Sunday, April 29, 2007

Got "Green"?

The southern ice cap is melting at an alarming rate. In fact, the planet is warming at such an alarming rate, it could lose the southern ice cap, says scientist Jonathan Leake. But not our planet, I’m talking about Mars. And since Bush, Halliburton and John Travolta aren’t there, it can’t be explained away by human behavior. Apparently it’s a natural occurring thing over there.

But Global Warming is happening here too, according to all the Hollyweirds and left politicians. And while they tout about how we should all be Good Americans and lower our carbon “footprints” they sure don’t see any reason to lower their own. Seriously, those democrats flying in for their “debates” couldn’t even plane-pool; it is a fact private jets emit so much more CO2 than commercial jets. They could have partitioned off a 757 and it would have been quite cozy for everyone, but it's not up to them to curb global warming, it's up to them to get us to. (Oh, and Hillary, I just need to let you know that multilingual means you can speak more than two languages, not fake more than two accents.)

I suppose though, they can purchase carbon credits. Many of them do, and it’s the feel-good, happy way to pollute. Yes, even you too can drive your SUV, fly around for the fun of it, leave your incandescent light bulbs on all night, and all you have to do is pay a fee to “offset” your “footprint”. There are only a few problems with this, however.

First, poor people cannot buy their way out of pollution. No matter how you slice it, the middle and lower class cannot afford to pay $8 for a fluorescent bulb when they can pay fifty cents for a regular one. They tell us the new fluorescent ones will last twice as long as the others, saving energy. So that means that you’d end up spending a whole dollars worth of light bulbs to equal one fluorescent (call me thick, but I don’t see the benefit). They also won’t be able to afford "going green" because they’re figuring out how to pay $3 and over for gas. (Weren’t the Democrats supposed to do something about that when they “took over”? And if we’re in a war for oil, shouldn’t we be seeing a break sometime soon?) The people here in NYC may be facing a surcharge on their electric bills as a way to curb global warming, thanks to Bloomberg. So that means more money out of the pockets of poor people.

So only the rich can afford to pollute. (Which excludes me.) Even if I could afford to buy them, what exactly happens when I buy a carbon offset? Considering another source, it appears that not a whole lot happens. In fact, it seems as if it’s money changing from one hand to another, when you look at the data. I seriously doubt Al Gore will be clamoring to investigate that any time soon. He’s a big purchaser of Carbon Credits, and in fact he purchases them from his own company. I find that particularly disturbing that he founded the company from which he buys his credits. I wonder how much he makes annually from that company. His purchases in that article seem like they amount to a lot (not).

And Mr. Goracle- don't be a hypocrite. Untill you actually lower your energy use and stop buying carbon offsets from your own company- don't call Canadians fraudulent.

It all seems so eerie to me, this doomsday rhetoric. I mean, if it’s not enough, people are blaming cows and suggesting how to change their diets to curb the amount of CO2 they emit. Yeah, you read that right. That and we use too much toilet paper. Remember Y2K? We were doomed, the lights would go out, gas pumps wouldn’t work, tolls wouldn’t work, and every thing would shut down. Small businesses everywhere spent hundreds and thousands of dollars upgrading their computer software, credit card machines, chips in gas pumps, ATM machines, phone lines, etc. Nothing happened. My VCR still worked. So did the car. The toaster was fine as was the microwave. People spent all that money for what, to err on the side of caution?

Is that what we’re doing with Global Warming? People use climate change synonymous with global warming. And where global warming is concerned, it takes the average earth temperature and compares it with the average of some period in time ago. I have a problem with that as well; how do you average the earth’s temperature? How do you average the temperature in summer in Cuba with the winter in Antarctica? The spring in Oklahoma with the fall in Zimbabwe? What about the average from sea level in Washington State to the top of Mt. St. Helens at two different times of the day? Take that average (if you can even get one) and average all those with the same data as fifty years ago, 100 years ago, 500 years ago, etc. If you even get an answer, you're full of it and delusional. But, that is climate change, which is totally different.

These scientists are using simulated models to determine their data, and are blaming CO2 as the culprit as if CO2 didn’t exist in abundance before the industrial revolution. How did they measure levels of CO2 before that revolution, anyway?

More over, who is paying those scientists? Everyone knows that oil companies are paying the scientists who dissent the “consensus” on global warming. (yeah, right.) So maybe those that say it is absolutely un-debatable work for Al Gore’s company, GIM? Nah, couldn’t be. Maybe they’re roadies and the entourage of the other Green Weenies in Hollywood. It just strikes me as odd that anyone who disagrees, the people who say that “the science is in and fact” on this global warming thing don’t think anything of it. Once upon a time, Galileo was called a heretic for saying the earth revolved around the sun, rather than the then commonly viewed way. People also thought Christopher Columbus was going to sail right off the edge of the earth.

Doesn’t it smell a little too much like belief, rather than fact? It’s fine to believe in this consensus, if that’s what you want to do, and there are plenty of articles to back up your claims. Consensus is not fact. In fact, they’re not even synonymous. One could say that the consensus is believed this is fact, but it is all belief at the end of the day. And to sit and say it’s your way or no way; saying those that disagree have some ugly motive for it, sounds an awfully lot like RELIGION.

However, this religion is politically correct. Even their Christmas Trees are 80% post- consumer recycled plastic.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Words That Speak Volumes

I was not surprised in the least to find Monday to be a great news day, and I’ve had the devil of a time trying to figure out what to write. I mean there are so many things.

Let me first say that after today, I am quite convinced that Sheryl Crow eats rabbit food. The reason I say this is she must see little brown pellets in the toilet after she goes, and that is the only reason she can get away with three squares. Plus, she’s never spent a night our drinking with the girls. I can assure you that after three or four Coronas, you need more than one square. (I am considering writing a letter to Charmin, asking them to increase the length of each square to approximately 18 inches.) Note to Sheryl: Go buy some carbon credits on the market like Al Gore, and leave us alone about using the bathroom.

Among the Monday Madness was the backlash against Harry Reid (which I will from here on out refer to as Scarry Reid, for the obvious coward he is) talking about losing the war. Here’s a small sample: .What is he thinking? Let us tell the people we’re fighting against when we’re going to leave. And the people we’re fighting with. Let’s tell them exactly when the money will go away followed by the help. So our Iraqi ALLIES will stop helping us and our enemies will wait till right before we leave to shoot us in our backs. Will Scarry say he told us so?

And what is the deal with this war spending bill? I cannot for the life of me understand how this congress can sit; wasting time and tax payer dollars debating and passing a bill that they know for a fact the president will veto and has the republican support to make it stick. And then, this old man acts like he’s fourteen, saying, “Well, if you don’t like it, you have to come here and discuss it. I’m not coming there, you have to come here.” I mean, who does this guy think he is, anyway? He is not running things, we have one commander in chief, like it or not. Vermont doesn’t like it; they are trying (as usual) to impeach him, but legally. But in fairness, at least they are doing, rather than sticking their collective tongues out and being plain oppositional.

Scarry has no backbone. Cutting funding hurts the troops that are there. How are they supposed to defend themselves, repair things, fuel vehicles, replace worn out gear, etc. without money? Setting a date to leave is surrender, which is exactly how the enemy will see us; our current Iraqi allies will resent us for leaving them to deal with the mess we made and really hurts our position with the rest of the world. We’re a superpower. We don’t start fights to stop them because some people think its mean. Like it or not (and I do not, for the record) we are in Iraq, fighting a war. We have to finish it.

Hillary Clinton is so busy counting her eggs before they’ve hatched that she’s announced her husband would be the Ambassador to the World. Isn’t that happy!! Maybe the world won't remember Clinton being impeached for lying under oath (although people like to say it was for having the affair), he did nothing after the USS Cole was bombed, nor the embassy and what in the hell is in Sandy Berger’s drawers? And don’t get me started about all the things they took from the white house they “thought belonged to them” , at least they returned some of it. Don’t these people think before they speak? Speaking of speaking, she did her southern drawl again for a mostly black audience: just like I knew she would. Maybe she didn’t do it well enough, because they don’t know who they like after having Obama hugging Al Sharpton. Plus, she has no plan.

In more PC outrageousness, a professor at Emmanuel College was fired for talking to his class about what happened at Virginia Tech. .Apparently open discussions aren’t allowed in Catholic schools, especially when the class participates. And imagine, they were pretending. It really turns my stomach, all in the name of not offending someone. I already wrote about what if those students had means to defend themselves… PC is killing us.

At what point will the line be drawn? Who draws it? “They” let Ward Churchill say whatever he wants, and he is out of his mind. Why does this guy get to lose his job?

For pity’s sake, won’t someone say, “Yes, we can finally knock off the fa├žade”? Running away won’t solve our problem, sometimes people get their feelings hurt, there are laws on the books for a reason (and those laws CAN change), singing songs won’t make the world like us better, people use more toilet paper than Sheryl Crow, and the democrats still haven’t got a plan, nor new ideas.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Irony and Audacity

I am not quite sure what I want to say about the VT shooting.

Stunned isn’t even the right word to describe what it’s like to watch the news, listen to the radio and read the internet. I have my opinions about what happened, based on what I know right now. I think there was a method to his madness. I hate it when people get busy pointing fingers, so I don’t think anyone is at fault, besides the crazy one. I feel absolutely awful for those people the families and friends, other students and faculties. I’ve said my prayers for them. But alas, in the middle of all this, my war is still being waged. Beneath the surface of all the headlines, political correctness is creeping like a thief in the night!

The gun control lobby is out in full force as we all expected. I don’t understand gun control. The only people who would abide by it would be law abiding citizens. I think they should look into their methods of screening people for guns. The VT shooter was apparently sick, deemed so by a court, and why that didn’t come back in his screening for a gun, I don’t know. But many people, law abiding citizens would pass a gun ownership screen. People have to go through similar screening just to get a job, every day. I don’t understand why people think that making it harder or impossible to have a gun, makes us safer.

Last year, a student at Virginia Tech got in trouble for having a gun at school. Apparently his state issued concealed weapons permit wasn’t good enough to carry on campus. . Imagine what it might be like had the students been permitted to carry their gun on campus, as permissible by state law. Not that all students would have had, but say, how many of 32 would have had a weapons permit? (The sheer irony of it all…)

The media likes to blow things out of proportion. Not to trivialize anything, but it has been pointed out that although being so terrible, this is not the worst mass murder in American history. 9/11 bore 2,998 deaths, Oklahoma City bombing took 168 lives, HappyLand Arson had 87 and Bath, Michigan took 45 . However putting it the other way does provide a powerful punch when talking about restricting gun rights.

Speaking of restricting rights, another story of major importance that didn’t get as much attention due to the massacre, was the new Supreme Court Ruling on partial birth abortion. The ruling favored a 5/4 vote to keep partial birth abortions banned. . I can’t imagine what the four justices are thinking, ruling FOR this: The procedure at issue involves partially removing the fetus intact from a woman's uterus, then crushing or cutting its skull to complete the abortion. We’re not talking about a science fiction scene; we’re talking about this actually being done. Now granted, the report says 90% of abortions happen in the first trimester (but 87% of statistics are made up…), and we are talking about later term abortions. But there are other methods if it’s needed (and I’m not going to debate it here). The politicians are split right down the middle, as expected. The front runners for the republican nomination are on the agreeing side and the democrats are on the disagreeing side. I do not think abortion should be illegal, but the simple description of the procedure speaks a thousand words. And there are a lot of people for it.

Among the disagreeing party (read: liberals) are the front runners for the democratic nomination for president of the United States of America. Between deciding what position to take on the Imus “scandal”, the VT shooting, and the abortion ruling, next on their calendar is a visit with good Pal Al Sharpton! I can’t make this stuff up!! If it wasn’t enough for Hillary to go down pandering to Rutgers on Monday, if it wasn’t enough of Obama the Poet to compare the VT shooting to the violence in Imus’ words and the violence of people loosing their jobs (I know, he said it, I shook my head, too. The VT shooting to Imus? WTF??!), now they’re headed down to see Pal Al. Touching, isn’t it?

Am I on Mars? Is it just me, am I dreaming? I guess they think they know how to ensure votes.

For only Wednesday, it sure has been a long week. I’m still waiting for global warming to make it up my way in the northeast.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Politics of PC

Over the past few days, I’ve tried to sit back and take a look at the Imus “scandal” as a politician might, since we see some jumping in to weigh in on the situation. I find the whole thing part amusing and part disturbing. What I have concluded is these elected officials, especially the ones who have said anything about it, have no idea how to relate to the people. They are trying to figure out a way to make a statement and be as all inclusive as possible, so they don’t lose potential votes.

The People know how we feel about Imus. We all maintain our convictions, some of us think that it was wrong, good for him being fired, too bad for him being fired, everyone should say that, only black people can say that. I maintain it’s still all up for debate; however, we all stand by what we think. We have no problem identifying with ourselves or each other. We all want to talk about it. But the people we vote in office to represent us and make our laws have no idea what to say; they don’t know what it’s like being us.

Barack Obama thought what Imus said was bad (although he said it too late for some, but not soon enough for others), and that the whole negative culture was bad. Except for when he met with Ludacris, when that was put on hold, but after the meeting, his sentiment resumed (right?).,luda112906.article Hillary Clinton thought she could relate to her potential voters by running down there real quick-like and pandering to their feminine side. I’m willing to gamble she would have cared less had Imus hadn’t helped put them into the public eye, but it’s the thought that counts, and Hillary does now (also among Hillary's thoughts on this issue is while Don Imus can't speak freely, maybe Timbaland, the rap/hip-hop producer can.,0,4204774.story?coll=ny-uspolitics-headlines ). It’s a small shame that there are colleges all over the country achieving great things that Hillary won’t be able to celebrate. I am officially starting the rumor that she is going to Duke after this visit to promote social issues there, and invite the Lacrosse Players That Didn’t to be her guests. Maybe if enough people circulate it, she’ll do it. You know, she’s relating to us.

It worries me a small amount that censorship might be legislated. We don’t need another Fairness Doctrine, because who draws the line of what’s acceptable? A person may agree with my views, but certainly not 100%. We are all individuals, with our own opinions, and who may speak for one person may not speak for me. So where does the line get drawn, and who does the dividing? First its Imus, then could be hip hop, then comedians, then art, then what? And who decides?

And what of art? When you see hip hop “artists” talk about Imus, they say he can’t make the comments because he is white, and it's their art with their hearts and souls in it. It’s different when it’s part of their culture. The political correctness is astounding. It is totally biased, but the media doesn’t call them on it. The media let them have their say, and go on about promoting their defective and dysfunctional lifestyles. But Imus is a comedian, isn't that an art form? I know some really un-funny people. The few public black speakers to come out have been deemed Uncle Toms. Even most of the black community is outraged at the hypocrisy. Some are afraid that white people will get over their “white guilt” and grow resentment over black people’s privilege to say things and do things that white people can’t, because it’s deemed socially unacceptable. That further fuels the racial tension in this country.

The black community is still in their first stages of democracy. Most of us will live to see the first black president (which is no way is an endorsement for Obama). There are people who remember when schools were segregated. Their are more "firsts" to come. And I can’t understand why these things aren’t being talked about, but this negative light is shed and the racial tension grows.

I remember when Aerosmith did a video with Run DMC for MTV, “Walk This Way”. It was great with the song rapped and Aerosmith screaming the chorus line. It’s rather symbolic when you watch the video with them in two separate rooms and they break the wall down between them. I remember then rap being a fun thing, it was silly. Rap was helped along by Blondie, with Rapture in 1980. And that went away soon, and rap changed to this gangster mentality with crack, hos, guns, bitches. Bone Thugs N Harmony’s best song on the album was “First of the month”, talking about selling crack to people paying for it with their welfare checks.

People are sending death threats to Sharpton and Jackson. They want them to talk to MTV, VH1, BET, etc. and get rap off the air. They want to go after Tom Joyner, for the common bigoted remarks that are heard on his radio show. (couldn’t we just have labeled Imus a bigot and moved on?)

But they shouldn’t, as they shouldn’t have gone after Imus, because at the end of the day, who legislates our freedom to speak? I mean, we could live in Russia . Can you imagine Cindy Sheehan getting very far if our government were like that? I feel bad for them over there. I don’t want to see it like that over here. There is a time and place for everything. You can’t go yelling fire in a crowded theatre, everyone knows this. But censorship can be a very bad thing, and the power that goes along with making the rules can be very easily abused.

We’re better than this, as Americans. At the end of the day, it’s what we all have the privilege of sharing with each other. 9/11 showed us that we have the ability to pick ourselves up and move on. Our skin is thicker than this. 9/11 happened only more than five little years ago. Have we grown so soft between now and then?

John Kerry is considering another running for the president, but based on Global Warming (and nothing on this "scandal") and John McCain says he thinks people should be forgiven. We all know where Hillary and Barack stand on this, which is in the middle of "somehwere" and "nowhere". When the biggest issue for these politicians is how much money was raised for their campaigns in the first quarter, I think that is a clear view into where their priorities are. It scares me that the only politicians to weigh in on the issue are among the most polarizing ones. And since we all now know where they stand, based on your right to speak freely, which one will you be voting for?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Free Speech for the Privileged

Apparently you have to be special to say what you want and get away with it. A person can make a lot of money with it, if they're Chosen. But make no mistake, not all of us are. Don Imus isn't, as we all found out just a short while ago when it was broadcasted on every media outlet that he was fired from MSNBC. And another one bites the dust. Hopefully he'll go to satellite like Howard Stern. No- the OTHER Howard Stern, the one that has nothing to do with Anna Nicole. Howard Stern is practically a genius for getting around the rules of the FCC, he did it for years. And now he doesn't have to deal with them. Maybe he should call Imus.

It's interesting when you look at who the Chosen Ones are. For example, Crystal Gail Mangum is a Chosen One, and she's a nobody stripper. Nothing will happen to her because apparently she's crazy, or so it is rumored. And Nifong got away for 13 months saying what ever he felt, but DNA trumps political correctness (and thank God, else those guys would have had the death penalty), so he's not a Chosen One anymore.

Snoop Dogg is a Chosen One, and probably thinks Crystal Mangum is a ho, by profession, as long as Imus doesn't say so. And I'm sure if you do a websearch on the lyrics of his songs, he gets away with saying a lot of things that we lowly, un-special ones would not. But Snoopy is so Doggone smart! Imagine, that racist Imus SAYING something so terrible. I remember Snoopy standing outside of the prison holding a "Free Tookie Willaims" sign. Tookie KILLED people. He dealt drugs, he founded a gang so big it spans across our country. Imus SAID something. But that's what he gets for talking. But Snoopy's right, right? I mean, Imus isn't allowed to say anything about the black people, but Tookie should go free for...well we know. By the way, I guess a congratulations are in order for Snoopy getting probation for his weapons and drug possession charges while being on probation, again.

Bill Cosby is not a Chosen One. Every time Bill Cosby says anything about the black community doing something positive, ditching the ghetto mentality, getting educated, speaking properly, he's called an Uncle Tom, and Jessie Jackson goes on air to clarify what Bill really meant. You know, because Mr. Cosby isn't smart enough to say what he really means. Or hasn't been to Hymietown.

Really, it amounts to a bunch of talk. I find it kind of sick where the racial bias has gotten us. Al Sharpton, a Chosen One, has been calling for heads to roll for days over a string of words used by Imus, but when will Sharpton apologise to the Duke Lacrosse Players he insulted and convicted via media? No words about his defense of a girl that made it all up? Can the real Tawana Brawley please stand up?

Being white (and female) is almost scary sometimes (unless your name is Britney, Paris or Anna, all of whom are Chosen Ones). You don't have to do anything to be accused of something, and bad things can happen to you and no one reports it. Poor Channon Christian is a wonderful example of that. I'd love to give you a link, but see the media didn't think it was so important. Only the local channels had any coverage, and the only other mentions are tribute videos from her friends and loved ones on the internet. Her cute boyfriend and she got a raw deal, and no one cared. Racism doesn't belong to the black people or Hispanics only. Discrimination doesn't belong only to minority groups. It happens to everyone. And as much as the black community rails on, and rightly so about doing away with racism, not everyone is on board with that sentiment. (<--Chosen One)

So what do we do about it? Well, we silence speech, right? I mean, that's the only answer is to get all people to stop saying these mean things. Being mean isn't nice and everyone should be nice, because we're fragile. Or maybe not.

So what if Michael Richards flipped out and screamed the N-word over and over. And so what that Kamau Kambon wants to kill white people. Richards didn't get the memo that people don't call black people that anymore and Kambon didn't get the memo that Lincoln, who was white, freed the slaves. I don't care what these people say. I have been called names, and so what. Do I want Kambon to be ordered to shut up? That wouldn't be very democratic. And I didn't even watch the CSPAN video on youtube because.....I didn't like it and I didn't want to. That, my fellow Americans is how freedom of speech works. You speak, I don't like it, I stop listening while you keep speaking. If you tied me up and forced me, it would be different. But as long as I maintain the option to tune you out, then by all means SPEAK.

People will say what they will, and it means we can hold them accountable for what they say. If we silence that, then we're left up to interpretation and that's where the Thought Police come in. No one should ever have to hear, "You can't say that" in America. Instead, we should hear, "I'll listen to something else." It's all about choices.

We owe a thanks to the media for their rather large part in perpetuating all the nonsense. When Anna Nicole's baby's daddy gets more coverage than Hurricane Katrina, something is wrong. And when people really do fall victim to things, they get no attention because people who say politically incorrect things get it all. But, I guess that doesn't effect the Chosen Ones.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Opener

I decided to start this blog last week when I read about some teachers in England who were altering their history lessons so as not talk about the holocaust, because they were afraid of offending students whose religious beliefs tell them the holocaust never happened.

I was awestruck at the absurdity. How happy-shiny. When you teach something based on the religious beliefs of others, isn't that religion itself?

Anyway, that story is the straw that broke the camel's back, I decided to start blogging about political correctness and the absurdity of it all. Once upon a time, sticks and stones broke your bones, but words never hurt you. Now all I hear about is what I can't say and think and act. So, I call enough.

My goal isn't to necessarily be on one side of the political arena, Lord knows republicans and democrats are both well capable enough to stick their feet in their mouths, and they both play into PC. But there is a lot of hypocrisy that goes hand in hand with PC. Just ask Don Imus. Seriously, how is it that black people can call each other the N-word and white people are racist for it?

Anyway, more of my rant to come, this is just an introduction. I'm on a mission to call out political correctness. I don't think a person should go around deliberately offending people, however, if I call you stupid and you take offense, that is your choice. The sensitivity brainwash that is being rammed down our throats is sickening. It is being taught to our children in ways such as not playing Duck Duck Goose, because the teacher doesn't want any losers. Note to teachers: Not everyone is a "winner" in the real world. Life sucks sometimes. But they don't teach how to pick yourself up and get on with your business, they teach you about defamation litigation.

I imagine I'll have a few people mad, and that's their choice, certainly. I won't lose any sleep over it. I won't sit by and let other people dictate to me what's moral based on their standards. I abhor what they have to say, but they have the right to say it. They can abhor what I say, but they have no right to stop me from it, as much as they would like to. The only thing they can do is continue to lobby for hate crimes legislation. That's right, hate crimes. PC meets justice. Apparently the blindfolded lady holding our scales of justice can hear.

I will call it what it is. I will not sugar coat anything. I am not a phobic of anything but heights, spiders and tight spaces. Today begins my war against Political Correctness.