- it’s time they answer back. Pay attention to the new candidates. Let them have a chance in the upcoming elections. Nothing changes if the same people are allowed to stay in for life. Chris Dodd is on his way out the door- and that couldn’t happen any sooner. The rest of the bastards that are doing this to us need to be on their way out the doors, too. And don’t let the door hit them where the Good Lord split them.

Lastly, is advice from Rush Limbaugh, who had a caller frustrated because she was attacked by “friends” who didn’t share her beliefs (again, probably not taxpayers). The thing is, the minority who are okay with what the Government is doing is angry because they are on defense. They haven’t been on defense and they cannot handle it. They lash out with no arguments and paint us onto extremists and selfish who don’t care about the plights of others. We all know that’s patently false, but it doesn’t change their attacks. Among our God given rights, is the right to protest when the government gets out of hand and takes the consent from the governed for granted. It is reiterated in our Constitution and Bill of rights. We have nothing to defend in the way of liberal attacks. We are not required to explain ourselves to those that not only disagree but have no intention of trying to understand. They can be defensive. We are on offense, and we march on, with or without them. They do not matter anymore. What matters is we continue to rise up as Americans, and say enough is enough- demanding answers and when we get none, we fire the people for plain and simple incompetence. Liberals be damned. America has woken up and for whatever position a person may take on any given issue, we are united on this- stop wasting my money, stop stealing from my wallet, and stop lying to me while you do it. That in itself is all the explanation that anyone should need.

Tax Day Tea Party Report

On March 23rd, I attended a Tea Party in Ridgefield, CT. At first, I was wondering how many people would actually come out to Ridgefield. It’s such a small quaint little place, far from any major highways. In New England, it’s not easy to navigate and you need to either be a person with intimate knowledge of their maps, or a GPS. I located the Party, parked, and went in. I made several signs for people who may not have brought one, and I also brought extra poster board for anyone who might have had a bright idea, and wanted to make a fresh one. (This is also something liberals don’t understand. Why would I do that? They should have remembered to bring their own signs!) As it turned out, all the signs that I made were taken by other people- as I predicted- and some did take my extras to make their own. And I must say, it was very effective in relaying more of our sentiment!

We started in the memorial park across the street from the library. We then marched to line both sides of the main street, while we chanted and rallied for about an hour. The reception from the town was very positive. We got many people honking- people have very individual types of approving honks! They beep a lot, long mixed with short bursts (like Morse code, almost!) or they just lay on their horn the whole time they drive by. Either worked, and it was fun to watch the reaction from people who had never rallied before, and they followed the lead of the seasoned activists, cheering for the cars as they honked for us.

Afterwards, we went back to the park and rallied there, pledging the flag, singing the national anthem. We had speakers, a music guest, and a bunch of pissed off people- but in good spirits. It seemed as if everyone connected with anyone they hadn’t previously met. The party ended at 2:00pm, but people were around long after that, just getting to know each other, and feeling better that they are not the only ones who feels this way. About 300 people showed up that day- much to everyone’s surprise. We expected 50.

On March 28th, I attended the Tea Party in Stamford, CT, at the downtown library. I picked up my first hitch hiker in Connecticut that day, as while driving down the road, I saw a lady walking with signs in her hand. I slowed down and asked her if she was going to the tea party, and she was. She hopped in and to her humor- she had never been picked up as a hitch hiker, either. We made it to the party and there were about 200 in attendance, due to the threat of weather. The reception was warm again, but we did get some people who would drive by and flip us off. (I guessed they live on our tax dollars, so they’re not happy we’re speaking out against it.) The area was very prominent for pedestrian traffic, so all the passersby were very curious about it.

There are two old people who protest the Iraq war (you know, the one we won…) at the library and were not happy we were there. They went across the street, but eventually gave up when they started getting yells from our crowd. I mean- come on. Life is great for the most part in Iraq, now. I mean, it’s night and day compared to before the war. Anyone with any brains knows this.

Again, there were speakers, sign-up sheets, people passing out information about issues that concerned them, and more people becoming connected. If you’ve never been to something like this, it is simply fascinating to witness and be a part of. Nancy Pelosi should really pay attention. Even if we were paid by someone to be there (that’s really funny they say that. I feel like I was called a doodoo head.) you cannot pay people to connect that way, with full intention of connecting again in the future.

On Tax Day, I attended two parties, the one in Hartford, CT and the one in NYC. Up at the crack of dawn and out the door, I thought I would arrive in Hartford early, so as to find a place to park. Apparently, so did every other person. The police were nice enough to allow us to park at the garage for the armory and the Capitol, for free. When I arrived at about 11:00am (the party started at noon), there were already a couple thousand people there. It was phenomenal- I had never seen such a large crowd in this very blue area. There were republicans, democrats, independents, and people who aren’t political at all. There were young, old, well to do people dressed up in business attire, and people who appeared to be on their last nickel. There were all nationalities, all religions, male and female. I met a man from Kosovo, telling the crowd that where we’re headed is what he left. The only people I could find that were paid to be there, was the local media who came out for reporting.

Now, it must be said that the media that I spoke to- the local NBC affiliate, the Associated Press, Pajamas Media and another radio show (can’t remember the call letters!!) were very polite, in good spirits, amazed at the size of the crowd, and unbiased- unlike their national counterparts. The woman from NBC who interviewed me was very polite, smiled a lot and seemed to enjoy herself, walking through the crowds. She asked me general questions about why I was there, she asked me if I had a political affiliation, and if there was anything I wanted to say in the way of message to anyone listening. How come Susan Roesgen can’t do that?

We had many speakers, and about 5,000 were in attendance! There were so many people, it was really hard to navigate. Everyone felt the same way, and as I was talking to people, they were amazed at this- they said it was like they were talking to themselves, everyone was so on the same page. We were videoed by the Connecticut highway patrol. Goodie for them- hope they got a nice shot of me, because I got one of them! I heard reports of this around the country. My family in Oklahoma that attended said the cops were there filming. In Norwich, CT, they were there. Dunno why… maybe they want something to show their kids… that’s gotta be it!

There were a couple politicians with disdainful looks. I showed them my sign, “Congress’ unemployment rates should go up!” and they gave me dirty looks and turned away. One guy came up to me whose name is Ron Simmons, running for senate. He was happy to be there and happy we were doing this, and in light of it, I don’t know nor care what party he is from. He explained to me that he wanted to speak, but our organizers wouldn’t let him. I replied- respectfully, of course- that we didn’t want to listen to him, we wanted him to just listen to us. We have listened to them long enough, and it’s time they pay attention to what we’re saying. I told him that because of that, I truly appreciated he was there to listen to us.

The organizer said our permit lasted until 2pm and at that time, we would work on vacating the premises, being guests at the Capitol. The crowd went wild, shouting that they owned the building- we paid for it with taxes, we maintain it with taxes and we employ every single solitary person in that building- it’s ours and we don’t have to leave. And they didn’t. The reports I had heard was people stuck around until 3:00 and 3:30pm. (I left about 2:30pm).

From there was my mad dash home, so I could make it to City Hall in NYC by 7pm. My goal was Grand Central by 6:00. Having had nothing to eat, I stopped for a snack on the way to pick up mom at the Port Authority- it’s not easy to eat and rush through Times Square at the same time. Mom and I got to the tea party at about 6:30pm and there were so many people there, it took us damn near 20 minutes to navigate to a spot where we could see anything. People went four city blocks back, packed in like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, on both sides of the street. As far as the eye could see and beyond, there were patriots standing together against the government irresponsibility. My pictures were terrible, because I simply couldn’t get great ones- there were too many signs in the way. Only a couple could convey a percentage of our population, because I climbed on a rail to get people’s heads. Just a sea of taxpayers, sick of this.

We could see people peering out their windows from the upper floors in the buildings surrounding us. It seems as if every person on the ground had a flag or a sign, some both. The cheers were thunderous. They seemed to echo from off the buildings and reverberate down the street, practically begging more to join us! And they did- towards the end of the rally, I asked police what their estimates were, I asked other people, and I made phone calls to the local precincts. I have received estimates ranging from 25,000 to 50,000 people, counting the people who were unable to be gated but instead gathered outside of the official area. I cannot even estimate. Simply put, where I was there were a few thousand people that I could actually see. There's probably no way to really know, but to say ALOT.

Let me add that every single person within earshot of me while leaving, thanked the NYPD for being there. I know mom and I did, thanked them for being there and wished them a good night. They loved it- the ones that I saw. They smiled back, happy. This may have been one of the easiest most peaceful bunch of protesters, ever. If anything got broken, it was by accident, no one was arrested or got in trouble, because no one broke the law. Get that Liberals? We don't break the laws, we don't get in trouble to make our points. I would also like to thank the NYPD for arranging for the obnoxious bus that got in the way of the people across the street, so quickly. some of us were ready to push it- what a horrible place to break down! But New York's finest got on it and got it outta there, so we could ALL party!!

On the way back uptown to catch the train home, Mom and I saw several people on the street recognize us with our Tea Party paraphernalia. Three people on the Subway sat next to us, amazed at what they were just a part of. They couldn’t believe how many different types of people- indeed the sheer numbers of people- come to speak out. They couldn’t believe how this little idea had grown to the proportion it had. Starting with a few bloggers putting out the word that they were going to take Santelli’s idea and run with it. It was beyond our wildest imaginations. When I left Grand Central to catch my train home, there were people on the train who asked me about it- seeing my Tea Bag earrings and necklace set. J They heard about it- they supported it, they wanted to know more about it!! They thanked me for being involved- which is something I’m not used to. I am doing this for others, but I’m also doing this for myself, too.

When I went to work the next day with hardly any voice left from cheering and four whole hours of sleep, I told anyone who listened, and everyone was excited. I want to thank my boss for giving me the day off and encouraging me to do this. Ironically enough, we work in the tax department. She has been very supportive, offering ideas, paying more attention and her own family has gotten involved. Unable to attend a party, she sent Dear Leader some tea bags instead.

This was truly phenomenal and I was proud to be in attendance. Nothing else in the history of the United States has ever happened where so many came together, united, with only themselves to organize- without corporate sponsors, without George Soros.

To Anderson Cooper and Keith Olbermann calling us Teabaggers… it must take one to know one there, pals. Janeane Garofalo needs to get a clue. And to Janet Napolitano- I’ll be calling your office on Monday to turn myself in. If you call the CTHP, they probably have a good picture of me.