Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Opener

I decided to start this blog last week when I read about some teachers in England who were altering their history lessons so as not talk about the holocaust, because they were afraid of offending students whose religious beliefs tell them the holocaust never happened. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=445979&in_page_id=1770

I was awestruck at the absurdity. How happy-shiny. When you teach something based on the religious beliefs of others, isn't that religion itself?

Anyway, that story is the straw that broke the camel's back, I decided to start blogging about political correctness and the absurdity of it all. Once upon a time, sticks and stones broke your bones, but words never hurt you. Now all I hear about is what I can't say and think and act. So, I call enough.

My goal isn't to necessarily be on one side of the political arena, Lord knows republicans and democrats are both well capable enough to stick their feet in their mouths, and they both play into PC. But there is a lot of hypocrisy that goes hand in hand with PC. Just ask Don Imus. Seriously, how is it that black people can call each other the N-word and white people are racist for it?

Anyway, more of my rant to come, this is just an introduction. I'm on a mission to call out political correctness. I don't think a person should go around deliberately offending people, however, if I call you stupid and you take offense, that is your choice. The sensitivity brainwash that is being rammed down our throats is sickening. It is being taught to our children in ways such as not playing Duck Duck Goose, because the teacher doesn't want any losers. Note to teachers: Not everyone is a "winner" in the real world. Life sucks sometimes. But they don't teach how to pick yourself up and get on with your business, they teach you about defamation litigation.

I imagine I'll have a few people mad, and that's their choice, certainly. I won't lose any sleep over it. I won't sit by and let other people dictate to me what's moral based on their standards. I abhor what they have to say, but they have the right to say it. They can abhor what I say, but they have no right to stop me from it, as much as they would like to. The only thing they can do is continue to lobby for hate crimes legislation. That's right, hate crimes. PC meets justice. Apparently the blindfolded lady holding our scales of justice can hear.

I will call it what it is. I will not sugar coat anything. I am not a phobic of anything but heights, spiders and tight spaces. Today begins my war against Political Correctness.


johnsturmer said...

Great post...PC is killing America

johnsturmer said...

Great post..and a great start!