Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Arguing with a Liberal

I made a mistake. I should have known better, and I might make it again sometime, but know that it was a mistake. I got in to an argument with a liberal. Not a discussion, either but a pseudo-argument. Ann Coulter has a whole book guiding any rational person on how to talk to a liberal. I’m sure that if she were to advise me in anyway, her best educated opinion would be to never argue with them. She would give me a look that says, “Jenny Bea! Don’t you know any better? You can’t even get mad at the liberal- it’s your fault for arguing with them!”

He began telling me about the debates, and how no matter what happens, he just can’t see himself voting for McCain. Now, I have written quite a bit about the unanswered questions on Obama, so a red flag went waving in my face, knowing this person can’t be seriously considering Obama. No vote would be better than a vote for. Do rational people really excuse the way this election season has progressed, where every single solitary time someone says anything that might contrast with a happy, feel-good feeling for Obama, it’s racist, radical, hateful, fear-mongering, desperate or erratic? Do thinking individuals really get how his economic plans would kill our country as we know it, his foreign policy is friendly to people who do not like us? What about the fact that no one knows what his schedule was in the state senate, no one knows why he only votes along party lines- when he bothers to vote on anything- when he bothers to show up for the job? What about the people who have been his friends? What about his college papers, his law reviews? And what about his days as a community organizer with ACORN? (And how come they’re just now talking about ACORN? Michelle Malkin’s been all over it for years, guys.)

So this liberal told me that McCain likes to try and make people feel good, like a car salesman tries for customers. This liberal gets really unnerved when McCain calls people, “My Friends”, because McCain isn’t his friend! And Sarah Palin is just a moron. I mean, she is, according to him, so it’s not even worth talking about it.

I seem to remember, somewhere in that how-to guide Ann wrote, it says that when all else fails, no arguments can be won, or no real rational beef can be had by a liberal, they resort to calling them dumb. I can tell you, Ann’s right. They all call Sarah dumb, too. Funny, they never bothered to research Sarah and what she’s accomplished, and no, I never asked the liberal if he ever bothered to learn anything about her. I’m sure Keith Olbermann told him what he should know.

McCain just says the same things all the time, and it’s all rhetoric and it means nothing, says the liberal. He keeps changing his motto about change and reform and he keeps coming up with new slogans and plans. Never mind that Obama hasn’t come up with any of his own, but even has the audacity to adopt policy plans that he once derided Hillary Clinton for during their primary debates…in fact, he has done that with a lot of his plans; beat someone over the head with the fact it’s a bad idea, to later embrace it himself.

McCain isn’t a family man. He left his cancer stricken wife to be with Cindy. (No, he really wasn’t talking about John Edwards, but McCain.) And yeah, that was bad, but he and Cindy have been together…how long? Now, there are a lot of things that I would beat up McCain on, but that? The liberal said he wasn’t a family man. As in, McCain didn’t adopt some random girl from an orphanage in Bangladesh, has a son in the military, picked a pro-life running mate. McCain isn’t a family man. But Obama on the other hand is a family man. Unless you happen to be a fetus who survives an abortion procedure, as you technically don’t have rights or it’s debatable when your life began, and all. But if you aren’t a meant-for-abortion-but-survived-fetus, then Obama is a family guy, who likes to BBQ in the summer time and play hop scotch with his girls. Every Sunday, they dress up and go to Church…but not Rev. Wright’s church any more. Funny, Obama being a family guy,dissed a pastor he had for 20 years and dedicated his bestselling book to.

This liberal has no problem with Obama being a socialist, that we are a socialist society. I beg to differ, and expressed such. His comeback? Well, we just had this whole bailout and that’s socialist. My immediate reply was that every single taxpayer in America was against it (but for the ones who don’t work, who will get an income tax credit from Obama, and Cindy Sheehan). He went on to say something about how it was done by congress, and I replied it was caused by congress. That’s when I started to get heated, because for the LIFE of me, why the hell can’t people do a little research and find out why they just got screwed? Why is one of my best friends looking with fear at her 401(k)? Just a couple of weeks ago, life was good. And it’s not hard to research this kind of thing. I mean, Google is a powerful thing! Did you know that if you put the same search words in different search engines, different things come up? (Well, if you’re reading this, you did…) Imagine the things you can learn. But these liberals are l-a-z-y.

He called me crazy saying I inferred Obama caused the economy crash. I told him he was for thinking it’s what I said, but that he has benefitted and the top recipients in congress for contributions(From Freddie and Fannie, especially) were democrats, and that these POLITCALLY CORRECT politicians push for low-income (because most are minorities) people to get into housing, so they can go back to congress and brag at what a good job they’re doing for these regular minority folks! Yay for them! So they push for lax legislation for these GSEs to make loans to people who can’t afford them and are too dumb in most cases to know to read and understand what they’re getting into, and what happens? The market shifts, interest rates go up with inflation and gas prices, and these people who borrowed more than they could afford (because democrats get good ratings for helping minorities), default on their loans. Whoops! It was all Bush’s fault!

Having no argument to me, and my desire to run him into the ground calling him ignorant without actually saying this, he segued into that people have a right to have homes, and we should be helping them. People do not have a right to own a home. People also do not have a right to borrow money they can’t pay back. (People don’t have a right to borrow money- or borrow anything, for that matter!) If I’m wrong, prove it. If you have a right- go sue someone, because your rights are being violated. Otherwise get a grip. But he didn’t mean in the legal sense, he meant in the humanity sense. Humanity is for charities. And you know what? When you take government OUT of humanity, a lot of wonderful private charities spring up. Want to own a home? WORK for it- call Habitat for Humanity. They are great- I know people who have had brand new houses built for them. You don’t have a right. He called me crazy, but moved to health care.

Everyone has a right to health care, said the liberal. No one has a right to health care, either. Again, go sue someone if you think so. (On second thought, please don’t. Our doctors pay way too much in lawsuit protection insurance, and our insurance premiums are so high… Go sue the housing industry.) That its sick that people are left to be sick without health insurance and they should have a right to go to the doctor, he said. Look, I don’t want to see anyone sick, and I’ve been there where I couldn’t afford to go to the doctor. But again, there are many charities available and other options. Health care should be affordable, people should be able to easily get better. What does Obama want to do? Mandate it. If people could afford to go see the doc, they would. They don’t because they’re spending more money to drive to work (and eat, and pay their mortgages). Obama says you have to or you get penalized. So you get punished for not being able to afford something. I told him they did the same thing in Massachusetts, and now all kinds of people are thousands of dollars in debt from fines for not being able to afford health insurance. (On the other hand, Connecticut has state insurance that is really inexpensive for people to buy that is ran more privately.) Massachusetts just wanted to help the sick kids, though. And I know that bad things happen to good people and you have an emergency. But you have to plan for emergencies, and sometimes it sucks, but everyone has options. Every doctor or hospital will make a payment plan, rather than take no money or drive you to bankrupt. Don’t believe me? Call the billing department. Right now. Ask them.

The liberal I argued with didn’t want to hear it. And some people who work hard and never get ahead and some people don’t even have to work, they’re too rich. It’s not right and income redistribution is not a bad thing, ultimately, based on his arguments. (Good thing he’s not running for president.) Living where I do, I know some people who are “trust fund babies”, grew up well-to-do, don’t know what it’s like to go to bed hungry. But you know what? Their parents worked hard to make sure those kids would grow up like that and go to good schools, get good careers, and not want for anything. The parents made their American Dream, and ensured their trust funded babies would reap the benefits, too. Can someone please tell me what’s wrong with that? And because I’m not a trust fund baby, I’m supposed to want some of their digs, and not try and make it myself? Or if I do achieve my American Dream, now I owe it to make it happen for someone else?

Nope. Tax them. Make more bureaucratic programs and spend more people’s- the Rich Evil Large Company’s money and spend money to have people own homes. Tax and spend. How about not taxing and not spending, or just a very minimum? No way. The liberal argues that government’s job is to take care of it’s people. They are there to make sure the people have what they need and their human rights are met. Never mind the responsibility of an individual to take care of themselves. Government is not your mommy. People scare me that think this way, that it’s their job to dictate my life in the name of taking care of me. We’re supposed to take care of ourselves. They need to make roads, keep us safe from criminals and leave the rest up to the states.

It isn’t what the founding fathers had in mind; and he replied they were crazy, that was over 200 years ago, that was then, this is now, etc. Dumb. He’s reaping the benefits of those crazies. I cannot respect someone who doesn’t get that. What a lucky bastard, he should be grateful he doesn’t live in China. And we owe it to help each other, that even the Greeks (who he pointed out our crazy Founding Fathers used their model to draft our Constitution) had compassion and took care of people. They were humane. I told him that was stupid and he could bet his ass there were diseased lepers and drunks in the streets, that no one paid attention to- there were probably a lot of people that weren’t paid attention to, and he told me I had no proof, there wasn’t anything written down (but there is that they had compassion.)

Fortunately, a friend of mine paid a visit so I was rescued from telling the liberal something mean, because I can’t help but wanting to explain to liberals why they’re not much smarter than chickens staring up at the rain. He tried to keep me on the phone a minute longer, but I was able to ring off.

I won’t be arguing with liberals anytime soon. They don’t make sense. They start by calling something or someone dumb. (They also do no research to back up what they’re saying, because this liberal readily admitted listening to commentary and hearing about different things, but he doesn’t pay attention to much) Then they bring up something that is most popular to talk about (like the bailout) and repeat talking points. If you shoot their arguments down, they’ll segue into something else. If you shoot that down, these liberals have the audacity to talk about humanity. Oh, the humanity; tell that to the baby that didn’t abort! But they want to save trees, the ocean, the polar ice caps and polar bears, and NAMBLA. Now, if you make it through that far, they’ll start talking about back in history. Why do they think they know so much about history and they don’t even know the facts about the person they’re voting for or against? They don’t know what happened in the news last week.

If he said that America is a terrorist nation because we kill terrorist Muslims (or innocent Iraqi's!!), he’d be a moonbat.


Anonymous said...

GREAT Article Jenny B!
Lots of good stuff!
(It's me John S)

Anonymous said...

You're right on target, Jenny! I sometimes get into "discussions" with liberals even though I know better. And I never win - but neither do they.

Years ago I read that you should never argue with a fool because with more experience, he will drag you down to his level. There's some truth to that.
Actually, I sorta wish all us conservatives would totally ignore liberals on blogs. I think it would upset them to no end. :)