Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Who's Your Mommy?

I have been away from my site for a while due to the absolutely disgusting circus that has become our run up to electing a president, and the mess that the media has created with it all.

But I’m here now, and boy am I disgusted! I captured a screenshot of the Drudge Report this morning, I sat here in my chair, staring at the computer screen, wondering, “What is this about, anyway?” Obama has become the Golden Boy and everyone loves this guy, and I cannot for the life of me figure it out! His face is everywhere!

Let’s dissect the tiny amount we know about this man, starting with the most recent events:

One is that that stupid Catholic preacher at his Trinity church got in trouble over his sermon last week. Now this Pfleger guy got up into the pulpit and stated, “You know that I never come up here and talk about politics,” leaving the crowd under roaring and knowing laughter. At least these people know what sarcasm is…that may come in handy in the future. Why hasn’t his tax exempt status been revoked? Isn’t there a separation of church and state? Oh, nevermind, I guess not too many people really get that, anymore.

So they got rid of him, but only temporarily. I guess it has to come down to molesting little boys to be officially kicked out for good, no matter how much he insinuates white people think they’re entitled to things- as if black people don’t think that way. And to be honest, I was more offended by this guy than Wright- I think that Wright is indicative of how a lot of black people feel…Pfleger is just pandering to that emotion, thinking he can belong with them. He has no idea what it’s like to be black, but having been around them enough, he knows the words to say to folks to make them believe he understands what it’s like. What an imbecile. How insulting and embarrassing.

Oh, and for the record, MOST white people do not feel entitled- they want to go to work, pay their bills, feed their kids, make love to their spouse and be left the hell alone. And yes, all except for the making love to spouses part, that includes Hillary. How anyone could think otherwise is beyond me- that woman knows how much people hate her. She may feel privileged, but not entitled, but that ignorant Catholic idiot probably doesn’t understand the difference.

Next you have Wright, and both Pfleger and Wright have had the privilege of mentoring Obama, spiritually speaking, according to Obama. (Unless that was a “slip” like 57 states), this guy who also spouts some of the most hateful rhetoric…I can’t understand why they’re preaching the word of God. God is love. God doesn’t point out hateful things. God wants us to turn away from that and be in love. But boy, these two didn’t get that memo.

I frankly don’t care which church this guy wants to attend, it is telling of his character- the company he keeps, but what gets me most is the politics these people preach. They encourage their parishioners to vote and to vote a certain way- and in this case they aren’t voting for the white girl… What if Mike Huckabee did this? What if Mitt Romney did this? What about McCain? Neither would get away with it without the Drive By Media lashing out at them for the next two weeks. Why, that Huckabee had an ad with a bookcase behind him and people flipped out, thinking of the subliminal message the “cross” in the bookcase was. I understand WHY they flipped out- Huckabee doesn’t have enough bad to say about his country. He’s not dissing it and not playing these race baiting games, or promising he’s just going to take care of everyone, so people don’t want his good intentions. But Obama, with an ungrateful wife and racist pastor (with a part time nut job priest thrown in for good measure) can stand in a pulpit with a GIANT cross in the background, preaching his politics, pandering to that crowd. Obama, who has obviously never felt the LOVE of God, can get away with this. Even Hillary couldn’t.

The media are having not just A field day, but many field days. This must be like multiple orgasms for them, one right after the other, and it just never seems to stop coming for them. Between collecting the most unflattering pictures of the Witch and the most promising ones for Curious George, I mean Obambi…I mean Obama, then making fun of McCain’s age and insinuating he’s too old for the job, they-single handedly have picked both the republican and democrat nominee for the highest job in the land. Which ever channel you chose, you will hear only the opinion they want you to have regarding these people. You will hear the misquotes, the false accusations, false rumors, misstated facts, and it’s all pushed in your lap each and every night in hopes that you will do what they say and vote for whom they want to be elected.

Don’t believe me? How come Ron Paul never gets covered? The last bit of positive news from Hillary was Mt. Rushmore. Before that…I can’t remember- when was her birthday?

What really gets me is that the man hasn’t run a dishwasher. You wouldn’t put your 15 year old behind the wheel of your car. You’d wait until they had enough experience to be trusted driving. So does that mean that America has enough loose screws and utterly nutty people to elect such a boob? Tell me what he’s done that spells Commander in Chief? (and do people really believe him when he says he’s going to get the troops out of Iraq? The Dumbocrats said the same thing in 2006 and lied to the American Public-even admitted to lying…are we really going to fall for it this time?) He promises change…change WHAT? I like my country- a lot. I just hate the politicians. Obambi doesn’t know what it’s like to be a regular Joe. What is he going to change that is so great- how’s he going to do it without making my country unrecognizable to my ancestors? What change will he bring when he can’t even vote on real issues- hell when he does, he votes “present”, but most of the time, he just never shows up for his job!

Meanwhile, this being in your face almost all the time, your elected officials are taking your money and running with it, folks. They’re debating global warming legislation, now. They want to totally destroy our economy with “green” things, raise our taxes for “green” taxes, etc. They want to start taxing the plastic shopping bags in grocery stores, redefining “organic”, give more power to the federal government to regulate green markets, etc. Just what we need when we’re paying $4.50/gallon in gas. More tax. More politicians taking your money and telling you they’re spending it on something to benefit you, whether you like it or not.

And while they’re busy pretending to care about the environment, they’re leaving us screwed on our gas- how hysterical was it that they drug these big shot CEOs from the oil companies into congress last week to find out about their Big Bad Profits (you know, because in a capitalist society, you aren’t supposed to make that much), and what happens to our gas prices? They went up. And what percentage of the money from one gallon goes to the oil company, vs. taxes to the government? What did congress get done? Well, but they didn’t pull out of the war either, just like they said they would.

Aren’t you glad you can count on them???

Folks, we have before us, a wonderfully detailed picture of what our next four years look like, whether our president is the racist, socialist, pandering, inexperienced, lying idiot, or McCain. We will see our taxes go up for one of the biggest scams perpetrated on the American public, amnesty for illegals, more government entitlement programs, socialization of our people, destruction of our culture. We will go broke because of social security. America will have its collective butts wiped by the Feds, and taught that personal responsibility is a burden too great to bear any longer. We’re all a bunch of babies- victims- Why work when you can just have the government steal from the rich to line your pockets? Pretty soon, car payments might even get subsidized. I mean, I know they’re pushing for it for hurricane insurance…

I guess on the upside, when it’s all said and done, maybe I can buy a house. By that time, so many people will have come to foreclosure and the government will have bailed them out- I’m willing to bet an economic stimulus package enabling people to a down payment on a house to give the market a good boost. That could be you or me by that time, with the taxpayer footing that bill. I bet Obama would think that’s exactly the kind of change our country needs!

It won’t be me, though. Government is not my mommy.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny...

Here's a couple of my own thoughts to add to the mix...

On Global warming... The truth is that the integrity of scientific studies and their findings is heavily dependant on the integrity and lack of bias of the scientists themselves. I would be skeptical of anyone who staunchly plants themself on either side of this issue thinking that they can be so knowledgeable about a subject that actually has such a proportionally miniscule amount of historically observable data. The valid points about the needfulness of finding altenative fuels regardless of global warming are well taken but the scaremongering by the likes of such spotlight hungry sore-loser types as Al Gore should be taken with several mines (rather than grains) of salt. Especially when considering the economic catastrophe that rash decisions could potentially bring. Our relatively small collective ability to change climate when compared to possible cosmicly influenced climate changing events kind of puts it into perspective. If our sun (as it burns away) begins to diminish in intensity you folks will be begging for more heat... The heat you need to be more concerned about is that which you may face when your spirit becomes untethered from the subatomic particles that keep it earth-bound.

On Gay Marriage...

I find it difficult to stomach that there are so few in positions of prominence willing to speak the truth regarding the blatant intellectual dishonesty and governmental irresponsibility inherent in any validation of biologically nonsensical reproductive behavior. No one can tell another person that they cannot privately engage in such folly yet it remains highly irresponsible to encourage it. Those who attempt to place acceptance of homosexuality on par with valid claims to race and gender equality have serious cognitive deficiencies. Who we unchangeably are is written into our DNA (race, gender etc.) and not defined by malleable, environmentally-influenced behavioral tendencies. There is not nor will there ever be discovered a "gay" gene, so placing opposition to governmental validation of homosexual behavior on even footing with discrimination against any verifiable DNA determined trait is foolish. What exactly is gained by society or moreover, what is this strange societal interest in perpetuating continued dysfunction in others? While we must accept that these behaviors will likely always exist within our society and that we should never breed hatred toward anyone, we still must demand intellectual honesty and responsibility from our leaders regarding these behaviors that must truly be recognized as the dysfunction that they are.

Some people say that just because it's love then it's okay... but you could say that about any adulterous affair or incest etc...

Even good things can be twisted into something else...

And regarding the "judgemental" arguement...

We cannot Judge any person... but we are supposed to be able to discern right from wrong... (judge "things" such as acts or deeds etc.) and dark from light... otherwise all laws are "judgemental" and no deed (theft, murder, adultry etc.) could be called wrong. This principle is reinforced in the following passage 1Cor 6:3 - Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life? IN OTHER WORDS... NO ONE CONDEMNS ANYONE EXCEPT THEY THEMSELF THROUGH THEIR OWN ACTIONS.... or... IF THE SHOE FITS... WEAR IT !!!