Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Free Speech for the Privileged

Apparently you have to be special to say what you want and get away with it. A person can make a lot of money with it, if they're Chosen. But make no mistake, not all of us are. Don Imus isn't, as we all found out just a short while ago when it was broadcasted on every media outlet that he was fired from MSNBC. And another one bites the dust. Hopefully he'll go to satellite like Howard Stern. No- the OTHER Howard Stern, the one that has nothing to do with Anna Nicole. Howard Stern is practically a genius for getting around the rules of the FCC, he did it for years. And now he doesn't have to deal with them. Maybe he should call Imus.

It's interesting when you look at who the Chosen Ones are. For example, Crystal Gail Mangum is a Chosen One, and she's a nobody stripper. Nothing will happen to her because apparently she's crazy, or so it is rumored. And Nifong got away for 13 months saying what ever he felt, but DNA trumps political correctness (and thank God, else those guys would have had the death penalty), so he's not a Chosen One anymore.

Snoop Dogg is a Chosen One, and probably thinks Crystal Mangum is a ho, by profession, as long as Imus doesn't say so. And I'm sure if you do a websearch on the lyrics of his songs, he gets away with saying a lot of things that we lowly, un-special ones would not. But Snoopy is so Doggone smart! Imagine, that racist Imus SAYING something so terrible. I remember Snoopy standing outside of the prison holding a "Free Tookie Willaims" sign. Tookie KILLED people. He dealt drugs, he founded a gang so big it spans across our country. Imus SAID something. But that's what he gets for talking. But Snoopy's right, right? I mean, Imus isn't allowed to say anything about the black people, but Tookie should go free for...well we know. By the way, I guess a congratulations are in order for Snoopy getting probation for his weapons and drug possession charges while being on probation, again.

Bill Cosby is not a Chosen One. Every time Bill Cosby says anything about the black community doing something positive, ditching the ghetto mentality, getting educated, speaking properly, he's called an Uncle Tom, and Jessie Jackson goes on air to clarify what Bill really meant. You know, because Mr. Cosby isn't smart enough to say what he really means. Or hasn't been to Hymietown.

Really, it amounts to a bunch of talk. I find it kind of sick where the racial bias has gotten us. Al Sharpton, a Chosen One, has been calling for heads to roll for days over a string of words used by Imus, but when will Sharpton apologise to the Duke Lacrosse Players he insulted and convicted via media? No words about his defense of a girl that made it all up? Can the real Tawana Brawley please stand up?

Being white (and female) is almost scary sometimes (unless your name is Britney, Paris or Anna, all of whom are Chosen Ones). You don't have to do anything to be accused of something, and bad things can happen to you and no one reports it. Poor Channon Christian is a wonderful example of that. I'd love to give you a link, but see the media didn't think it was so important. Only the local channels had any coverage, and the only other mentions are tribute videos from her friends and loved ones on the internet. Her cute boyfriend and she got a raw deal, and no one cared. Racism doesn't belong to the black people or Hispanics only. Discrimination doesn't belong only to minority groups. It happens to everyone. And as much as the black community rails on, and rightly so about doing away with racism, not everyone is on board with that sentiment. (<--Chosen One)

So what do we do about it? Well, we silence speech, right? I mean, that's the only answer is to get all people to stop saying these mean things. Being mean isn't nice and everyone should be nice, because we're fragile. Or maybe not.

So what if Michael Richards flipped out and screamed the N-word over and over. And so what that Kamau Kambon wants to kill white people. Richards didn't get the memo that people don't call black people that anymore and Kambon didn't get the memo that Lincoln, who was white, freed the slaves. I don't care what these people say. I have been called names, and so what. Do I want Kambon to be ordered to shut up? That wouldn't be very democratic. And I didn't even watch the CSPAN video on youtube because.....I didn't like it and I didn't want to. That, my fellow Americans is how freedom of speech works. You speak, I don't like it, I stop listening while you keep speaking. If you tied me up and forced me, it would be different. But as long as I maintain the option to tune you out, then by all means SPEAK.

People will say what they will, and it means we can hold them accountable for what they say. If we silence that, then we're left up to interpretation and that's where the Thought Police come in. No one should ever have to hear, "You can't say that" in America. Instead, we should hear, "I'll listen to something else." It's all about choices.

We owe a thanks to the media for their rather large part in perpetuating all the nonsense. When Anna Nicole's baby's daddy gets more coverage than Hurricane Katrina, something is wrong. And when people really do fall victim to things, they get no attention because people who say politically incorrect things get it all. But, I guess that doesn't effect the Chosen Ones.


Anonymous said...

Imus is getting shafted.

Anonymous said...

Nice piece.

Anonymous said...

Imus got the shaft. Has everyone taken leave of their senses??? Ehat is wrong with americans and all of this PC crap?

chrisroot said...

I cannot stand Imus but the ones who are really getting screwed are those cancer kids down at his ranch.

Way to go Al and Jesse

Anonymous said...

Flash forward 30 years. "Yesterday aging talkradio host and ex-rapper Eminem was fired by CBS Radio after sponsors "walked" because he "sang" one of his old hits on the air......which was produced by none other than CBS. And now you the rest of the story."

Can blacks even make racist remarks? Can women even make sexist comments? Can aging white men say anything without offending someone out there??

Philly Cheese