Sunday, September 20, 2009

What will government run healthcare and amnesty have in common?

“…We in the search for Fact. F-A-C-T. Not truth. If it’s the truth you’re looking for, [the] philosophy class is down the hall.” – Dr. Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Some of the news this week is disturbing to me in the way that it did not slap the fringe media, right square in the back of the head, provoking one of those light bulb-in-the-brain moments for those that would consider themselves part of the mainstream. The fury over Joe Wilson’s remark in the joint session of Congress sparked rages among the left, as if he’d called Obama the Anti-Christ, or demanded to see his birth certificate. But what are the facts?

The fact that Democrats voted repeatedly to disinclude an amendment to the gargantuan heath care bill that would mandate verifying legal status, making sure that only eligible Americans are receiving taxpayer benefits, is moot. That’s done been figured out, and if there are any remaining questions, inquiring minds can research the voting records of these members of Congress.

In reality, Obama did not tell a bold faced lie. The health care bill does not say, “Yes, we’re going to give illegal aliens access to American taxpayer health benefits.” The health care bill does also does not say verification of eligibility will take place upon application of these benefits. What does president Obama say about the matter, while appealing to the Hispanic and Latino communities, to ensure that only legal taxpaying citizens will receive health benefits? He says we should just legalize the illegal. That would provide for everyone receiving benefits, Obama will not be seen as taking a position against that minority community, and he can say he did not lie, when providing the way for only legal taxpayers to receive benefits. If they’re all legal, then how are illegals getting health care, after all?

So what are the facts? Only upon Amnesty, will Obama be right.

Allow me to prepare you for our next battle. For some of us, life is like a game of chess. We must know our opponent, and the way they think. We must be able to anticipate the next move, and the more correct we are, the better our position is to defeat them at the pass. Thus, it is willful ignorance to not look ahead on our part, and this includes looking ahead to the next major issue. Our plates are full, our cups are running over with the information we are expected to retain; we’re just going to have to allow our plates and cups to spill over onto the table, because the servings keep coming.

As you recall in 2007, the immigration debate was so heated, that when the Congress under the Bush administration voted on amnesty for the illegal aliens in our country, the citizens of this country called their congress representatives at such rates, it completely shut down the phone lines and crashed the email servers. Being a conservative and also being one of those callers, I remember being horribly offended by President Bush for perpetuating this nonsense, when it was clear that not only his base was against the idea, but the vast majority of the country- all political parties and ideologies, included. It was truly clear to the rest of us at that point that this government of ours is in it for themselves to a truly frightening degree.

The debate seemed to fizzle out, and the citizens went home feeling as if they’d won the round. It was a nuclear issue during the campaign in 2008 between the candidates, which worked well against McCain, as all the conservatives knew what to expect by him, judging on his voting record. Obama, on the other hand, benefitted from the country not knowing much about him. His captive audience waited to see what he would say, holding to themselves a pledge to hold Obama accountable in the future. Who among them looked up Obama’s voting records, or previously recorded statements on the issue of illegal aliens? In carefully crafted verbiage, he said the same thing as the previous administration, and almost all members of congress, in that we should provide a pathway to citizenship, where these folks will all go to the back of the line… (as if this is not what is already taking place).

This issue will not be one we will discuss much this year. Health care is too heated, people’s emotions are high, and his political reputation is on the line (at least among us here in the country; those at the U.N. like him quite a bit). But he needs to remain seen as the One Who Cares, so make no mistake: he will tie the health care issue with the illegal immigrant issue, rather marvelously. It is a humanity issue, after all. We can’t provide health care for all citizens, but be so cruel as to not provide it for those among us who are least fortunate; and some are the least fortunate by virtue of not being born here, so let’s erase notions that we should care about birthplace. It shouldn’t matter, but being that it does, if we make them a part of us, then it won’t matter in the long run. It will remain to be seen how to pay for it (perhaps more taxes on “Cadillac insurance policies”), and the details will be worked out, but we must agree that health care for all includes those coming into our country, as well as those already here.

Remember to not derail from logic and reason. Do not allow emotions to dictate your debates. This is not about how we feel. This is about practicality, and what makes logistical sense for the country. Giving amnesty to illegal aliens may feel good, but in actuality it is bad for the country. With the health care debacle racking up untold billions of dollars, amnesty would only serve to ratchet up the costs even further. What is the logical and not emotional answer?

Prepare yourself with the latest version of Adobe Reader for easy download of the bill when it is published by Congress. Prepare yourselves for not only the type of attacks you are seeing now, but also the attacks you received when amnesty was being discussed. Prepare yourself to be told you are being misinformed. Prepare yourself for the president to “reject the notions…” that you are making. To be sure, the issue will not be about notions. Like the current health care debate, prepare yourself to smeared by the fringe media as selfish and/or racist to oppose the President’s plan. Don’t be a ninny and think this isn’t coming. Steel yourself to the attacks- just as you have done with these current issues- arm yourself with your research, so you know you are speaking F-A-C-T. Don’t be dismissed. We’re fighting for our country, not just ourselves, here. It’s not enough to say, “No government health care”, at this point. We cannot excuse or separate the two issues, as even the President will fuse the two. There can be no amnesty either, simply to prove the president to be not a liar on his face with regard to illegals receiving taxpayer funded health benefits. The issue will become amnesty, then health care, and then amnesty for health care. Watch and see.

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Brittanicus said...

In the past not too many Americans and legal residents were unaware of the happenings in Congress. Today instant contact is a way of life for anybody who has access to a computer. In 1986 other than the paper media, tv and radio gave any evidence of the Immigration Reform package and that was surely limited? The US population was isolated from the truth that was to befall them, after the Simpson/Mazzoli bill passed because the politicians hid the truth? 2 million guest workers were to be given citizenship, but the process became full of corruption and 5.3 million was eventually approved for blanket AMNESTY. Expeditiously the guest workers moved away from agriculture and joined the mainstream of workers. BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES ARE EQUALLY TO TAKE BLAME FOR THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION OCCUPATION OF OUR NATION.

The people who picked the fruit and vegetables in the farms vanished, so that meant more floods of illegal workers to take the empty places. Today Obama wants to pass another miserable immigration reform bill, even though the main author Edward Kennedy insisted there would never be another path to citizenship. Millions of honest voter don't believe the rhetoric or lies that spill from the politicians anymore. Again behind closed drapes they have been having a secret summit, with little or no participation of the press or pro-sovereignty groups. When lawmakers declare no more Immigration reform than they better stick to their words. Both parties contain corrupt legislators who care nothing for the working man/women and are ready to present in the House and Senate a new immigration reform bill.

287 G, was a lifeline to train local police authorities to arrest and question people, but that may have seen the end of days. The no-match letter may also have been sold out, as well as ICE raids to pander to extremist groups such as La Raza. A recently released report by the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that 42 states lost jobs last month with Indiana alone losing 9,500 jobs! With 15 million Americans out of work and most states continuing to lose jobs on a monthly basis, it is completely obnoxious that the United States hands out about 100,000 green cards each month! THIS IS NOT RACISM THIS IS ABOUT SURVIVAL!

President Obama is holding the reins, this time and already confusing the American people over health care. Joe Wilson was right to some degree about no mechanism in the health care package to identify illegal aliens. After the fact and bombarded by livid Americans they added amendments that would cut off all access. That why our legislators need to amplify the verification procedures, to remove foreign nationals from cheating the system.

I trust neither Sen. Harry Reid, House speaker Pelosi and all those who fumble along behind the major conspirators. Harry Reid's Nevada has hospitals in dire need of funds, because of the massive illegal alien population there. The same with California that's having release 20.000 prison inmates, because they were on the edge of bankruptcy, owing to indifferent assembly in Sacramento who allowed unfettered benefits to millions of illegal immigrant families feeding out of the waning state money trough.The businesses that draw them here, pay nothing to their living conditions. Those expenses are left to the taxpayers. Call your Senator or Representative at 202-224-3121 and demand no more Immigration Reform. If you want real facts find out about the corruption and other sinister issues at NUMBERSUSA & JUDICIAL WATCH. Only your irate voices will curtail another AMNESTY travesty and stop millions more arriving illegally in America?
Certainly I would like a Public option for some family members, but not if illegal aliens can benefit from US taxpayers paying the bill?