Monday, August 20, 2007

Summertime in the Sanctuary City

Normally in the summertime, people with a life tend to have their calendars full of activities they will be doing with their friends and loved ones. Apparently one night in my sleep, UPS delivered my life to me (previously thought to have fallen off the back of the truck, somewhere in the Bronx), and therefore MY calendar has been full of things to do and see over the summer. It is the reason why I haven’t posted as often, but have missed it. Also, our politicians seem to have lives of their own, thus the summertime months, while extremely politically correct, haven’t been too full of juicy news for me to rant about.

However, reading the Monday Morning Mess, I’ve decided to update today as there are just a few things that keep me saying, “What the hell?”

I would first like to talk about Elvira Arellano, who was FINALLY deported. Ms. Arellano, whose name alone won’t strike anyone’s memory, is the infamous illegal immigrant who has been hiding out in a church in Chicago with her son for the past year or so. (Although the story says she’s been hiding out for a year, I seem to remember this debacle lasting quite a bit longer. But that’s PC for you…) Her son, who’s been in the custody of Emma Lozano seems to be just fine. Imagine though- he didn’t waste away like the Wicked Witch of the West being doused by a pail of water, when the federal government got a hair up their collective butts, and enforced the law.

For the record and in case you didn’t know, if you break the law, please find your nearest sympathetic Catholic Church to give you refuge. If you don’t leave the premises, you get to avoid prosecution.

Miss Arellano was (including but not limited to being) guilty of thinking she was above the law because she thought she should be. For whatever reason, being arrested for using bogus Social Security numbers for employment (ID Theft) isn’t something in which to be deported over…or at least not worth adhering to deportation orders. Also, the fact that she’s ILLEGAL to even be here…never mind that she didn’t rob the nearest Seven Eleven. These rationalizations that people shouldn’t be punished for breaking the immigration laws, because it’s not REALLY a crime…why are nonviolent criminals sitting in prisons, then? Some random guy sitting in Cell Block ‘A’ for writing hot checks didn’t really hurt anyone. What about the crime against taxpayers? Talk about money laundering, between just hospitalization and free education, these illegals have a sweet deal.

Now she’s in Tijuana (glorious), campaigning for her “cause”. How happy. Maybe she should appeal to her home country to get them to change their immigration laws, which are far and wide more strict and oppressive than ours, before she appeals to us. Perhaps, and I know that this is so far off, she should try to change her country into a place where people would want to live, work and raise their kids, before coming and demanding something that isn’t hers, from someone who isn’t obligated to give in. Can you imagine your neighbor coming over and demanding a cup of milk for her recipe? How about demanding a cup of sugar?

Furthermore on the immigration front, a fake tribe of Indians are offering “membership” for illegals, as a pretend (though the illegals don’t realize) way to become legal in this country. Normally, Indian tribes are their own sovereign nations, with their own laws, courts, medical programs and education. They have their own way of doing things, as evidenced with the Seneca Tribes in upstate New York set the through-way on fire when the State decided to put a hold on their cigarette sales to collect tax money (not owed to them). Now this fake tribe thinks it can just hand out citizenship cards to anyone who wants to become a member.

I’m curious how one becomes a member of an Indian Tribe, when they weren’t born Indian, or were born of another tribe. How does that work? In my head, I’m picturing Dances With Wolves, where Kevin Costner was only truly accepted as one of them when he married the girl- who was also not Indian, but raised as one from childhood- so was almost grandfathered in. But Costner was a White Man. He made the White talk. Now Mexicans- or other illegals from other countries- can’t make the White Talk, but make their own “Brown Talk”. Does this new Indian Tribe view this as being more indigenous? Maybe that’s the ticket. But I’m still left with one question: While Indian Tribes are considered sovereign, they are still placed within our national borders and therefore are subject to our laws (for example, murder), and therefore, while giving away “membership” within the tribe, what do they tell these illegals to do/say when the illegal leaves the reservation to run up to Dunkin Donuts? Because, at that precise moment in time, they are an illegal alien of the USA, and subject to arrest and deportation. So how does this fake tribe plan to work that? (Furthermore, is an invitation open for membership to anyone, or only illegal aliens?)

Finally in my PC rant was a story I read about the British who always seem to be adjusting their lives to not offend Muslims. The story today is about a fiction TV show who changed their theme of having Muslim Extremist Terrorists blowing things up, as Muslim Extremist Terrorists are wont to do, and instead they’re having Animal Rights Activists blowing things up. You know, every time I think of PETA, I think of Pam Anderson in a suicide vest (not). What a great decision made by the producers of that show. They sure hit the nail on the head, every single animal activist I’ve ever met has scared me so badly, I immediately went to church, and had bad dreams for weeks. Osama bin Laden can eat his friggin heart out.

When will the British get over their guilt for not being Muslims? Or when will they just simply convert? Everything is to keep dancing around these people and keep from offending them. How about when they offended us (us being NON Muslims) when they called for the beheading of the Dutch cartoonist? Are the Brits wrong for being offended when Muslims call for anyone questioning or insulting Islam to be killed? What about the offense that happened when they held up signs in protest, telling England that their 9/11 would come, too? I can tell you that every time I hear the phrases “Uncovered Meat”, and “Naked Ankles”, I am very offended.

You know, these Extreme Radical Muslims don’t care who is sympathetic to their cause. They don’t care about Christians and Jews who want to live peacefully together. They don’t care about the Hindus or Buddhists who don’t even step on bugs. They care about death to anyone who isn’t living in accordance with Islam. They care about Sharia law. You can even be Muslim, but if you don’t live accordingly (per who ever the person is who decides what is accordingly), you can find yourself in real trouble. A woman raped brought it upon herself- it’s not the rapists fault. How offensive is that?! And these people, these Brits, are changing their fictional theme to not offend those that really want to chop our heads off on Al Jezeera TV?

What about those of us who are offended by the decision to NOT offend the radical Muslims? Between you and me, I couldn’t care less what those radical Muslims thought about me, what I said or did. Having said that, in their view, I’m going to hell anyway. However, my God thinks it an awfully sick thing to entice someone with more virgins than any one could really handle, as a way to be good and follow Him. My God gave me a choice in the matter of Choosing Him- He doesn’t bribe me. My God never asked me to kill someone for not following Him. But being of the Christian faith, like a good Christian, I’ll pray for these radical Muslims to find their way to Christ. How offensive is that? I can pray louder, if necessary….