Monday, April 23, 2007

Words That Speak Volumes

I was not surprised in the least to find Monday to be a great news day, and I’ve had the devil of a time trying to figure out what to write. I mean there are so many things.

Let me first say that after today, I am quite convinced that Sheryl Crow eats rabbit food. The reason I say this is she must see little brown pellets in the toilet after she goes, and that is the only reason she can get away with three squares. Plus, she’s never spent a night our drinking with the girls. I can assure you that after three or four Coronas, you need more than one square. (I am considering writing a letter to Charmin, asking them to increase the length of each square to approximately 18 inches.) Note to Sheryl: Go buy some carbon credits on the market like Al Gore, and leave us alone about using the bathroom.

Among the Monday Madness was the backlash against Harry Reid (which I will from here on out refer to as Scarry Reid, for the obvious coward he is) talking about losing the war. Here’s a small sample: .What is he thinking? Let us tell the people we’re fighting against when we’re going to leave. And the people we’re fighting with. Let’s tell them exactly when the money will go away followed by the help. So our Iraqi ALLIES will stop helping us and our enemies will wait till right before we leave to shoot us in our backs. Will Scarry say he told us so?

And what is the deal with this war spending bill? I cannot for the life of me understand how this congress can sit; wasting time and tax payer dollars debating and passing a bill that they know for a fact the president will veto and has the republican support to make it stick. And then, this old man acts like he’s fourteen, saying, “Well, if you don’t like it, you have to come here and discuss it. I’m not coming there, you have to come here.” I mean, who does this guy think he is, anyway? He is not running things, we have one commander in chief, like it or not. Vermont doesn’t like it; they are trying (as usual) to impeach him, but legally. But in fairness, at least they are doing, rather than sticking their collective tongues out and being plain oppositional.

Scarry has no backbone. Cutting funding hurts the troops that are there. How are they supposed to defend themselves, repair things, fuel vehicles, replace worn out gear, etc. without money? Setting a date to leave is surrender, which is exactly how the enemy will see us; our current Iraqi allies will resent us for leaving them to deal with the mess we made and really hurts our position with the rest of the world. We’re a superpower. We don’t start fights to stop them because some people think its mean. Like it or not (and I do not, for the record) we are in Iraq, fighting a war. We have to finish it.

Hillary Clinton is so busy counting her eggs before they’ve hatched that she’s announced her husband would be the Ambassador to the World. Isn’t that happy!! Maybe the world won't remember Clinton being impeached for lying under oath (although people like to say it was for having the affair), he did nothing after the USS Cole was bombed, nor the embassy and what in the hell is in Sandy Berger’s drawers? And don’t get me started about all the things they took from the white house they “thought belonged to them” , at least they returned some of it. Don’t these people think before they speak? Speaking of speaking, she did her southern drawl again for a mostly black audience: just like I knew she would. Maybe she didn’t do it well enough, because they don’t know who they like after having Obama hugging Al Sharpton. Plus, she has no plan.

In more PC outrageousness, a professor at Emmanuel College was fired for talking to his class about what happened at Virginia Tech. .Apparently open discussions aren’t allowed in Catholic schools, especially when the class participates. And imagine, they were pretending. It really turns my stomach, all in the name of not offending someone. I already wrote about what if those students had means to defend themselves… PC is killing us.

At what point will the line be drawn? Who draws it? “They” let Ward Churchill say whatever he wants, and he is out of his mind. Why does this guy get to lose his job?

For pity’s sake, won’t someone say, “Yes, we can finally knock off the façade”? Running away won’t solve our problem, sometimes people get their feelings hurt, there are laws on the books for a reason (and those laws CAN change), singing songs won’t make the world like us better, people use more toilet paper than Sheryl Crow, and the democrats still haven’t got a plan, nor new ideas.

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