Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Happy Shiny Week

Vermont once again is talking about secession from the Union. Do they think they’re special? Do they want a cookie? How many times have I heard about them talking of secession…let me count the ways.

Kudos- Vermont is one of the most liberal states in the Union. With their judges who like to legislate from the bench and especially the ones who like to slap the wrists of child predators, they could easily give San Francisco a run for their money. Vermont elected a socialist to the senate. For all those that were not aware- this country is a capitalist one; which means, you get to make your money, however you make your money and you get to keep the money that you make, rather than be forced to share it with those that are deemed less fortunate than you by someone more fortunate than you. So in a room of five people, if you make five bucks, here in America, you get to keep it (minus the taxes you’ll spend). In a Socialist society, you have to give a dollar to each person, so that everyone, including you has one dollar.

Isn’t everyone happy being the same as everyone else? Nevermind who does all the work. If there are people with their hands out, well then, by God, they deserve a piece of the pie. Hillary Clinton likes that idea, as well; you know, because they like to share their wealth. (In which foreign country did Billary buy property?)

What I find particularly amusing about Vermont wanting to secede, is they say it’s because this country is so messed up and when it crashes, they don’t want to be in the thick of it with the rest of the country. I hope they don’t intend on raking in Federal Revenue if they did indeed secede. So they’re surrendering just like all the other democrats want to do these days. (These days?!) They can’t take it, and they obviously don’t love their country very much or they wouldn’t be talking of running away, but of fighting to fix it. About the ONLY thing true republicans and true democrats can agree on regarding our country right now is that the system is broken, our government is too big, spending is out of control and so are 99.9% of the politicians. We all want something done about the border (although we disagree on the answer), we want something done about the war AND Iraq, healthcare and education.

And even though Cindy Sheehan is out of the spotlight, even she’s not talking about giving up on her country. She still maintains her convictions, as loony as they are.

Speaking of lunacy, William Jefferson was FINALLY indicted for having 90 grand in his freezer. Of course he maintains his innocence, and I’m sure that has to do with is belief that the FBI raid was illegal. What is beyond me is that it took 2 whole years to bring an indictment. What the hell took so long, anyway? If it were you or me, we would have been in jail until arraignment, not to mention the extensive auditing that we’d undergo. (But we would have been in jail for lying under oath, also. Apparently our elected representatives are better than us- so long as they’re democrats.)

Nanny Pelosi bent to the Congressional Black Caucus and agreed to give him the Homeland Security position after she took him off the Ways and Means Committee (and Charlie Rengal is a MUCH better candidate for that position- Mr. Draft.) after the initial discovery of all this cash.

Now bare with me a moment- but when Tom Delay was indicted, didn’t he resign just afterwards? He wasn’t convicted, just indicted. Maybe to the Democratic party, that equals being guilty of something, but where Jefferson is concerned, he’s still innocent until proven guilty- or until it’s proven that the FBI raid was indeed legal (after all, the warrant WAS issued by a judge with viable evidence to support the issue of the warrant).

What PC crap. Why are we even paying these people? Why are they even allowed to run?

The courts decided the FCC’s definition of decency isn’t going to fly. Some people are up in arms that Hollywood will be able to say whatever the hell it wants to, now. (Haven’t they been doing that, already? Isn’t that part of the First Amendment, anyway?) All of this stems from Imus. All this can’t say this or that rhetoric. This is a bigger story because of the curse words used at the MTV awards. I wasn’t offended and I didn’t find anything indecent in what was said- I think it shows the character of the person (Yea, I’m talking about how bright and brilliant Nicole Richie is).

I remember being in high school and had a very cool English teacher. I said the word “fuck” out loud once and she made me stand in front of the class at the podium and analyze that word. Between me and the participation of the class, we discovered that that word can have many different meanings, and is several different parts of speech. You can use that word and never talk about sex, it can be positive or derogatory or plain neutral.

I think that in today’s society, people should use that word more often and the FCC should recognize the usage to determine if it’s improper. For example, Bono saying something is “fucking brilliant” would be a positive thing.

A real “fucking brilliant” idea would be to implore the president to resign, since he can’t seem to enforce federal laws regarding our border and is seeking to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens here, and if it’s not enough to allow them to dip into Social Security. He has ditched his own party to play with the liberals. That is such an un-American move, and he has the audacity to tell members of congress to inform their constituents that this isn’t amnesty, and to quit scaring the American People.

Mr. President, my elected officials disgust me. You scare me. Why you are on course to destroy our country is beyond me. Why can’t you just do the job you were elected to do, rather than make this country into what you see fit. We Americans know what we want, and this bill in particular isn’t it.

And by the way, the president needs to stop pissing off Russia. Why we’re building a missile defense shield for Europe is beyond me. When did Iran and North Korea threaten Europe? And when did they get the capability to fire missiles that far? I know I’m not always the brightest bulb in the box, but this one leaves me clueless. What’s the REAL reason for this defense? Russia isn’t a threat to us. Iranians are already in Iraq fighting us- What is the deal? This is not for the defense of Europe- as if they couldn’t defend themselves (and we are NOT the world’s police), as they would have us believe. Guess it’s up to us and our own research to figure it out, because this administration thinks this alibi is a good one.

Let me leave you with a laugh for the week. It is my favorite quote in a long time, coming from Paris Hilton who is talking about going to jail.

“In the future, I plan on taking more of an active role in the decisions I make."

Maybe this current administration should do the same.

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