Friday, May 4, 2007

GOP "Debates"

I don’t have a whole lot to say about the Democrat “debates”, I have only seen a few clips; I don’t care about them and I won’t be voting for any of them. I did watch some of it, and it was nothing surprising. A lot of “Bush is bad”, “I’m not like Bush”, and “I don’t like the war and I want to pull out”. When asked questions about specific things, they would talk in circles; a couple times even outright saying, “I think the real question is…” and answer their own question! I mean, you’ve got to be kidding me! And the questions they answered, whether or not they were their own questions, were about “Bush is bad”, “I’m not like Bush,” and “I don’t like the war and want to pull out”. Obama even touted AGAIN that he was against the war from the beginning, because he foresaw what was coming…Mr. Psychic Poet. We could have a Psychic Poet for President. President of the Moonbats, anyway. (I do wonder, though… what are they going to have as a platform when Bush is gone? They all bash him well, what will they say when that talking point is spent?)

Regarding their facts, David Shuster did some checking. I’m not going to waste the space with any more opinion on them, because as I said, I won’t be voting for them.

So, for the GOP “debates”…and let me just say that MSNBC is HARDLY unbiased. Between Green Weenie Brian Williams and Stooge Boy Chris Matthews, I mean really. How set up was that? I’m not sure how I feel about the GOP Candidates. But I know what I think:

Brownback: I think you’re a great guy with some good ideas. But I think you’re way too optimistic on our current war situation, maybe naïve. (no disrespect) Being from Kansas, (hey neighbor- I’m from Oklahoma) I think you’re too conservative, as well. You’re smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt, and that’s going to hurt you.

Gilmore: I like what you have to say, but I wish you would shorten your answers. Your loquaciousness is amazing. I like that you seem honest, like you have convictions that you stand by when they’re unpopular, but please find an abbreviated way to say what is on your mind. You’re not known well enough to opine like that, you’re going to put people to sleep.

Giuliani: I love you, I really do. But I think you need practice in public debates. I could feel your nerves, I felt like you should have had a drink before getting on stage. I agree with you a lot, but I disagree on some of your issues. Sometimes I’m afraid you’re too liberal for conservatives. We’ll have to see what the people think. (I LOVE that you know the difference between a Sunni and Shia Muslim, right off the top of your head; how important, good job.)

Huckabee: The first thing I thought of when I found out who you were and where you’re from is, “Oh no, not another person from Arkansas in the White House!” Sorry, but it’s honest; no offense. I think that you really liked it when you could stick to your rehearsed talking points, but you should try to get away from sticking to talking points. You don’t want to become redundant.

Hunter: You’re from California and work too closely to all the Moonbats, nut jobs, fruit cakes and wackos for me to ever vote for you. I think that you also seemed slightly evasive on some things and too aggressive on others. I’m afraid you don’t relate to the people- not saying you don’t, just saying that I’m afraid you don’t.

McCain: Look, you’re a great guy. Honest, respectable, nice. But you are too for big government for me. I think you’re mad at something. You stood there the whole time, hardly looking at anyone, but looking forward, smiling like a boob for the TV camera that wasn’t pointed at you. You say the same things over and over. I like that you aren’t big on pork barrel spending, but I still think it’s not enough. You seem to only care about war. It’s nothing new this time around, you just have the energy to do it. It’s not going to happen for you.

Dr. Paul: I think you’re great. You’re honest as well and I like that you’re small government. I like your ideas about what the government’s role in society ought to be, I think you have some very well thought out plans. I’m not sure how I feel about you being from Texas, but it doesn’t bother me too bad. I thought you debated great, I think you should practice some more to calm the nerves a little, but I felt like you did very well. If I had to vote now, I would pick you.

Romney: You are like a smooth, well polished, very excellent and high producing car salesman. You are too smooth and too “perfect”. I felt like I was watching an act. It wasn’t that I disagreed with most of what you said, hardly the case. But it seemed as if I was watching a robot. (Stepford Husband, even.) You’re from Taxachusetts. You’re WAY too close to Kerry and Kennedy. I don’t believe you’re really a conservative.

Tancredo: You have one issue and that’s immigration. I am all behind you on that, and I don’t think you should run for president, I think you should head ICE and oversea all border security, policies and procedures. I think you crashed in this debate. You were not ready, you were nervous, and stumbled. No big deal- do better next time, but look into ICE for a backup plan.

Thompson: I do not think you know enough about the situation in the Middle East. I know it all makes sense to you, but it doesn’t to them. You seem like a nice guy, but I totally disagree with you on that issue. I do think you’re a good conservative, but you’re not really rocking my world. But I wish you luck, I thought you debated well.

Moderator: You suck. I really mean it, why on earth did you ask some of the questions you did? What the hell is, “Do you think it would be good to have Bill Clinton in the White House again?” I mean, what the hell did you think they were going to say? They’re REPUBLICANS! Asking what they don’t like about America. Do they believe in evolution? (WHAT?) Asking about certain people not taking communion. (HUH?!) Why couldn’t you have asked more about taxes, foreign policy, the deficit, illegal immigration, things that matter? Oh, wait, it’s because you’re defective. Sorry, I forgot for a minute.

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