Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Great American Giveaway

Who will you vote for in the next presidential election? Republican? Democrat? Perhaps Independent. I am debating not even going to the polls, as not a one of the candidates I currently know about has any clue on how to represent the American People.

For the past few days, I have been trying to figure out what our elected officials are getting out of giving our country away. When you watch the evening news, it is filled with poll numbers and statistics of how the American People have jumped on board this amnesty thing, but the politicians won’t let it go through. They talk of jobs Americans won’t do. It amazes me that they report these lies as if they were fact. Imagine, the American People willing to give away their very culture. Who did they poll? What group answered their questions to make it seem as if the American Public wanted to speak Spanish, see Mexican flags flown over their own; convey the desire to have one more legally protected group of people that deserves their own form of reparations paid for by the taxpayers who still have jobs?

It is my firm belief that they either polled an entire Spanish speaking group, the ACLU, anyone living in San Francisco or no one.

The President is bribing us. He says that he’ll secure the borders if we grant amnesty to these millions of people who broke our laws and have no respect for our way of life, and have no intention of assimilating into our country. What one has to do with the other, I have no idea. The President has said that our current immigration laws are unenforceable and we should just have new laws. These people need to be “brought out of the shadows”, as if we’re speaking of some Disney version of illegal immigration, with Phil Collins singing the soundtrack; all at the expense of the American People. The American people, the whites, blacks, Hispanics, Orientals, Europeans, men, women and children will be forced in the shadows. We are unimportant. (Is anyone aware that this meeting for the bribery was held behind closed doors? They are deciding for the American People without letting them in on it.)

What would happen if they just started to enforce the law that is currently in place? Long before “round-ups” would begin, an entire population of illegal aliens would simply leave. They would go somewhere else, most likely to a “Sanctuary City” first, but then eventually back home.

Imagine what Amnesty will cost America. Not only will we have an entire people made slaves, picking crops at the lowest of wages, living 15 to a house without health insurance or retirement funds (just follow me on this), but the tax payers will subsidize their living expenses. It will first start with food. They will have to receive food stamps or other such benefits, and how much money does it take to feed a house of 15 each month? Next will be similar to TANF cash benefits for the mothers, so that they may also buy diapers and bottles, clothes and school supplies for their children that food stamps won’t pay for. Next will be the money it takes to redo the public education system, because among the other special groups , we will now have an entire population that will require special attention regarding education. Classroom size will be extraordinarily large, so more schools will need to be built and because diversity is our strength, well, we’ll have to re-assimilate white kids and black kids to have an even number of aliens mixed with them. (Poor UCLA- what will they do during graduations? They are already having so much trouble!)

Next comes health care, we simply cannot have people running around not vaccinated, people will get strep-throat or the flu, and anyone with common sense knows that preventative maintenance is cheaper than fixing something almost beyond repair. They will need to see doctors and have regular check-ups. Dentists will be needed to keep their oral hygiene to good standard. Our medical professionals will need to know language beyond English to find out about a head or toothache. The tax payers will pay the bills for the root canals, the blood tests to find the virus, etc.

They will need to go to school to further their education so they’re not stuck being slaves. Maybe some want to work on Wall Street, or learn how to run a big corporation, so the kids can resemble Stepford Kids. They cannot afford books and tuition on mere wages from picking crops.

How high will gas prices go with 12-20 million illegals neededing to use it(in addition to every other American) getting back and forth from school and picking crops to home?

The elderly ones will need nursing homes. They will need geriatric care, prescriptions out the A-hole and Medicare to pay for it- since the Social Security will have run out to help pay for everything else I just listed. God forbid if an illegal (who won’t be illegal by then) falls and breaks a hip in their old age. They will need X-rays, possibly surgery, physical therapy, medicine for healing and pain, follow-up visits to the preferred medical specialist, etc. Before they die, they will need hospice. When they die, they will need funerals and burials. In fifty years, one will need to know Spanish just to read the headstones in cemeteries.

Then comes the next generation of children who will grow up requiring the same things, from newborn care to money to live on to education to job training (because you are simply fooling yourself if you think they’ll be grateful to pick onions in 10 years) to senior care to death and back again.

What tax credits is the Bush Administration going to give these people? He’ll play Democrat and raise the taxes of the wealthier people to pay for it all. By that time, however, wealthy might mean someone making more than $100,000 a year. Where I live- that is NOT MUCH. In fact, where I live, my yearly income- which would be a lot in some place in Kansas- is barely over the poverty line.

What are our elected officials getting out of this? Who paid them what amount to be willing to sell us out? They have utterly and totally refused to enforce any law we currently have on our books. We currently have a system in place to bring immigrants here, legally into our country- and those fine people have never and would never be “in the shadows”.

Are they all doomed to mowing our lawns forever? And this administration in all its audacity really believes that these people he wants to give our country to are going to be happy coming from a third world country- but still live substandard according to American way of life. What’s the plan when they want equal treatment? Its okay- the taxpayers- the very people who are being misrepresented as I type this will pay for it all.

As I live and breathe, my own republican representation is selling me out. They are turning away from their constituents to accept this bribe from the president. I have taken this personally, as if someone came to my door and took away my belongings that I’ve worked hard to acquire. The want and will of the people do not matter any longer, and if you think it does, the ACLU will sue you, just like the Texas town that voted to stop allowing the illegals to work illegally and rent illegally, by punishing landlords and employers. That town voted for that- that’s what the people wanted. The ACLU says they can’t want that, and is now suing to make the law unenforceable. Thanks! The people are too stupid to know what they want, it’s a good thing the ACLU is here to tell us.

(Where is the ACLU protecting the people when Massachusetts denied the people the right to vote on a gay marriage issue? Oh- they decided the state was right to deny the people a voice- never mind the issue.)

What will be done? This Amnesty giveaway- as if we were K-Mart offering some holiday promotion- is an attack on our very way of life, and once defeated last week, will be brought back for negotiations, especially in light of this New Bribe. I have become severely addicted to listing to C-Span at work and am amazed at the lack of care this issue gets, but the force they use to try to push it through. Why, just the other day, they argued about amending the Flag Code to include Father’s Day an important day to fly the American Flag. At least until Amnesty happens. Of all the things they could be talking about- the war, healthcare, inflation, taxes, border security, Homeland security, gay Friggin marriage- they talk about Flags for Father’s Day. How utterly despicable.

Scarry Reid on one hand says he wants to push through “the President’s Bill” of Amnesty, he wants the bipartisanship, and By God it’s the right thing to do. Till you get him talking about war, and By God, the President is a monster and we are failing the war, in fact we’ve lost already, then you get him talking about abortion or stem cell research, and he doesn’t mention God.

Meanwhile, our culture hangs in the balance. Our way of life. From the man on the moon to the internet, the Industrial Revolution, invention of airplanes and light bulbs, the interstate system - this is all because of Americans. From George Washington Carver’s peanuts and Martin Luther King Jr.’s American Dream to college funds for poor people to Wall Street to hybrid cars and navigational systems.

For the black people descended from slavery- you’ll have to wait on your 40 acres and a mule. We have to pay for amnesty first.

Don’t kid yourself about there not being a massive exodus of illegals stemming from northern Mexico all the way through to South America if we grant Amnesty, for all they have to do is come here and wait out the next Amnesty Giveaway as if it were a lottery or new car sale. By the time the ones here of late decide they don’t want to be slaves anymore (as well they should want more than that), the next wave of grateful slaves will be moving in, and we will be paying for their very lives as well. How does one pay for it? How will we afford it? The flip side is $10 for a couple oranges. It’s that or decades of bleeding support for people who broke the law to be here in the first place.

Marie Antoinette would probably say, “Let them eat tacos.”

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