Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Told You So...

Yep. You read that right; I told you so.

I was called, among other things and the least insulting, a conspiracy theorist for thinking that CNN planted questioners at the democratic debates a couple weeks ago. To reiterate, the issue wasn’t that there were democrats attending a democratic debate. The issue was that the people asking the questions were portrayed to be regular every day folks- just like you or me, and they were anything but that. In fact, they were heavily involved in democratic politics with well documented associates of the democratic party. You can read my last post, I won’t insult you by going over it again.

However, our “most trusted name in news” source CNN decided that in addition to having democratic operatives a the democratic debates- in order to be fair- they’d have democratic operatives in the republican debate as well!

I watched that debate. After the exhausting research I did for the first one, and the fact that it only lit up on the internet (but I’m glad for it)- that the MSM refused to report it, I decided I was not going to give myself a bigger headache by spinning my wheels too much with this one. As it turns out, not a whole lot of digging was required, if one uses Google.

Let me first say this: That the MSM refused to report about the fact that CNN duped us all with the democratic debate, can only prove that they are just fine with the public being lied to. While one cannot implicate Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc. for doing the dirty deed that CNN owns, they did not inform the public what happened, thus condoning the behavior of the executives of CNN.

I would also like to take the time to thank those that linked to my blog, Andrea Shea King for talking about me on her radio program (I was stunned!), Hot Air, News Busters, Dan Riehl, and other individuals out there who worked so hard to get the word out to Americans. While I cannot speak for everyone, I can say that I tried hard not to be partisan and to just state what I found out. As one American to another, I don’t want you to be lied to, and I would hope that you would tell me the truth, if you knew it.

I would also like to thank the ones who worked so hard to bust this latest set up. You did a marvelous job!! And finally, with the MSM backed fully into a corner, they have to talk. Almost a week later, there are still articles on the Drudge report about the corruption, manipulation and outright lies that has come from CNN, broadcasting (in High Def) right to your living room. Take the time to thank your fellow American who stayed up into long hours of the night working to bring you the truth.

Getting back to the subject, when I tuned into that debate, I was waiting for the information to come out about these folks that they were republican operatives. That they worked for someone’s campaign, they made major donations, they were big activists, something that would make then not average, every day republicans. After the last debacle and that CNN basically got away with it, scot free, I just knew that they would have some big ticket republican up there to sway the debate. The only one they had, they disclosed who he was. I wasn’t too happy about the fact that; they could have asked someone NOT affiliated with any particular political group, but at least they said who he was. Like many of you I’m sure, I rolled my eyes at the soldier asking about gays in the military. My first thought it that he should have been at the democratic dupe-bate to ask Her Thighness that question- since after all it is Bill Clinton’s policy. But then that wouldn’t be fair- all her experience is chocked up to her husband, but she doesn’t have to answer for any of it…

My eyes rolled at the guy asking if the candidates believed EVERY WORD of the bible. (Um…does anyone? Really…raise your hand if you think that Jesus is really a lamb-literally-with wool and little hooves-Mary had a little Lamb, but if it’s fleece were as white as snow, then it wasn’t Jesus…get the difference?) That was a question that was a waste of time. Why couldn’t they ask something along the lines of, “Do you believe this book? How much do you believe it? How does this book affect you?” anything like that- but to ask if one believes EVERY WORD? Who the hell picked these questions?

Then there’s the cute (not really) girl asking about the punishment of women for getting abortions, when Roe v. Wade is overturned. She is assuming it would be. Why couldn’t she ask that question- Do you think Roe v. Wade should be overturned? To ask about punishment of women for getting them is what Hillarcrat refers to as a “Gotcha” question. I mean, unless she changed her definition-audience depending, of course.

I went to bed feeling extremely underwhelmed. Waste of my time- wanted my two hours of life back. The only shining moment was when Huckabee put these sneaky Christian bashers in their place by saying Jesus was too smart to get into politics. Which is true, and you would know if you read the gospels when Jesus has the opportunity to save himself from crucifixion, because of politics, but instead chooses truth, and the criminal gets set free and Jesus to death. Which oughtta tell you something about politics. Politics and honesty/truth just do not go hand in hand. Forward, when you hear of an honest or truthful politician, you have to wonder: to whose truth is he catering?

Will CNN be allowed to “moderate” (also known as fix, where CNN is concerned) future debates? Really, it speaks volumes that they fixed the first debate with democrats and fixed the second debate with democrats, too. It should show you where their alliances are. If you are a democrat, you should think about how trustworthy your news is, or how washed it’s been because of the politics involved. Just because you may agree, doesn’t mean it’s accurate.

And why is Andy Cooper off the hook? It’s his show-is he completely clueless about what’s going to happen on his show, before it happens??? Furthermore- why can’t they just tell the people what they’re doing? If they said, for example with the gay soldier, that he works for Hillary’s campaign (postpone the notion for a moment that it would be completely and totally inappropriate for him to even be there), then that would have been honest. If they disclosed that the abortion girl (wonder how many she’s had to have such energy on what the punishment would be for women) was a huge John Edwards fan, that would have been honest.

These are the same arguments I made for the last dupe-bate. If only they would have disclosed…but they didn’t. But, my fellow Americans, at least this time you know you were lied to. And in the news articles online where there is an allowance for comments, you always see a few peppered in there about the democratic debates. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside, you know. I encourage at any cost, the spread of truth from Americans to Americans.

One truth here that cannot be refuted is that CNN is far from manipulative. They are so biased toward the democratic party, as evidenced in the past two debates. I was totally expecting to find that they planted republicans at this last debate- which would just go to show that while they are not honest, they are at least fair about being dishonest. But we can’t say that anymore. CNN is the Corrupt News Network. They shouldn’t even be allowed to call themselves news.

And to think that the democrats squawked about Fox News potentially moderating the debates and how unfair and biased they’d have been.

Did it ever occur to anyone that our freedom of the press, which is for the People, not the politicians, is working against the public? With their absurd falsehoods about the way America feels about immigration, how the war is going, who’s on top- politically speaking, how is it that so many people pay attention to the MSM? How is it that their ratings are so high? Or, perhaps, they have plants as well to make it look as if they’re loved. So sad. Thank God for the internet.

I would lastly like to make a comment that is completely off my subject that concerns Gillian Gibbons, the British teacher who was jailed in Sudan for having her class name a teddy bear Mohammed, after the name of one of the students. While the radicals of Sudan are protesting in the streets about the execution of Gibbons, she was set free and sent home. Thank God for that, and my prayers are going out to her and her family. I pray that she heals quickly, overcomes the emotional damage caused by the severe radicals there and moves on with her life with no desire to ever return to a place that wants to live as if it’s the seventh century.

If diversity is our strength, try to sympathize with those radical Muslims. Unity is our strength and those types will never unite with infidels. I, however, am proud to be an infidel and I will never submit. God Bless you Gibbons.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

CNN Goes Green, by Gardening Plants

I have spent more than 12 hours researching the “random” questioners at the CNN Democratic Debate that was held on November 15th, 2007. I started out looking around, because there was a story about the first questioner, Catherine Jackson, who may have been a plant. As it turns out, she is an anti-war type, who has rallied against the war outside of Harry Reid’s office in Nevada. Harry Reid is one of the biggest supporters of surrender in Iraq, to this day denying the surge is working, among other things. The story came out about Catherine when someone recognized the name and discovered a news story of her interview during one of these protests.

So I got to thinking, who is she, and who are the other people.

I looked up CNN’s transcripts of the debate, to find out who they are. At the same time, I paid attention to other blogs and news outlets, to find some mention of The Diamonds and Pearls girl, being Maria Luisa, and CNN made her ask her question. She said she felt stupid, because she wanted to ask a question about Yucca Mountain. There were links to her My Space page, indicating she was 15.

But the transcripts said her name was Maria Parra-Sandoval and she was a student at UNLV, and in the video clips of that question, that’s what she said her name was. Interesting that no one picked that up. So I popped her name into my Yahoo search engine to discover that Luisa is her middle name, her full name is Maria Luisa Parra-Sandoval, and she worked in Harry Reid’s office in Nevada and DC. (Picture on page 23) She was also invited as a guest on the floor off the 74th session of Nevada Legislature, by a man named Rubin Kihuen, he was elected in 2006 and a member of the Nevada Assembly Democrats. Upon further research and a tip from a commenter on another message board, it turns out that she came here illegally from Mexico as a child with her family, but since gained legal status, and has won scholarships to attend UNLV.

Maria Luisa is Maria Luisa Parra-Sandoval, and her picture is in the yearbook on one of the Nevada government websites, in addition, her name is listed as one of Harry Reid’s staff.

When I found out, I nearly fell out of my chair. So what about the rest of them?

I popped the name Khalid Khan into my search engine, he was the one who asked the question about racial profiling in airports. I was stunned to find out that although after 9/11, he was very patriotic about our country, he’s not just some average Joe, as CNN and the DNC would have us believe, but the President of the Islamic Society of Nevada. Some average Joe, my ass.

Now there’s something fishy about the fact that according to the transcripts given by CNN, the name of the woman who asked the supreme court question is “Unknown”. You mean to tell me, they don’t know her name? But upon further research and the un-edited version of the transcripts, her name is LaShannon Spencer. Why would they leave that out? Could it be that she was a plant as well?

As it turns out, she was. She was the director of political affairs for the Democratic Party in Little Rock, Arkansas. Coincidence? I think not. And if you look at her pictures that are available on the world wide web, she is one in the same lady. Now in case anyone with any liberal affiliation is scrambling to shut down these sites with her picture, I have saved them, but also included the links to the original stories.

I am still doing research. Pointed out by a reader of Hot Air, Obama may have known one of the questioners by the name of Judy Bagley, the supposed cashier of a casino. However, in the transcripts, Obama tells her he appreciates her work in the culinary union. Um…what?! I thought she was a cashier, what great work is she doing for the culinary union? And how did he know? Did they meet the questioners before the debate? Otherwise, he would not have known she did work for the culinary union. We didn’t know.

As if it’s not enough, there is much controversy about the tickets that were issued to attend the debate, particularly with the tickets issued to UNLV, and the manner in which the students were awarded the tickets, which was supposed to be via lottery. Please follow links to these articles, as I feel it would be slightly redundant to post what someone already has. Hat tip to Dan Riehl for helping to discover a lot of this, particularly with the ticketing issue.

It can be said with certainty that at least the three people I mentioned here were NOT ordinary “undecided democratic voters”, but rather people who were prepared and planted into the audience to ask these specific questions. And this is certainly not the first time CNN has been busted planting a questioner into the debate. Remember “Mac or PC”? Perhaps a web search of Alexandra Trustman is in order. CNN said they were sorry in 2003 and that they wouldn’t do it again. How sorry are they going to be once found out about this latest scam?

So what does all this mean? If CNN told you, you being the one who watched the debate (I only watched it to see Hillary get her ass handed to her, which mysteriously didn’t happen because of Wolf Blitzer’s softball questions), that there would be a session of questions from average people, just like you and me, then you were lied to. When you heard the Catherine Jackson ask about when the troops come home, showing off her son (whose name is not Christopher Jackson, but instead Christopher Gallagher) who did three tours of duty, you felt sorry for her, and even might have tried to sympathize. When I heard that, I was glad this isn’t Vietnam, where the soldiers got no support- indeed her son got a standing ovation.

CNN, the DNC or both played upon our emotions, knowing full well she is a professional Moonbat, anti-war type, who’s been in the press before protesting the war outside Harry Reid’s office.

You can’t tell me that they didn’t know about Maria Luisa Parra-Sandoval, working for Harry Reid, either. Some luck that she just HAPPENED to get drawn for the lottery in UNLV to get an admission ticket, and just HAPPENED to be one who got to ask a question and HAPPENED to be called upon.

Don’t try to convince me that they didn’t know that Khalid Khan is the president of the Islamic Society of Nevada. (can someone say special interest?)

And don’t sit and tell me that CNN didn’t know the name of the woman who asked the supreme court question, the same question Suzanne Malveaux injected her abortion piece into, wasn’t LaShannon Spencer. And don’t tell me that they didn’t know of her political affiliation, either, or that she just HAPPENED to be picked for the audience or just HAPPENED to get to ask the question.

Ladies and gents, this is political correctness at its finest. And to think this wasn’t the opportunity for CNN to produce Grade-A sound bites for Clinton is absurd and na├»ve. Remember “Boxers or Briefs?”

Let me just tell you that when I began my search, I had no idea what to expect. I only wanted to see if something might pop up in the search about these people, I had no idea that they might be connected and how so.

The ONLY thing that has yet to be figured out, is who made the decision to pick these specific people to be the ones delivering questions? Was it someone working for CNN? The DNC? Could it have been a collaborated effort of employees of both organizations? Who decided that those people would be called upon?

And which candidates knew ahead of time? That could be left up to conspiracy, however, one thing remains crystal clear: These people were not the average undecided democratic voters they were presented to the American people to be. These people have big backgrounds, and the proof is irrefutable. The only thing that needs to happen now is the media needs to grab onto it. But some of us bloggers already know and are working hard to get it out.

As a proud American, I feel deceived and manipulated. And you should, too. I feel that it is my duty as a citizen of a free society to get the truth- and verifiable evidence- to the public. This is not a “fire doesn’t melt steel” conspiracy. This is “Dan Rather Loses His Job for Fake Reporting”. And the bloggers did again in relentless search for what really happened. Ala Lindsay Lohan, “They weren’t my pants!!”

They lied to us. They lied to all of us. It’s not really surprising, knowing the lows they’d sink to for potential votes, but it should be awakening to the People that what we are fed by the media as “news” is in fact, not news. We are fed total BS, by some audacious person(s) making the decision of what gets reported.

In the War Against Political Correctness, at least in this issue, this is the tip of the iceberg.


I thought it would be very note worthy to mention that the Democratic debate that FOX News was supposed to host, the debate that the democrats pulled out of because of their issue with "fairness", was to be held in none other than...Nevada. Could that be coincidence? If FOX news would have held that debate, then FOX news would have been asking the questions. I can see why they thought CNN to be the better choice for moderators.

*****UPDATE 2

Were all of them plants? It could very well be, but let's just stick to what we know...and what we know is that Judy Bagley is a member of the culinary union, who just HAPPENED to attend campaigns for Obama, Hillary and John Edwards. The same Judy Bagley who just HAPPENED to be at the debate and HAPPENED to get to ask a question. According to the article, she is a cashier, but is audacious enough to think that whoever she and her union friends chose will be elected. (For the nomination or the presidency? Because that's a pretty bold statement to make, either way.) Who is she, in the Union, to be able to give statements to the media? In these articles, they talk to seemingly prominent people...AND her. But she's just a cashier...

Thank you to one of my readers for this tidbit.

*****UPDATE 3

Just a little information on the Union that Judy Bagley is a member of. And it appears that some of these democrats really like this union...or really like talking to them.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What do you get when you cross socialist liberals and Phony Soldiers?

I hesitate to use curse words in my posts, because it’s not that professional. I obviously don’t care if I used one and it offended someone, but in general, I choose to use other words. I am having a problem, however; I can’t seem to find an alternative word to describe the political correctness that is occurring as of late: bullshit. Complete and total bullshit.

Let us start at the top, shall we?

First, what is the deal with the democratic senators wasting time and taxpayer dollars lambasting Limbaugh for saying “Phony Soldiers”? You MUST be joking, right? Of all the hypocritical things…coming from Scarry Reid, especially, the same man who continually says we lost the war (although we haven’t, and are still in it, while he’s busy using past tense verbs). How about the other democratic senators that signed a letter to Clear Channel asking for some sort of punishment for Rush, these same democratic senators who talk about air raiding villages, murdering innocent Iraqi’s in cold blood, etc.? And how about Mr. Harkin, another of the loudest voices heard requesting a censure of Limbaugh?

Rush was talking about Jesse Macbeth, who IS a phony soldier. Harkin would know all about lying about one’s service. Rush was also referring to the ABC story that was released a couple days before he started talking about it. I won’t go there about the Baghdad Diarist, another phony soldier. But hey, wait a minute…it seems there are phony soldiers all over the place- and even if they may have served, they lie about what their service entailed. Case in point, missing mayor of Atlantic City, NJ, Robert Levy. Apparently, people think that if they say they were in the service and did all these GI Joe things, no one will question it, but instead trump them up on shoulders like the winning of a Super Bowl Sunday game. Well, that’s what they get for thinking.

Meanwhile, my tax dollars and your tax dollars are hard at work in a federal investigation on Rush, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and others, to make sure there are no irregularities in their reports. You MUST be kidding me, you say…I wish I were.

Nevermind that the newly elected do nothing congress…does nothing. (Thought they were gonna end the war, but Nancy Pelosi is changing her mind.) I find it absolutely HILLARIOUS that Nanny Pelosi has these “peace” activists at her doorstep. I’m sure she didn’t have a problem with it when these Cindy Sheehan wannabes were hounding out in Crawford, TX at Bush's ranch. Now they have Lazy-Boys parked among her roses. Well, Madame Speaker- that’s what you get. You and your lot were so busy trying to get elected on the premise of your ending the war, and since you’re not-AND are not going to continue to try- well, what did you expect your constituents you lied to were going to do?

What is with our politicians, anymore? When they’re not trying to give amnesty away, they’re talking about censuring Limbaugh. When they’re not doing that, they’re bickering over whose pet project needs federal funding. When they’re not doing that, they’re either voting themselves pay raises and taking (more) recesses.

Then we jump on the campaign trail. The Hillarcrat wanted to give a $5,000 baby bond to every baby born in America, so she told the Congressional Black Caucus, precisely who she should have pandered to when talking about giving away “free” money to people. I LOVE the quote in the story by Stephanie Tubbs Jones, a mindless twit, “I think it’s a wonderful idea… Every child born in the United States today owes $27,000 on the national debt, why not let them come get $5,000 to grow until their 18?" Right! So that every baby born would then owe $32,000! Smashing thinking! What a moron.

What Hillary didn’t mention while there is that, that was just an idea, not policy proposal. Of course she didn’t tell this to all the black people under the impression they can have babies for a living. Instead (an even grander idea), she’s proposing for some sort of government 401(k) for every American. Great! And instead of just taxing the ever living crap out of everyone, they’ll just do it to the dead people, so that the living relatives can sell the farm equipment to pay for retirement accounts that no one is going to save for retirement.

I LOVE the way they use the term “refundable tax credit”. Do you know what a refundable tax credit is? It’s a transfer payment. They want to take money out of my pocket and put it into yours, or in another scenario, if I have $5 bucks and you have none, they want to give you $2.50 of my money, to make it “fair”. For those that think Hillary isn’t a socialist, then you need to look up the definition. So instead of poor girls squirting out babies at five grand apiece (and they won’t even know that Hillary has changed her mind, because they don’t read the news on the internet), we’re going to give every American a retirement plan.

WHAT ABOUT SOCIAL SECURITY?? Hello??? These people mean to tell me that Social security isn’t going to be there when I’m ready for it- although I should keep paying into it, and instead they’re going to come up with ANOTHER social program (instead of fixing one of the ones we have) that will be broken by the time I’m ready to use it. She is advocating that people who don’t even work can participate (great, more welfare) and a person can “borrow against” their funds. Right. As if THAT’S going to happen. We already know what it’s like giving people “free” money from the government (AKA the taxpayers), just look at what happened after Katrina with the $2,000 debit cards.

At the end of the day, these people getting “free” retirement accounts that they can borrow against (when they’re not working to be able to contribute) are going to take that money and buy a new car, or plasma TV, perhaps get massages, tattoos, buy drugs, etc. just like when they did the same thing after Katrina.

But they mean for you and me to pay for this crap, and if not us, they’ll expect the families of dead people to pay for it.

Then there’s the SCHIP, which they should remove the C and change the P to T. Bush was right to veto this. It has nothing to do with poor kids needing to see the doctor, it’s about smokers footing the bill for socialized medicine. The democrat’s message is always to tax the smokers. Like John McCain said in the debates last night, they want our kids to have free healthcare, so we need to smoke. Perfect sense. Is RJ Reynolds being sued again, this week?

I for one do NOT want the government handling either my retirement account, or my medical business. After all, we all know how well they handle everything else. (Been to the DMV lately?) I don’t make much money, and considering I live in NY, my net income is a lot less considering all the tax happy democrats around here. And I don’t want anyone paying for me to live to be an old lady. My employer provides me with a 401(k) and a pension. It’s regulated privately- which is better because there’s a stream of liberal trial lawyers ready to sue them if they sneeze wrong, rather than the get-away-with-anything government. I don’t want them telling me when to see the doctor and what for. Before you know it, they’ll be forcing me to get vaccines I don’t want or need, forcing me to take birth control pills (and have three periods a year, complete with heart stopping blood clots), or other meds approved by the FDA, but recalled six months later. We need socialized medicine like we need cancer or a hole in the head. Unfortunately, too many people are concerned with getting their free check every month to realize what it’s doing to the country. They’ll vote for Hillary because she said she’s gonna give them more money, Nevermind where she gets it.

And I don’t want to pay for anyone else. I already pay for enough drug dealers on welfare, and illegal aliens to have anchor babies. Why should I? Aren’t we taxed enough? I pay taxes when I earn my money, I pay taxes to save my money, I pay taxes to spend my money, I pay taxes when I die. Every single thing in my house that I own, the government has made money off of in one form or another. They’re scrambling around trying to figure out how to tax the internet. I bet they lose sleep at night trying to figure out how to tax Yahoo Email.

Why isn’t anyone talking about the leaked tape? Only the Washington Compost? That’s right, another leaked tape of Osama bin Laden, that was recorded by a private intelligence firm…you read the story; leaked by no one knows.

First- whoever leaked this should be tried for treason. But then again, the NY Times wasn’t- but they’re also liberal.

Second, excuse me, but don’t we have 16 intelligence agencies federally funded by the tax payers? Exactly why can’t they discover this stuff and exactly why are we paying these people to do it. And if we have to pay the private firm, because apparently they can find things (they just can’t keep them a secret), then why are we paying the 16 other agencies?

My head hurts. I feel like I meant to talk about more here today, but perhaps this is enough. This is all too much. Between the Do Nothing congress, Hillarcrat being a socialist, Rush and Hannity sucking up my tax dollars for being investigated (I know it’s not their fault, so no misunderstanding), Pelosi telling people she’s not going to do the job she was elected for, and this HUGE leaked tape that caused al Qaeda to shut down their networks, I feel like I don’t know which way is up.

To top it off, I wasn’t even impressed by Fred Thompson in the “debate”. I’m ready to move to Fallopia.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Illegal Lawsuits and Other Big Government Crap

Imagine suing your town for enforcing the law…lets say property taxes. Let’s imagine for a moment that you decide one day that there is no point in paying property taxes, and in addition to not paying them, you decide to sue the city and the mayor of the city for trying to collect. Just your luck, there are a handful of law students who will take your case, pro bono. Imagine suing your city for enforcing the speed limit in school zones, or imagine suing your city for enforcing other laws such as burglary, ID theft, etc.

Now imagine your city being sued by people who are in your city illegally; people who have no constitutional rights to anything, because they have not been granted citizenship, but decide to sue the city, with the help of pro bono law students. I can’t make this stuff up.

I emailed the Mayor this morning, and thanked him for his dedication, and told him I wished our own mayor would do something about our town. Every day, weekends included, there are anywhere between 20-50 illegal aliens who stand near the I-95 exit, waiting for work in my town. They used to roam all over the place, and instead of the police department coming and dealing with them, or even giving it to the federal authorities, they erected a sign to inform the illegals to congregate in one area near the exit, rather than all over the general area. While my mayor pledges that ours will not be a sanctuary city, he aids them finding work by designating a spot for them to wait and acquire it. I don’t believe my mayor has my best interests in mind…perhaps he is counting on these illegal votes, once they’re given amnesty.

At least the Mayor of Danbury is standing up for something, although the ACLU may sue him as well. I’ve ranted enough about illegal immigration, you all know where I stand, so I’m changing the subject.

President Ahmawannajihad was in our country this week. He addressed the UN and then went to Columbia….Why is the UN here? Why is it that people cry out that we have too much control at the UN, when we fund more of it than any other country on the planet? And why is it that we can’t ban people from attending, because the UN is in OUR country? Can’t they move it to France? And why did Pres. Bollinger invite Ahmawannajihad to Columbia in the first place, only to turn around and talk a bunch of trash? What did he think Ahmawannajihad would do? Beat him up? That must make Bollinger either a real tough guy or a blooming idiot. I mean, I’m so intimidated by him, he called the Iranian President cruel and petty- to his face no less- after cordially inviting him to speak there. Just so other people could hear him say “Cruel and Petty”.

While I hate to hand it to Ahmawannajihad- he’s right to say that Bollinger is disrespectful. I mean, what kind of bully tactic is that? If Bollinger was so tough, he could have said all those things in private, but saying it in front of his students is like picking a fight in the lunch room at school, knowing the teachers will break it up if blows are thrown, so the bully gets in as much trash talk as possible. Bollinger made a total ass out of himself. He acted like a teenager with a big vocabulary. The RIGHT thing to do would have been to say that he would never have extended an invitation to such a petty and cruel dictator, or something similar. But all this coming from the man whose students ran off the Minute Men and from the man who will not allow military speakers/recruiters, the JROTC or other conservative person have a forum on the stage. Mr. Bollinger's picture is in the dictionary, next to the word "HYPOCRITE".

Meanwhile, our legislators are busy in Washington trying to add as many earmarks and special interest laws to the war funding bill as possible. Currently they are trying to “combat terrorism in our streets” by attaching a hate crimes bill. Bush is threatening a veto, but the Dems think they can sway him because of the importance of the bill in which the hate crimes one is attached. So the president can sign and we get federal hate crimes investigations or not sign and we get no money for the war. I’m not sure what the dems are leading at…why are they playing around? I mean, we all know it’s what they do best.

I do not support hate crimes legislation, and have talked about it with other people at length. I feel that my head is worth the same as some gay guy’s head. If I get beat up and put in the hospital, then the criminal gets punished. If a gay guy gets beat up and in the hospital, the criminal gets in MORE trouble, because the victim was gay. How is it the gay guy is more important than me? Why is he more special? This crime legislation is just SO gay. But if it were passed, I could get in trouble for just saying that statement.

For what it’s worth, I doubt it’ll get passed, it hasn’t made it though yet. However if a democrat gets elected, it just might. We’ll have to see, it’s too soon to tell what is going to happen. While the polls project this and that, I try not to listen to them- they are hardly right. I did see one poll that I found interesting, yet far from surprising and that relates to the level of trust the public has for their federal government. I’m SURE they would feel better if the feds would stay out of our personal lives and stop trying to be our parents and saving us from ourselves.

The Democrats are always going to think they know better than the public, though. They aren’t small government minded people. They want to interfere in your life, play mommy, raise your kids, adjust your low income with that of someone who makes more than you. They want to tax the ever living crap out of you for anything they can think of to either balance their budgets or increase their budgets. They want to raise our taxes to combat global warming (??!!!??!!!?!). As much trash as they’ve talked, they won’t be ending the war if they get elected. Dumb democratic individuals believed them when they voted them in office in the 2006 elections. THAT’S WHAT YOU GET. I wonder if they’ll vote for them again so that the democrat politicians can bring our troops home, and once in office, nothing happens. I’m here to tell you, folks: No matter WHO gets elected, the war will not end “In the first year of my presidency”, quoting MANY democratic candidates.

The Republicans better get it together, though. They’re not doing so hot, I really think they need to get back to their base, rather than spending all this time countering liberal talking points. They waste so much time going back and forth on each issue, and not enough time expressing what good conservatives they really are. And by doing this, they are setting themselves up for humiliation, and are risking not being taken seriously. Romney wants to jump on democrats for wanting to publicly teach our second graders about homosexual relationships, but many people remember when he was soft on the issue in his home state. (for the record, I will be home schooling my children, if I ever have any. Public education is nothing but brainwash, anymore, and I will never have my kid go to be indoctrinated by someone who only wants to teach and mold them into what they see fit- which is taking away the rights of the parent to do their job…furthermore, children-but not that young-should be taught reproduction education, not sex education. Kids that young should be taught how to read and write-but not about sex-what seven year old needs to know about sex???)

Note to Romney-everyone but Moonbats know how immoral the liberals are, especially when the students at Columbia only booed Ahmawannajihad when he mentioned no gays are in Iran. Stick to conservative issues, and showing how conservative you are with regard to small government, fiscal responsibility, border security, and things like that. Don’t sit and debate issue for issue- it only shows us that you’re as petty as them.

In closing, I would like to briefly mention the Moveon.org ad calling Petraeus “Betray Us”. Yea, okay- what the hell ever. Anyone who really feels that way (and aren’t being paid by George Soros) can tell me what your better plan for Iraq is. I’m so sick of these people saying “Bring our guys home” when, A), these men volunteered for this job and B) exactly what happens to Iraq- a state we messed up- when we abandon it? I went to DC on the 15th, to rally against these moonbats and George Soros puppets. I love their yellow signs, just like their yellow bellies. (How do you negotiate peace with someone who wants to kill you because you are an infidel?) MY sign read, “Who would bin Laden vote for?!” Guess how many uneducated moonbats told me he would have voted for Bush! Michelle Malkin liked it though (7th picture down).

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sixth Anniversary

I woke up this morning, glad it wasn’t a bright, sunny, cloudless day. I was glad it was raining and grey. It’s Tuesday, September 11, 2007, and six years ago, it was a bright, sunny, cloudless day. Today isn’t a day people are throwing their cares away for a nice autumn morning, maybe warm for the season. Today people are wary, waiting for something to happen. Today, people are almost daring something to happen.

When I came to work, I brought my American Flag, and mounted it inside my flower pot that is located so anyone walking by can see it. I’ve babied this plant, it’s doing well and I thought it would be a nice place to mount my small flag with a two foot stick/pole. My stars and stripes sit just above the top leaves in my plant that is still growing.

To my pleasant surprise, I’m not the only one here at work who had the idea to quietly display my patriotism. All through my office, other people have brought out their flags, quietly displayed for anyone walking by to take notice. Here in New York, no one has forgotten what this day means. Perhaps if you’re living in L.A., you aren’t thinking about That Day so much. Perhaps you have other things on your plate, today. Other areas of the country, people are tuning into Petraeus’ report, and listening to hopeful presidential candidates. But New Yorkers are just getting by, remembering, but trying not to dwell. We are going through the motions, as we do every year. This is the anniversary of the day someone tried to take down our Lady, our Big Apple. People are still crying.

Water cooler conversations were full of people still shocked. One co-worker stated he couldn’t believe it was 9/11 already. He said that he tries, but he can’t ever forget it. He told me how he was working closer to the City for a different company at the time, and that day they were out on Long Island Sound. On a clear day, such as That Day was, you have a great skyline view. He said that they could see the plumes of smoke coming from the City. It was like nothing he’d ever seen before. “I remember being angry. I wasn’t sad or concerned, really, but I was so damn angry. He did that to ME. As a businessman, he didn’t hit my country, he did it to me. I felt like, ‘If you want to fight, let’s duke it out like men in the street,’ but he sucker punched ME.” That sentiment is shared by so many of us here in the City that never sleeps.

There are so many angry people, and that is healthy, I feel. Especially that a person recognizes their anger and where it comes from. In the days and weeks that followed That Day, people everywhere were stunned with anger. In the grocery stores, people wouldn’t speak to each other, but look at each other- perfect strangers sharing the same sentiment. Anger.

Reading the news the past couple days, I can’t help but get angry when I hear something about bin Laden. My two cents is this- (I only wish I were popular enough for those to hear) Osama bin Laden is a coward and hypocrite. He hasn’t the guts to come out swinging, he stays hidden in his cave-assuming he’s still alive. He makes these videos, calling for more people to be “martyred”. How easy and convenient. If he felt so strongly that Allah wants people to kill themselves for Allah’s sake, then WHY isn’t bin Laden doing the same? It’s very easy to sit and tell people it’s what God wants you to do…but you aren’t required. 9/11, and other violent incidents since have been mere sucker punches. It’s easy to put a bomb in a road and wait for someone to drive over it. It’s easy to hijack a plane full of unsuspecting passengers. Easy to be sneaky. What’s harder is to plan an attack against someone and carry it out with them knowing about it. As Americans, we’re not afraid to come at you head on.

I would love to meet that guy, among loving seeing his head paraded on a pole, down 5th Ave. I would love to meet him and punch him in his face. I know, it’s easy to say that. But I’d love to meet that guy with him knowing how I felt. Being a girl, my pair of gonads are MUCH bigger than his. Were he reading this right now, I’d tell him that I would love nothing more than to beat him and stuff him with pork to ensure his trip to hell. bin Laden can’t get people that have too much intelligence to be able to follow what he says, rather than what he does. What a leader! I bet Allah is proud.

I’ve been listening to Petraeus’ testimony today, and our politicians make me sick. These people who basically told the man he was full of crap and they wouldn’t believe anything he said-before he ever opened his mouth. These same folks have NO CLUE on how to run the show, have no better idea, make no suggestions that are remotely beneficial. Not one of the politicians could do the job that Petraeus has and continues to do. Petraeus comes to tell us that despite what we thought Iraq might look like, thanks to the surge, things are in fact improving. These damn Democrats have the audacity to site the events of six months ago. Six months ago is not today, and if Petraeus is saying things have gotten better, then that means…improvement. *GASP*

Depending on what audience is being addressed, even Hillary Clinton says the surge is working. Joe Biden and Schmuck Schumer are citing the Washington Post and New York Times as their references for stats on the war. The Times, says Schmuck, has “proved(?)” that the Generals’ numbers are off, for example, a person isn’t considered killed if he was shot in the back of the head, vs. the stomach…that’s the Senator’s proof. The Times. The ComPost says that definitions of sectarian violence more or less depend on how Petraeus has decided to define them, to benefit his stats he’s come home to report. And these people are serious! I won’t get started on John Kerry, but bin Laden endorsed him in the 2004 elections… We have a Four Start General, come home to testify under oath to his country on a job that we sent him to do- these people call him a liar-before he even spoke, mind you? At LEAST…at least…they have more guts than bin Laden. That guy would have had to sneak in the back door and have his people put up a video on the internet…at least our democrats- as dumb as they are- have the guts to face this general when blasting him.

For those that don’t realize, for those that want to keep this issue in the political arena, please keep in mind on this day of all days…the people that we are fighting against want to kill us. They would love nothing more than to fly another plane into our buildings. We are lucky we haven’t had suicide bombers in our shopping malls. We are lucky, essentially that bin Laden is a coward and needs to recruit people dumber than he to do his dirty work. For those that have forgotten…for those that feel you can’t invoke 9/11 as a reason you feel the way you do about the current events, just know that they won’t stop. Their God bribes them with virgins to be good…think about it.

On this day of all days, get Angry. Get Mad. Get Pissed. And desire to get Even. This happened to all of us, not just New Yorkers. This happened to Americans, and those that desire to be Americans. And they’ll do it again. Whether or not you have ever been to New York, 9/11 happened to you, too. Your very way of life and thinking were attacked. Every year on this day, people everywhere are flying their flag. Everyone can remember the sense of patriotism that was felt in the days and weeks to follow. Americans should fly their flags more often.

Whatever you think about the war, which ever political party you chose to affiliate with, whether or not you like the president…these people don’t care. They don’t believe in gay or straight marriage. They don’t believe in “Women’s Issues”. They don’t believe in little girls going to school. They don’t care about iPod phones, or the internet. And they don’t care about our big buildings full of people with families to go home to.

I hope the Democrats think about that before they go to sleep tonight. Because these radical Muslims don’t care about them either.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Summertime in the Sanctuary City

Normally in the summertime, people with a life tend to have their calendars full of activities they will be doing with their friends and loved ones. Apparently one night in my sleep, UPS delivered my life to me (previously thought to have fallen off the back of the truck, somewhere in the Bronx), and therefore MY calendar has been full of things to do and see over the summer. It is the reason why I haven’t posted as often, but have missed it. Also, our politicians seem to have lives of their own, thus the summertime months, while extremely politically correct, haven’t been too full of juicy news for me to rant about.

However, reading the Monday Morning Mess, I’ve decided to update today as there are just a few things that keep me saying, “What the hell?”

I would first like to talk about Elvira Arellano, who was FINALLY deported. Ms. Arellano, whose name alone won’t strike anyone’s memory, is the infamous illegal immigrant who has been hiding out in a church in Chicago with her son for the past year or so. (Although the story says she’s been hiding out for a year, I seem to remember this debacle lasting quite a bit longer. But that’s PC for you…) Her son, who’s been in the custody of Emma Lozano seems to be just fine. Imagine though- he didn’t waste away like the Wicked Witch of the West being doused by a pail of water, when the federal government got a hair up their collective butts, and enforced the law.

For the record and in case you didn’t know, if you break the law, please find your nearest sympathetic Catholic Church to give you refuge. If you don’t leave the premises, you get to avoid prosecution.

Miss Arellano was (including but not limited to being) guilty of thinking she was above the law because she thought she should be. For whatever reason, being arrested for using bogus Social Security numbers for employment (ID Theft) isn’t something in which to be deported over…or at least not worth adhering to deportation orders. Also, the fact that she’s ILLEGAL to even be here…never mind that she didn’t rob the nearest Seven Eleven. These rationalizations that people shouldn’t be punished for breaking the immigration laws, because it’s not REALLY a crime…why are nonviolent criminals sitting in prisons, then? Some random guy sitting in Cell Block ‘A’ for writing hot checks didn’t really hurt anyone. What about the crime against taxpayers? Talk about money laundering, between just hospitalization and free education, these illegals have a sweet deal.

Now she’s in Tijuana (glorious), campaigning for her “cause”. How happy. Maybe she should appeal to her home country to get them to change their immigration laws, which are far and wide more strict and oppressive than ours, before she appeals to us. Perhaps, and I know that this is so far off, she should try to change her country into a place where people would want to live, work and raise their kids, before coming and demanding something that isn’t hers, from someone who isn’t obligated to give in. Can you imagine your neighbor coming over and demanding a cup of milk for her recipe? How about demanding a cup of sugar?

Furthermore on the immigration front, a fake tribe of Indians are offering “membership” for illegals, as a pretend (though the illegals don’t realize) way to become legal in this country. Normally, Indian tribes are their own sovereign nations, with their own laws, courts, medical programs and education. They have their own way of doing things, as evidenced with the Seneca Tribes in upstate New York set the through-way on fire when the State decided to put a hold on their cigarette sales to collect tax money (not owed to them). Now this fake tribe thinks it can just hand out citizenship cards to anyone who wants to become a member.

I’m curious how one becomes a member of an Indian Tribe, when they weren’t born Indian, or were born of another tribe. How does that work? In my head, I’m picturing Dances With Wolves, where Kevin Costner was only truly accepted as one of them when he married the girl- who was also not Indian, but raised as one from childhood- so was almost grandfathered in. But Costner was a White Man. He made the White talk. Now Mexicans- or other illegals from other countries- can’t make the White Talk, but make their own “Brown Talk”. Does this new Indian Tribe view this as being more indigenous? Maybe that’s the ticket. But I’m still left with one question: While Indian Tribes are considered sovereign, they are still placed within our national borders and therefore are subject to our laws (for example, murder), and therefore, while giving away “membership” within the tribe, what do they tell these illegals to do/say when the illegal leaves the reservation to run up to Dunkin Donuts? Because, at that precise moment in time, they are an illegal alien of the USA, and subject to arrest and deportation. So how does this fake tribe plan to work that? (Furthermore, is an invitation open for membership to anyone, or only illegal aliens?)

Finally in my PC rant was a story I read about the British who always seem to be adjusting their lives to not offend Muslims. The story today is about a fiction TV show who changed their theme of having Muslim Extremist Terrorists blowing things up, as Muslim Extremist Terrorists are wont to do, and instead they’re having Animal Rights Activists blowing things up. You know, every time I think of PETA, I think of Pam Anderson in a suicide vest (not). What a great decision made by the producers of that show. They sure hit the nail on the head, every single animal activist I’ve ever met has scared me so badly, I immediately went to church, and had bad dreams for weeks. Osama bin Laden can eat his friggin heart out.

When will the British get over their guilt for not being Muslims? Or when will they just simply convert? Everything is to keep dancing around these people and keep from offending them. How about when they offended us (us being NON Muslims) when they called for the beheading of the Dutch cartoonist? Are the Brits wrong for being offended when Muslims call for anyone questioning or insulting Islam to be killed? What about the offense that happened when they held up signs in protest, telling England that their 9/11 would come, too? I can tell you that every time I hear the phrases “Uncovered Meat”, and “Naked Ankles”, I am very offended.

You know, these Extreme Radical Muslims don’t care who is sympathetic to their cause. They don’t care about Christians and Jews who want to live peacefully together. They don’t care about the Hindus or Buddhists who don’t even step on bugs. They care about death to anyone who isn’t living in accordance with Islam. They care about Sharia law. You can even be Muslim, but if you don’t live accordingly (per who ever the person is who decides what is accordingly), you can find yourself in real trouble. A woman raped brought it upon herself- it’s not the rapists fault. How offensive is that?! And these people, these Brits, are changing their fictional theme to not offend those that really want to chop our heads off on Al Jezeera TV?

What about those of us who are offended by the decision to NOT offend the radical Muslims? Between you and me, I couldn’t care less what those radical Muslims thought about me, what I said or did. Having said that, in their view, I’m going to hell anyway. However, my God thinks it an awfully sick thing to entice someone with more virgins than any one could really handle, as a way to be good and follow Him. My God gave me a choice in the matter of Choosing Him- He doesn’t bribe me. My God never asked me to kill someone for not following Him. But being of the Christian faith, like a good Christian, I’ll pray for these radical Muslims to find their way to Christ. How offensive is that? I can pray louder, if necessary….

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

CNN/Youtube Debacle

The CNN/Youtube debates were almost comical and nothing close to serious, I thought. My first thought is, “when are these people going to answer the question?” John Edwards is clamoring around claiming that “the real question is…” Earth to John- The real question was the one asked by the person in the video, not the one you made up in your head. And seriously, Obama didn’t do so hot, either. That man opens his mouth and has a pleasant tone of voice. He’s not bad looking either. Because he uses the word “is” properly (as opposed to the Ebonics way of using the word “is”), people think he’s such a charismatic intellectual. But listen to the guy. He doesn’t say anything; he rambles on his talking points and contrasts himself from the current administration. Case in point: When the question by a Youtuber was asked about how to pull out of the war in Iraq NOW (because all the democrats say we should leave now), how do we do that, right now? How does it get done? A very legitimate question, in my opinion. Obama answered, “Well, let me start by saying I opposed this war from the start. The Bush administration…” And he NEVER answered the question. Not once. I was surprised that Hillary was able to give a couple definite answers. She got lucky and was able to answer based on her scripted responses.

The questions were chosen by CNN, I’ve heard that they were based on the diversity of the questions and creativity of people participating (you know, as if we were in first grade- our reward for being creative), rather than the most viewed on Youtube. Whatever- it’s their show, and I honestly thought they did a half way decent job. However, there were completely ridiculous and time wasting questions, such as, “Who was your favorite teacher and why?” WTF? Who the hell cares? (Oh, you and the CNN rep that chose your video. But that’s about it.) In case no one noticed, we’re in a war, our borders have yet to be secured, welfare is broken as is Social Security and Medicare, wages are too low, prices are too high, gas is soaring and our politicians earmark so many bills, they look like spoiled teenagers with access to their parents’ credit cards. Hello? Is there anybody out there? Favorite teacher? What?

The next dumbest feel-good and politically correct thing was to have these politicians “turn to your left and say something good about the person next to you.” What is this, second grade when we learn about paying compliments? Puh-Lease! As I stated above, border, war, healthcare, budget…Maybe these things truly aren’t that important to democrats as they say they are. I mean, I hate to generalize, but if you watched the body language of these candidates relax when such questions were asked, you’d think the same thing.

I do think the democrats were brave by attempting to face their constituents (although, not really, because CNN still chose the questions), because that is certainly more dangerous than FOX news. FOX after all will pull no punches but neither will the constituents. I can picture half these people puking in the toilet right before going on stage, praying someone else would get the tough questions. But it was edited so terribly, and I wouldn’t have considered it some free-style debate as what they posed it to be. I mean, how many questions could have been asked in place of “Who’s your favorite teacher?” I can think of a zillion. I can only imagine how many people are pissed that they were snubbed in favor of this politically correct question. How many do you think Hillary would have been asked about keeping her husband at bay while she’s in office? Which are legitimate questions as well.

I would have LOVED to see the real questions that are on people’s minds. I have compiled a list of questions that are on everyone’s minds these days- which I have yet to hear any one of them answer:

1.Nevermind the Bush administration, what is your real plan for Iraq? (no talking points. We want to hear an actual plan of action.)

2. What are you going to do to fix our border?

3. What are you going to do to fix immigration without attempting to pass legislation that you know the people won’t go for, such as the Amnesty Bill?

4. Are you going to work on Social Security? (because everyone my age knows it won’t be there for us when we’re ready for it)

5. What’s the plan for energy independence? (again, forget what the Bush administration is/has done. He’s out in a year and a half, I want to know what YOU are going to do.)

6. Why are earmarks necessary? Will you practice earmarking bills? What bills have you previously earmarked? Do you think that sponsors of earmarked bills should be made public and give explanation for these earmarks? Are you opposed to line item veto, if so, why?

7. What will you do to curb spending and increase fiscal responsibility? Will you adhere to a tax-and-spend policy? Why is it necessary to have millions of pet programs that get federal funding when most people who pay for them never see the benefits?

8. What will you do to keep us safe? What is your plan to see that Americans don’t have to worry about terrorism in the United States again?

9. What will you do to keep real education such as math, science and reading in the classrooms and political propaganda such as biased holiday parties, sexual agenda, etc. out? Do you feel a need to keep political propaganda out of the classrooms?

10. What is the difference between you and your opponent and why are you better qualified? (This IS a debate, after all. Not a simple discussion.)

I bet you we never hear them answer these. I’ll be submitting questions for the Republican debate, regarding border security and legal immigrants. Maybe I’ll be chosen! But if I don’t get picked because they want to have a video asking candidates’ favorite color, I’ll swear off CNN forever.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Terrorists and Toy Guns

I can’t figure out whether Michael Chertoff has a gut feeling about terrorism in the US or not. First, he says he does. Then I read today that he says he doesn’t- or at least doesn’t think we’re going to get any threats this summer. Some reports say that Al Qaeda is stronger now than their pre 9/11 status (Thanks Homeland Security! Thanks Mr. President! Thanks CIA!), but I think Chertoff is still out on that report. Are they a threat or not? I’m not going by his gut feeling- me thinks his gut feeling is due to too much Muslim Food and nothing to do with terrorism. Especially when he comes to tell us that we have no higher level of threat intelligence for this summer.

Where the hell is he getting his information from? And are we going to go based on those intelligence reports or are we going to go on his gut feeling? A man being interviewed last night on the O’Reilly Factor suggested we code his gut feelings similar to color coding the threat levels. I think that’s a fine idea. We could go for “Fine”, “Bubbly”, “Acid Reflux”, “Burning and Churning” and “Vomit” levels. Chertoff reminds me of heroin addicts when I see him. Got that skin-wrapped-around-his-skull look. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, pop into a 12 step meeting sometime.)

Without going too much into it, I do not like Chertoff. The director of DHS was telling America last week that we screwed up in not passing the Amnesty bill, because those laws can’t be enforced. It’s going to be harder now to crack down on terrorists who want to come into the country because we didn’t elect to just give them our country- via the southern border. Instead, the People decided we were NOT going to give our country away and that we want to secure the borders. That’s going to make things soft on the terrorists, according to him. HUH!!???

By the way- why the hell isn’t he doing something about the border? As the DHS director- the head honcho- the Top Dog In Charge- he has done nothing in the way of securing that part of America. Instead of impeaching the president- shouldn’t we be focusing on starting at the bottom and working our way up? Like toothpaste. I’d sure like to see him out of that position- I’m more scared after 9/11 with him IN office than not. Hell, I’d almost rather “Brownie” do the job.

Meanwhile, some states are getting serious about safety and cracking down on violent people. Why New Jersey wants to ban toy guns for kids. Kids with toy guns just scare the ever-living crap out of me. I mean they might think the gun is real and pretend to shoot their friends! What if that toy gun misfired? I’m sure glad New Jersey thought of that, we’ll all be safer. I was just wondering though…what about the shoot-em-up video games that these kids play? What about the rap songs that talk about “busting caps in yo’ ass”? Will they ban those, too? Because on a serious note, personally, I would rather my children play with a cap gun than play a video game with detailed graphics of brains being splattered from a bullet. You know, we hear so often of children dying from being shot with toys. And you know, we hear all the time of children who had toy guns growing up to be murderous felons….

Instead of pretending that guns don’t exist, or pretending that if you ignore a problem it will go away, or pretending that if you don’t tell kids about guns, they’ll never want to know (like sex, right? Yea, right.), how about education? Because making a law against something doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. Making murder, rape, assault, etc. illegal certainly didn’t stop people from doing it. Can you imagine if the laws were strictly obeyed by everyone? No prisons, no police, almost no courts. (No Singing!! I’m not invoking John Lennon here!)

When we were growing up, my grandfather and father had guns. We got Red Rider BB rifles for Christmas one year, I was 10. Just like A Christmas Story. My father sat down with my brother, step brother and myself before ever giving us the guns. He explained that these aren’t toys, although they can be fun. We must be responsible. We cannot shoot each other- as much as we’d like to at times. He taught us the proper way to carry a gun (down, like scissors), taught us about the safety lock. Showed us how to hold the gun and aim. Taught us proper storage, cleaning, loading techniques. He told us we can’t go shooting birds or anything like that, that these guns would more hurt some animal rather than kill it- and it’s not humane. He taught us how to set up targets in a safe way, making sure that whatever was BEHIND the target was safe to shoot at.

Our father never told us what would happen if we got caught abusing our gun privileges. He never mentioned what would happen if he found out we operated the guns in an unsafe way. The reason why he never offered any threats of beatings (and we surely would have been beat) or groundings or anything is he knew we took our responsibilities seriously. And we did. Not once in my whole childhood was there ever an unpleasant incident. No accidents, injuries, nothing. The neighbors all knew we had guns and were glad they were told, and would sometimes come over and offer advice on aiming, or just to see what we were up to. The most unpleasant experience using our Red Rider BB rifles was not having a partner to shoot with! That was boring- no competition!

Here’s a GREAT reason why guns are good. I would have done the exact same thing. The thing about firearms is people understand they are dangerous. Just like cars. So people take it seriously when owning/operating them. People understand that while safe most of the time, people can get seriously hurt or killed by them. And so there is an amount of respect paid by the owner/operator. Law abiding citizens don’t break the law, and so these gun grabs, like proposed in Illinois (you know, because there’s nothing better to do) are only going to grab the guns of those following the law. What about the ones that don’t?

What if the burglar in the link above had a gun? You know, because he adheres to the law so well regarding burglary.

What does Michael Chertoff’s gut say about toy gun bans, gun grabs and the like? My gut says “Vomit”. With the way he regards our borders, I would say he doesn’t mind these guns, but one never knows. At the risk of being less safe around toys, he could be up to “Burning and Churning” at this point. Unless the country is in a complete Nanny State, he may never be fine. Give these likes of people some time and before you know it, we won’t even have to look both ways before crossing streets, as it would be illegal to drive near pedestrians, JUST IN CASE a car decides to drive on the sidewalk.

Monday, July 2, 2007

The Day America Won, June 28th, 2007

Dear America,

Congratulations in your current victory against Congress for trying to give our country away last week. Kudos to you vigilant patriots who stood up united for the greater good of the country. I have told many people that Americans won’t agree on several issues like gay marriage, abortion, gun control, etc. But try to give away our very homes and lives and you will see a united uprising only rivaled in history books!

I had been listening to CSPAN for weeks, waiting to hear any drop of news on this bill. I hesitated to even write about it for this column because I’ve written about it so much. But this is a huge issue that deals with our very sovereignty as a nation and the leader of the free world. I listened live as the phone lines in the Capitol Building were shut down by Americans calling in to voice opposition to the Amnesty. I listened as the spokesperson told us that the voicemail system was down because of the flood of calls. I laughed out loud.

I watched the emails to senators on Congress.org fill up my screen; emails from people who passionately oppose giving away the country. I did see one or two stragglers, and all they had to say was that people were mean who didn’t want to give away citizenship to lawbreakers. I guess that makes America mean, because from several sources, but mainly the MSM has indicated 75-80% of Americans vigorously opposed that bill.

The President blamed the senators for not working together. He was very disappointed that bill didn’t pass, “it didn’t work”. Our president who bribed us with 4.4 billion dollars, tried to sell us out. Right along with Chappaquiddick Kennedy.

America had another plan in mind, and that was to scream from the rooftops, “NOT TODAY!!!”. This is OUR home, OUR country. We are a country made of laws. We are a country of the People, by the People and for the People. We elect people to hold governing offices so that they may accurately represent their majority constituents. I think, although I could be wrong, these elected officials may have read the wrong job description; they think they’re running our country! They forgot whose paying their salaries. They forgot who their bosses are. They don’t answer to no one, they answer to us.

I listened live as the man said “Motion not agreed to”, as the cloture vote failed and the bill was pulled from the floor. Being at work at the time, I couldn’t scream loudly enough to convey what I was feeling, but did go outside for a smoke and dance a small jig when no one was looking. :-) I got several phone calls and emails almost the minute it happened from folks I know around the country, asking me if I heard. Of course I heard! I celebrated! This came right in time for Independence Day. I truly think that people are ready to claim their independence from this corrupt government.

People are waking up, America. Whichever political party you belong to, we united on June 28th, 2007. Conservatives, liberals and independents; men, women; young and old; black, white and brown; natural born citizens and immigrant citizens, etc. stood up for their homeland. We stood up for our laws, we stood up for our freedom. We stood high on the moral horse and declared that enough was enough.

I have had conversations with people who think that this will blow over and people may forget, but I beg to differ. People will not forget. Dubai almost took over our ports. But they didn’t. Mexico almost had a “Come in for FREE” card given to them. But they didn’t. And as I said, we all may disagree about abortions, but one thing is clear, and I pray any politician that wants to be reelected hears the message: THIS IS OUR COUNTRY. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KEEP IT THAT WAY. WE WANT NO AMNESTY FOR THOSE THAT BREAK THE LAW. WE DO NOT WISH TO SUPPORT AND BLEED DOLLARS FOR THESE PEOPLE.

It just won’t happen.

But please remain vigilant! These Teddy Kennedy wannabes are trying to attach portions of this amnesty bill to other bills, just like they do with earmarks. They will try to pass this bit by bit, with no real bill of its own. They are currently trying to legalize at the least, 1 million illegal aliens to do hard work at low wages. (SLAVERY!!!)

At any rate, I am proud to have been one person among many united Americans of all walks of life to stand up for our homeland. I am proud to be an American and am proud of the citizens in this country for doing the right thing. This is our home, no one will take care of it for us. It becomes more clear everyday that not even our elected officials have any real interest in taking care of it, either. But elections are coming soon and maybe it’s time for America to CLEAN HOUSE.

I want to personally thank all those that made phone calls, sent emails and faxes, wrote letters, etc. to help fight the good fight. Please don’t stop there- there are many ways to keep this going, all at the touch of your fingertips. My next wave of letters have been to the president and several of the amnesty senators asking them for the 4.4 billion promised to fund the fence, I have asked for them to explain why the current laws are un-enforceable. I have also asked them to consider decriminalizing non-violent offenders who are incarcerated, since like illegal aliens, they are only guilty of “paper crimes” (Of course I'm being sarcastic, but it is a great comparison). I will be joining the Send-A-Brick campaign to push for the enforcement of our border. Please write your officials and President HERE. You can also read letters that other patriots have written to them.

Thank you again, America, you’re beautiful! God Bless you all! I’m so proud to be American, and proud to stand with each and every other American where it means keeping my country safe, secure and OURS.

Have a beautiful, safe, happy, and joyous Independence Day! Happy Birthday America!


Jenny Bea

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Great American Giveaway

Who will you vote for in the next presidential election? Republican? Democrat? Perhaps Independent. I am debating not even going to the polls, as not a one of the candidates I currently know about has any clue on how to represent the American People.

For the past few days, I have been trying to figure out what our elected officials are getting out of giving our country away. When you watch the evening news, it is filled with poll numbers and statistics of how the American People have jumped on board this amnesty thing, but the politicians won’t let it go through. They talk of jobs Americans won’t do. It amazes me that they report these lies as if they were fact. Imagine, the American People willing to give away their very culture. Who did they poll? What group answered their questions to make it seem as if the American Public wanted to speak Spanish, see Mexican flags flown over their own; convey the desire to have one more legally protected group of people that deserves their own form of reparations paid for by the taxpayers who still have jobs?

It is my firm belief that they either polled an entire Spanish speaking group, the ACLU, anyone living in San Francisco or no one.

The President is bribing us. He says that he’ll secure the borders if we grant amnesty to these millions of people who broke our laws and have no respect for our way of life, and have no intention of assimilating into our country. What one has to do with the other, I have no idea. The President has said that our current immigration laws are unenforceable and we should just have new laws. These people need to be “brought out of the shadows”, as if we’re speaking of some Disney version of illegal immigration, with Phil Collins singing the soundtrack; all at the expense of the American People. The American people, the whites, blacks, Hispanics, Orientals, Europeans, men, women and children will be forced in the shadows. We are unimportant. (Is anyone aware that this meeting for the bribery was held behind closed doors? They are deciding for the American People without letting them in on it.)

What would happen if they just started to enforce the law that is currently in place? Long before “round-ups” would begin, an entire population of illegal aliens would simply leave. They would go somewhere else, most likely to a “Sanctuary City” first, but then eventually back home.

Imagine what Amnesty will cost America. Not only will we have an entire people made slaves, picking crops at the lowest of wages, living 15 to a house without health insurance or retirement funds (just follow me on this), but the tax payers will subsidize their living expenses. It will first start with food. They will have to receive food stamps or other such benefits, and how much money does it take to feed a house of 15 each month? Next will be similar to TANF cash benefits for the mothers, so that they may also buy diapers and bottles, clothes and school supplies for their children that food stamps won’t pay for. Next will be the money it takes to redo the public education system, because among the other special groups , we will now have an entire population that will require special attention regarding education. Classroom size will be extraordinarily large, so more schools will need to be built and because diversity is our strength, well, we’ll have to re-assimilate white kids and black kids to have an even number of aliens mixed with them. (Poor UCLA- what will they do during graduations? They are already having so much trouble!)

Next comes health care, we simply cannot have people running around not vaccinated, people will get strep-throat or the flu, and anyone with common sense knows that preventative maintenance is cheaper than fixing something almost beyond repair. They will need to see doctors and have regular check-ups. Dentists will be needed to keep their oral hygiene to good standard. Our medical professionals will need to know language beyond English to find out about a head or toothache. The tax payers will pay the bills for the root canals, the blood tests to find the virus, etc.

They will need to go to school to further their education so they’re not stuck being slaves. Maybe some want to work on Wall Street, or learn how to run a big corporation, so the kids can resemble Stepford Kids. They cannot afford books and tuition on mere wages from picking crops.

How high will gas prices go with 12-20 million illegals neededing to use it(in addition to every other American) getting back and forth from school and picking crops to home?

The elderly ones will need nursing homes. They will need geriatric care, prescriptions out the A-hole and Medicare to pay for it- since the Social Security will have run out to help pay for everything else I just listed. God forbid if an illegal (who won’t be illegal by then) falls and breaks a hip in their old age. They will need X-rays, possibly surgery, physical therapy, medicine for healing and pain, follow-up visits to the preferred medical specialist, etc. Before they die, they will need hospice. When they die, they will need funerals and burials. In fifty years, one will need to know Spanish just to read the headstones in cemeteries.

Then comes the next generation of children who will grow up requiring the same things, from newborn care to money to live on to education to job training (because you are simply fooling yourself if you think they’ll be grateful to pick onions in 10 years) to senior care to death and back again.

What tax credits is the Bush Administration going to give these people? He’ll play Democrat and raise the taxes of the wealthier people to pay for it all. By that time, however, wealthy might mean someone making more than $100,000 a year. Where I live- that is NOT MUCH. In fact, where I live, my yearly income- which would be a lot in some place in Kansas- is barely over the poverty line.

What are our elected officials getting out of this? Who paid them what amount to be willing to sell us out? They have utterly and totally refused to enforce any law we currently have on our books. We currently have a system in place to bring immigrants here, legally into our country- and those fine people have never and would never be “in the shadows”.

Are they all doomed to mowing our lawns forever? And this administration in all its audacity really believes that these people he wants to give our country to are going to be happy coming from a third world country- but still live substandard according to American way of life. What’s the plan when they want equal treatment? Its okay- the taxpayers- the very people who are being misrepresented as I type this will pay for it all.

As I live and breathe, my own republican representation is selling me out. They are turning away from their constituents to accept this bribe from the president. I have taken this personally, as if someone came to my door and took away my belongings that I’ve worked hard to acquire. The want and will of the people do not matter any longer, and if you think it does, the ACLU will sue you, just like the Texas town that voted to stop allowing the illegals to work illegally and rent illegally, by punishing landlords and employers. That town voted for that- that’s what the people wanted. The ACLU says they can’t want that, and is now suing to make the law unenforceable. Thanks! The people are too stupid to know what they want, it’s a good thing the ACLU is here to tell us.

(Where is the ACLU protecting the people when Massachusetts denied the people the right to vote on a gay marriage issue? Oh- they decided the state was right to deny the people a voice- never mind the issue.)

What will be done? This Amnesty giveaway- as if we were K-Mart offering some holiday promotion- is an attack on our very way of life, and once defeated last week, will be brought back for negotiations, especially in light of this New Bribe. I have become severely addicted to listing to C-Span at work and am amazed at the lack of care this issue gets, but the force they use to try to push it through. Why, just the other day, they argued about amending the Flag Code to include Father’s Day an important day to fly the American Flag. At least until Amnesty happens. Of all the things they could be talking about- the war, healthcare, inflation, taxes, border security, Homeland security, gay Friggin marriage- they talk about Flags for Father’s Day. How utterly despicable.

Scarry Reid on one hand says he wants to push through “the President’s Bill” of Amnesty, he wants the bipartisanship, and By God it’s the right thing to do. Till you get him talking about war, and By God, the President is a monster and we are failing the war, in fact we’ve lost already, then you get him talking about abortion or stem cell research, and he doesn’t mention God.

Meanwhile, our culture hangs in the balance. Our way of life. From the man on the moon to the internet, the Industrial Revolution, invention of airplanes and light bulbs, the interstate system - this is all because of Americans. From George Washington Carver’s peanuts and Martin Luther King Jr.’s American Dream to college funds for poor people to Wall Street to hybrid cars and navigational systems.

For the black people descended from slavery- you’ll have to wait on your 40 acres and a mule. We have to pay for amnesty first.

Don’t kid yourself about there not being a massive exodus of illegals stemming from northern Mexico all the way through to South America if we grant Amnesty, for all they have to do is come here and wait out the next Amnesty Giveaway as if it were a lottery or new car sale. By the time the ones here of late decide they don’t want to be slaves anymore (as well they should want more than that), the next wave of grateful slaves will be moving in, and we will be paying for their very lives as well. How does one pay for it? How will we afford it? The flip side is $10 for a couple oranges. It’s that or decades of bleeding support for people who broke the law to be here in the first place.

Marie Antoinette would probably say, “Let them eat tacos.”

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Happy Shiny Week

Vermont once again is talking about secession from the Union. Do they think they’re special? Do they want a cookie? How many times have I heard about them talking of secession…let me count the ways.

Kudos- Vermont is one of the most liberal states in the Union. With their judges who like to legislate from the bench and especially the ones who like to slap the wrists of child predators, they could easily give San Francisco a run for their money. Vermont elected a socialist to the senate. For all those that were not aware- this country is a capitalist one; which means, you get to make your money, however you make your money and you get to keep the money that you make, rather than be forced to share it with those that are deemed less fortunate than you by someone more fortunate than you. So in a room of five people, if you make five bucks, here in America, you get to keep it (minus the taxes you’ll spend). In a Socialist society, you have to give a dollar to each person, so that everyone, including you has one dollar.

Isn’t everyone happy being the same as everyone else? Nevermind who does all the work. If there are people with their hands out, well then, by God, they deserve a piece of the pie. Hillary Clinton likes that idea, as well; you know, because they like to share their wealth. (In which foreign country did Billary buy property?)

What I find particularly amusing about Vermont wanting to secede, is they say it’s because this country is so messed up and when it crashes, they don’t want to be in the thick of it with the rest of the country. I hope they don’t intend on raking in Federal Revenue if they did indeed secede. So they’re surrendering just like all the other democrats want to do these days. (These days?!) They can’t take it, and they obviously don’t love their country very much or they wouldn’t be talking of running away, but of fighting to fix it. About the ONLY thing true republicans and true democrats can agree on regarding our country right now is that the system is broken, our government is too big, spending is out of control and so are 99.9% of the politicians. We all want something done about the border (although we disagree on the answer), we want something done about the war AND Iraq, healthcare and education.

And even though Cindy Sheehan is out of the spotlight, even she’s not talking about giving up on her country. She still maintains her convictions, as loony as they are.

Speaking of lunacy, William Jefferson was FINALLY indicted for having 90 grand in his freezer. Of course he maintains his innocence, and I’m sure that has to do with is belief that the FBI raid was illegal. What is beyond me is that it took 2 whole years to bring an indictment. What the hell took so long, anyway? If it were you or me, we would have been in jail until arraignment, not to mention the extensive auditing that we’d undergo. (But we would have been in jail for lying under oath, also. Apparently our elected representatives are better than us- so long as they’re democrats.)

Nanny Pelosi bent to the Congressional Black Caucus and agreed to give him the Homeland Security position after she took him off the Ways and Means Committee (and Charlie Rengal is a MUCH better candidate for that position- Mr. Draft.) after the initial discovery of all this cash.

Now bare with me a moment- but when Tom Delay was indicted, didn’t he resign just afterwards? He wasn’t convicted, just indicted. Maybe to the Democratic party, that equals being guilty of something, but where Jefferson is concerned, he’s still innocent until proven guilty- or until it’s proven that the FBI raid was indeed legal (after all, the warrant WAS issued by a judge with viable evidence to support the issue of the warrant).

What PC crap. Why are we even paying these people? Why are they even allowed to run?

The courts decided the FCC’s definition of decency isn’t going to fly. Some people are up in arms that Hollywood will be able to say whatever the hell it wants to, now. (Haven’t they been doing that, already? Isn’t that part of the First Amendment, anyway?) All of this stems from Imus. All this can’t say this or that rhetoric. This is a bigger story because of the curse words used at the MTV awards. I wasn’t offended and I didn’t find anything indecent in what was said- I think it shows the character of the person (Yea, I’m talking about how bright and brilliant Nicole Richie is).

I remember being in high school and had a very cool English teacher. I said the word “fuck” out loud once and she made me stand in front of the class at the podium and analyze that word. Between me and the participation of the class, we discovered that that word can have many different meanings, and is several different parts of speech. You can use that word and never talk about sex, it can be positive or derogatory or plain neutral.

I think that in today’s society, people should use that word more often and the FCC should recognize the usage to determine if it’s improper. For example, Bono saying something is “fucking brilliant” would be a positive thing.

A real “fucking brilliant” idea would be to implore the president to resign, since he can’t seem to enforce federal laws regarding our border and is seeking to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens here, and if it’s not enough to allow them to dip into Social Security. He has ditched his own party to play with the liberals. That is such an un-American move, and he has the audacity to tell members of congress to inform their constituents that this isn’t amnesty, and to quit scaring the American People.

Mr. President, my elected officials disgust me. You scare me. Why you are on course to destroy our country is beyond me. Why can’t you just do the job you were elected to do, rather than make this country into what you see fit. We Americans know what we want, and this bill in particular isn’t it.

And by the way, the president needs to stop pissing off Russia. Why we’re building a missile defense shield for Europe is beyond me. When did Iran and North Korea threaten Europe? And when did they get the capability to fire missiles that far? I know I’m not always the brightest bulb in the box, but this one leaves me clueless. What’s the REAL reason for this defense? Russia isn’t a threat to us. Iranians are already in Iraq fighting us- What is the deal? This is not for the defense of Europe- as if they couldn’t defend themselves (and we are NOT the world’s police), as they would have us believe. Guess it’s up to us and our own research to figure it out, because this administration thinks this alibi is a good one.

Let me leave you with a laugh for the week. It is my favorite quote in a long time, coming from Paris Hilton who is talking about going to jail.

“In the future, I plan on taking more of an active role in the decisions I make."

Maybe this current administration should do the same.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day, 2007

I am sort of forgoing my anti-pc rhetoric for this post as I have much to discuss about Memorial Day. Keep in mind, I said sort of.

Mine was an absolute blast, and I hope yours was as well. If it was anything like mine- you did not take John Edward’s suggestion to protest the war on this day. (What the hell is wrong with him? Is everything that political for him? Personally, I’m loving the hole he is digging for himself. He is only showing what a radical he really is. All his beloved democrats [read: moonbats] don’t even get the fact that he can’t possibly relate to them, he is far better than they’ll ever be…save for Barbara Streisand, with more money and better looking friends…he only pretends to care about our troops. Otherwise, he’d have never called for a protest on the day we honor our fallen heroes.)

One more note: How is it that you say in the same breath, “Support the troops, end the war”? You’re only saying that you want the war to end, and that you don’t support the troops fighting the war. Read that again. Why can’t you say, “I support the troops.”? What if someone said to you, “I don’t like your job, the type of lifestyle you’ve chosen to live, I don’t like your friends or your employer, I don’t like where you live or what you’ve chosen to do with the rest of your life…but I support you.” I think I would tell them where to stick their “support”.

Anyway, Memorial Day (for all you moonbats out there) is the day we honor our fallen heroes that have given the ultimate sacrifice: their very lives for the sake of their country and its citizens. There are many other days of the year where we should be out supporting out troops and vets, and kudos to all that did that over the weekend. But this day is special, and I celebrated it in our nation’s Capitol, Washington, D.C.

DC is about 6 hours away from where I live. I drove down last Friday and visited with a group of vets with Rolling Thunder who were just the nicest guys. To sit and be a fly on the wall when they tell their war stories…well, it’s amazing. The emotion that is still so strong with these guys after decades is truly touching. I can’t for the life of me understand why they were treated so badly when they came home from Vietnam; especially the drafted. I heard countless stories from these men who got off the plane and went into the bathroom and changed into their civilian clothes. I heard the same countless stories of those that took twenty years to “come out of the closet”, and admit to being a veteran. Tears still come to their eyes when they lay their hands on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

Shame, shame, shame on America for allowing that to happen. Those guys will always get my utmost respect.

Saturday was wonderful. I met up with the Gathering of Eagles and we rallied on Saturday, passing out flyers, flags, buttons, CDs, etc. I met so many that I had been emailing with for months with different coordinating I’ve been busy with and what fun that was! What a patriotic group of people. I walked around the Mall with members of Rolling Thunder that stayed in my hotel, met other people I have met in previous rallies and partied later with Rolling Thunders and Eagles. I keep hearing their stories in my mind…napalm, crawling through tunnels, Charlie around…man those guys went though it!

On Sunday was the great Rolling Thunder Parade, where the bikers park at the Pentagon and cruise up through DC’s Mall area, with American Flags, POW-MIA Flags and other flags for whatever their particular cause is. It was certainly something to see all these guys, and they call themselves Rolling Thunder for a reason! I could close my eyes and feel them each go by. I heard from a few sources that there were an estimated 750,000 motorcycles that left the Pentagon and that’s not including the thousands that were along the sidelines as the parade went by. I was around hundreds of thousands (if not, maybe a million…) people who all had the same thought, “God Bless America”. How friggin cool.

Others in our country however, did not share that sentiment. No, not John Edwards, we all know how false he is.

In Washington State, some wonderful person decided to take memorial flags, burn them and replace them with hand drawn swastikas. When the guards took down the vandalism, the asshole(s) waited until no one was around and did it again. Not quite sure what statement he was trying to make- maybe that our fallen heroes were Nazis…? I wonder how many of them were WWII vets, who fought against the Nazis…. That guy couldn’t even make a good point. I’m sure some sea urchins have higher IQs.

Another patriotic individual decided to graffiti a swastika on the American Legion building around Philadelphia. I’m sure those guys really appreciated cleaning that one up. What do these moonbats hope to accomplish by this? They’re NOT gaining support from their like-minded “friends”, people are disgusted by this. Cindy Commie Sheehan wouldn’t even do something like that- which is saying a lot.

Two teens threw colored eggs at the Marine Color Guard just before their 21 gun salute. How appropriate. Maybe they were red and blue eggs, and these kids have some mental deficiency and they were only trying to be patriotic. Not. Now that we can’t spank our kids anymore, these kids will probably lose Nintendo privileges for a week. Had I done something like that, I wouldn’t be sitting for a week. I sure hope their parents don’t have the “my-darling-angel-could-never-do-wrong” syndrome.

More on these patriotic people, here. I’m sure the vets, families of vets, and active duty troops really appreciate these kinds of activities. Kinda makes one consider cremation…the ones that didn’t are rolling over in their graves at this point.

But screw the moonbats. I hope they continue in this behavior because all it does is turn people off. They make themselves out to be radicals, no one thinks anything that comes out of their mouths has any substance- they are all looked at as conspiracy freaks… which is what they are anyway. All those people are accomplishing is giving people like John Edwards a good name (however, he will destroy it on his own accord).

While the moonbats were out protesting and these wonderful individuals were out vandalizing memorials, I hope they all kept in mind the fact that they were able to do so without fear of some person more radical than themselves coming and suicidally blowing up the area. I hope they kept in mind that they could drive for hours to their various locations to do these horrible acts, and have no fear of IEDs along our streets.

And while they were all out showing their true colors, it is very apparent those colors were not red, white or blue.